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24 June 2007 @ 06:06 pm
Being A Donaghy [30 Rock; Jack/Liz]  
TITLE: Being A Donaghy
CHAPTER 16: Back To Business?
FANDOM: 30 Rock
SPOILERS: Through "Corporate Crush"


When Jack came back out onto the balcony, Liz had already drained both their glasses of champagne out of sheer nervousness. Holding the stereo remote in one hand, he paused and stared at the two empty champagne flutes, quirking an eyebrow at her. "Thirsty?"

She nodded emphatically, her heart and stomach still going nuts at the prospect of what might happen. She kept telling herself that Jack wouldn't do anything -- he promised her he wouldn't. Then that super annoying voice at the back of her head told her it wasn't Jack she needed to worry about here. Liz looked up at him slowly.

He walked toward her equally as slow, holding her gaze. "I promise," he told her, placing his hands on her waist and drawing her close, "just as I told you before we got married. I'll always respect you, respect your boundaries. I won't make any kind of advance you don't wish me to make."

Her brows quirked up for a split-second as she took that in, while he aimed the stereo remote over his shoulder and hit play. When a Doo-Wop song ("In The Still of the Nite", one of her secret faves) came floating out onto the balcony, Liz closed her eyes and chuckled, floating toward him. "Now how did I know it'd be something from the fifties?"

Jack exhaled his smile and caught her in his arms, binding them around her waist while she draped hers loosely over his shoulders. "I must be predictable."

She smiled and felt him bend his head, their cheeks touching; her eyes slid closed at the contact (or maybe the champagne bubbles were making her tired) as she echoed after a moment, "You must be."

"In the still of the night, I held you, held you tight... 'Cause I love, love you so, promise I'll never let you go, in the still of the night..."

They swayed under-tempo, slower than the song, turning in a slow circle on the balcony. Liz kept her eyes closed and concentrated on only sensation and desperately fought not to focus on emotion. Jack alternately wrapped his arms tight around her waist, hugging her close, and loosened his grip to glide his hands across the small of her back. With his head bent and their cheeks touching, she could feel his breath hitting her bare shoulders. She shivered and wanted it to be because of the breeze.

This was getting downright dangerous. She was starting to figure out what the hell was going on... but the answers her brain and body (and her heart -- her stupid, traitorous heart) were giving her weren't the ones she wanted them to give her, which in turn was irritating her. Then, when her irritation reached a peak where she wanted to pull away and just scream her frustration.... that was when Jack swept her up against him and embraced her. He gave her a damn hug, and damn her, she leaned into it and hugged him back, shutting her eyes tight. What the hell was the matter with her?

"Thank you, Lemon," she heard him telling her softly.

His grip on her loosened just a little, but not enough for her to pull away, their cheeks finding each other again. "For what?"

"For this day. For the past few weeks, for agreeing to this, for everything."

Everything? In a split-second, her mind glanced over the definition of 'everything' -- from their first meeting and his first backhanded compliment to where they were at now, and she had no idea how to respond so she just said, "You're... welcome?"

But apparently that was enough. She felt Jack smiling against her, and he pulled her a little closer. This time when his hand slid across her lower back, her spine straightened. There was something different about that touch... maybe there was a little bit of winter static leftover in the air (even though it was May) or something. She felt the tension in Jack's body, too, and they both pulled back to look at each other as the song faded away.

He was giving her that look... that look he gave her in the gardens earlier... that look he gave her in her apartment after Gerhardt's party just before he took off her necklace (and pretended like he wasn't going to kiss her, yeah right). She'd seen that look enough times now to know for certain... Jack was most definitely going to try to kiss her.

He started to lean in and some sort of panic button went off in her head, despite the fact that she leaned into him. It was like a siren was going off inside her, and at the last second, she laid her hands on his chest and gently pushed him back.

There was mingling confusion and understanding in his face and she chose not to address it, telling him softly instead, "It's late. And you've got an early flight tomorrow, so we should both probably get some sleep."

Jack pursed his lips (and she tried not to watch him do this too closely) and nodded, then with one slow blink his face was carefully neutral again. "You're right, Lemon. We've had a long day. Some shut-eye may be what we need, to..." He cleared his throat. "To put things in perspective again."

Liz blinked, realizing all at once what she'd done -- she'd forced everything back to business. Well... good. That was... that was good. That was where everything was supposed to be. The champagne, the wedding atmosphere, the dancing... it put them in a position where it would be almost impossible not to give in to the romance of the situation, even though there was nothing romantic going on between them. Yes, it was safer to put things in perspective, to take a step back. She and Jack had almost gotten too close to the sun with their waxy wings. There were still things to be learned from those crazy Greeks, and that poor Icarus.

"Yes. I agree." She watched Jack go inside, leaving the sliding glass door open and she followed, standing near the foot of her bed. He walked across the suite, to the adjoining door, and waved over his shoulder.

"Goodnight, Lemon."

She nodded once. Yep. Back to business. "Goodnight, Jack."

She noticed, when he went into his own suite, he didn't close the adjoining door. She tilted her head slightly at that but decided not to dwell on it, and she shut her bedroom door (only halfway... for some reason it felt better to leave it open a bit) and went to change into her new pajamas.


When Liz woke up, the previous night felt hazy and far-off, like some crazy dream you'd have after eating questionable seafood or something. She pulled her head off the pillow and squinted at the headboard, laying on her stomach and stretching her arms out across the pillows. As she did, she caught the glint of the diamond on her left hand and realized glumly that it was no crazy dream. That was confirmed when she sat up and realized she was wearing a long, creme silk nightgown.

She really did marry Jack. They really did have their reception at the Plaza; they really slow danced way too many times to count, and he really did almost (romantically) kiss her a couple of times. She really didn't have a hangover, which was her next thought (and that amazed her after all the champagne she'd had).

Liz swung her legs over the side of the bed and slowly got up, squinting her eyes against the sunlight now hitting her as she headed for her suitcase. As nice as the nightgown was (and she hated to agree with Jack that silk was a very comfortable fabric), she needed to feel like herself again. In that nightgown she felt as if she belonged on the Love Boat with a momosa in her hand. Quickly, she changed into a pair of pajamas she'd brought along for Hawaii -- a tanktop and a pair of shorts -- and packed the nightgown away, grabbing her toothbrush and toothpaste next.

Across the suite, she caught sight of the adjoining door still ajar, and she gravitated toward it automatically, wondering if Jack had all the presents shipped back to his penthouse before he'd left. Her flight to Hawaii wasn't until later that afternoon, so she luckily had some time to lounge around both of their suites by herself. When she got to the adjoining door, she heard a noise from his suite and froze. She braced both hands on the door frame and leaned inside, her eyes panning around the room like a probe droid.

Jack's suitcase was still there, as were the wedding presents (which she was so going to tear into as soon as he was out the door). Confused, toothbrush and toothpaste still in-hand, she stepped into Jack's suite, calling out for him.

"In here, Lemon!" came the response from the bathroom.

She lingered in the main living area, feeling slightly out of place as she listened for any sounds coming from him. When she heard water swishing rapidly in the sink, she took a few steps toward the bathroom door. And at hearing the hiss of a can of shaving cream, she pressed her fingertips to the slightly-open door and pushed her way inside.

Jack immediately met her gaze through the mirror as he lathered his face with shaving cream. "Good morning. Sleep well?"

Tentatively, she stepped further inside, feeling strangely like she was invading his privacy. "Yeah. I did. You?"

"Yes. I got a call early this morning that my flight was delayed, so that's why I'm still here in case you're wondering."

"Oh. Okay."

"So I see you decided not to try out the nightgown," he commented, now focusing on the task at hand as he made the first sweep over his face with his razor.

"No, I did! I really did." She made her way over to him and set her toothbrush and toothpaste down on the marble countertop near the second sink. "I just... didn't want to get toothpaste on it."

"Ah. I see." He swished his razor in the water he'd plugged the first sink with and brought the blade to his face again. Briefly, he nodded toward her toothbrush. "You can do that in here if you'd like."

She almost felt like saying no... that was kinda weird... but then quickly remembered he'd seen her brushing her teeth before. He'd seen her with greasy hair and a toothbrush in her mouth while she washed her armpits in a men's bathroom, for crying out loud. There was pretty much no mystery there. So, with a shrug, she wet down her toothbrush, slapped some toothpaste across it, and started to brush her teeth.

It was kinda fun, actually. It had been awhile since she shared a bathroom with anyone (willingly, she silently amended -- when Dennis lived with her it didn't count). As she brushed her teeth, she snuck glances at Jack and looked away when he snuck glances at her. When she was finished brushing her teeth and had rinsed out her mouth, she hopped up on the counter and rested her back against the mirror, legs dangling over the counter and feet swinging as she waited for him to finish shaving.

"So where are you going? You never told me."

"Paris," he replied simply, doing his last swish in the water to clean off his razor blade before he drained the sink (and rinsed it out -- she was surprised he didn't do the guy thing and leave the sink all fuzzy), and dried his face with a hand towel.

"Oh." Momentarily, she was disappointed. A small part of her had always wanted to see Paris. But ultimately she decided if she was given a choice between Hawaii's eternal sunshine or a few kinda cool Parisian landmarks... she'd go with Hawaii.

Jack leaned over and stuck his neck out for her inspection. "How did I do?"

A small voice at the back of her head told her that Jack wouldn't need her to check for him -- he was no stranger to the guy routine of shaving -- and decided he was maybe flirting with her. But, she went along with it and touched his face, turning it one way and then the other, feigning deep concentration. "Hmmm... I think ya got it all."

"Good." He reached for the bottle of aftershave and poured a trace amount into his hand (which she was glad for -- those guys that reeked of aftershave were always so annoying, not to mention kinda creepy). After rubbing his hands together, he patted them on his face and muttered, "Now the fun part."

Liz winced. "Stings?"

"You try putting alcohol on your legs after you've just shaved them."

She chuckled. "No thanks. Here, have you ever tried blowing on it?"

He raised his eyebrows at her and queried, "Just how would I go about blowing on my own face, Lemon?"

Liz rolled her eyes and grabbed his face, yanking it toward her and starting to blow cool air on it. She completely missed his eyes tracing her face from up close as she just focused on the task at-hand. When she was done, she patted his cheeks and leaned back, meeting his eyes. They were different in that moment... a deeper blue than usual. She drew in a nervous, shuddering breath, and asked him, "Better?"

His eyes moved away from hers as he nodded, "Yes," and the moment was once again broken as he went to move away, patting her hip and sliding his hand across her stomach.

Liz immediately tensed at the contact (what was his obsession with her stomach lately, anyway? She swore part of it was him checking to see if she'd gained weight) and grabbed his arm, "Jack." She gently tugged him back around to face her.

Jack just looked at her expectantly, patiently, respecting her completely even though his eyes kept zeroing in on her lips. She scooted forward on the counter a little bit and grasped his arm a little tighter. Her heart was up in her throat, she felt dizzy (even though she was positive she couldn't still be drunk), and her stomach was doing quite the gymnastics routine as she bit the bullet and commanded him, "Kiss me."

His eyebrows flew up, almost disappearing into his hair. "I'm sorry?"

She watched his lips. "I think you should kiss me. Something weird's been happening ever since we were out in the gardens last night, and I just think maybe if you kiss me just once, then we can go about our normal--"

His lips were suddenly pressed to hers and she sucked in a deep breath through her nose, eyes closing... but before she could even get a split-second to think, he'd pulled away, watching her carefully. She blinked a few times and opened her mouth to say something, closed it, and then tried again. "That's the best you can do?" She made a face. "I was thinking more like--"

His lips covered hers again, this time with his hands framing her face, and she sucked in another deep breath through her nose. This time she was able to exhale it slowly and still have time to think before he pulled away again. She blinked a few more times while he watched her lips, and after a moment she nodded slowly. "More like that, yeah. Do it again."

This time he cupped the back of her neck and pulled her forcefully to him as their lips collided. With her eyes closed, her eyebrows flew up in surprise and her hands found his shoulders. He broke away slowly, but before he could get far enough away to look at her again, Liz had already gripped his shoulders and pulled him back in, trying to ignore that she felt his smile against her mouth.

This fourth kiss (or did it still count as the first?) wasn't going to end anytime soon, Liz could tell. Especially when Jack tilted his head and his lips softened against hers, hands gliding down to the curve of her waist. Her hands remained braced on his shoulders as their lips parted and came together, over and over again in a dizzying cycle... sometimes intensifying and sometimes softening, never pushing for more. And Liz hated that she actually liked it, that her twirling stomach actually responded to it. She hated that he was a good kisser, too. It just made her situation that much worse.

When they shifted and Jack's hand slid across her waist, accidentally slipping under the hem of her tanktop, Liz jumped, and the kiss broke. Panting heavily, they both leaned back from each other and Jack held his hands up in supplication.

"I'm sorry," he breathed.

Liz shook her head and pressed two fingers to her lips, watching him lean in again. "No, it's--" Her voice was muffled against his mouth then as the kissing resumed. Liz wound her arms tight around Jack's neck and hugged herself to him, and she felt his smile against her lips as he reciprocated, arms tight around her waist hugging her to him, pulling her off the counter into a standing position while he continued to hold her against him.

This wasn't supposed to feel this good. She wasn't supposed to want to be as close as possible to him, high enough on tiptoe that she was practically climbing him. He wasn't supposed to kiss her this well or hold her just the way she wanted to be held. He wasn't supposed to be so damn gentlemanly, not pushing for anything more than kisses. And his Blackberry definitely wasn't supposed to start buzzing.

They jumped apart from each other and Jack scrambled for the Blackberry, fumbling with the buttons. Breathlessly, he informed her, "There's a car downstairs waiting to take me to the airport."

Liz was busy touching her bottom lip, trying to get it to stop tingling. "Oh."

Part of her wanted to pull Jack back in and keep kissing him, but the other part of her was glad that he was now rushing around the suite, gathering his things. She just leaned against the bathroom doorframe and watched him, twisting her engagement ring and wedding band on her finger. "What about the presents?"

"I'm sending Jonathan to retrieve them later, before the checkout deadline, and bring them back to the penthouse for us. We can open them together when we each return."

Her stomach flopped at the mention of 'together.' So they were almost like a real married couple. "Oh, okay."

"Remember what I said, don't open that other gift I got for you until you're in Hawaii." He was still rushing around, grabbing his suitcase and his garment bag. "And..." He stopped in front of her and his eyes flicked over her in that way that used to creep her out, but (if she was being honest with herself) not so much anymore. "Have fun."

She nodded, staring at his lips. "I will."

He leaned in for another sizzling kiss, his fingers digging into her waist, and another few good minutes passed in silence before he gently broke away and told her, "If I don't leave now, Lemon, I never will."

Liz, unfortunately, wasn't so sure that was a bad thing... and she let him kiss her quickly one last time before he grabbed his things and flew out the door. Liz was now left alone in their adjoining honeymoon suites, and she sank against the wall, sliding to the floor and longing for the days when she didn't know what the hell was going on.


Song referenced: In The Still Of the Nite by The Five Satins. Click the link to download!

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imaclanni on June 24th, 2007 11:30 pm (UTC)
yes yes yes yes. more please : )
a.: MB; the way she shimmers;regalish on June 27th, 2007 04:07 pm (UTC)
Hee! More to come soon! :D
Une Frakkante Cylonne: 30 rock- jemon bench- dollsomesunshine_queen on June 24th, 2007 11:41 pm (UTC)
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a.: J/L; let's waste timeregalish on June 27th, 2007 04:07 pm (UTC)
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More soon!
majandratoomajandratoo on June 24th, 2007 11:56 pm (UTC)
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"(only halfway... for some reason it felt better to leave it open a bit) "> I LOVE this line so much. Something about it is so sweet and descriptive. And Liz watching Jack shave, then blowing on him? I knew the kiss was imminent when I read that.

And the kiss(es) was perfect... I cannot believe that he left. And I love that she came out and asked for it.

I love how I can never see where this is going until I read the next chapter and it's just... perfect.
a.: MB; and i'm your favorite doll;regalish on June 27th, 2007 04:20 pm (UTC)
Hahaha! Of course I can't resist. You guys are too good to me. Glad you liked this chapter! This was, by far, my favorite one to write, because even as an author the sexual tension was killing ME. LOL. So the shaving/kissing scene was fun for me :D

More to come soon, hopefully! Gotta get a bit more writing done or else (eep!) I'll run out of "buffers", hehehe!

Thanks so much for the awesome review!
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And I'm DYING to know what's in that package.
a.: J2; he's magic and myth;regalish on June 27th, 2007 04:21 pm (UTC)
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Uther Pendragon's Loyal Wench: conan and willfirthgal on June 25th, 2007 02:29 am (UTC)
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a.: TF; you're a cute little heartbreaker;regalish on June 27th, 2007 04:31 pm (UTC)
HEEEE. Thanks so so so much, as usual! You are so made of awesome.

I had to finally give Jack & Liz a little reprieve (and I felt kinda bad teasing you guys with kisses so long, hehehe). And the lot of you have been just way too awesome, so I had to do an early post (even though I'm kinda running out of chapters, LOL)!

The mysterious gift shall be opened next chapter, and hmmm... lots of people seem to think Jack will somehow end up in Hawaii with his wife. *ponders*


Thanks again!
tasha svetabitingbedbugz on June 25th, 2007 03:06 am (UTC)
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thank you, thank you , thank you!!!
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a.: MB; you give me fever;regalish on June 27th, 2007 04:26 pm (UTC)
Thank YOU, for the kind review! That means so much to me that you're enjoying this fic!

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a.: G/C; i'm on fire when you're near me;regalish on June 27th, 2007 04:29 pm (UTC)
*giggle* Thanks so much, Jac! Glad you liked this chapter; this was my fave to write so far :D

The sexual tension was even killing ME, as the author. I had to ease up on Jack & Liz just a little ;)

Thanks again!
jmayer8377: ackbarjmayer8377 on June 27th, 2007 04:33 am (UTC)
Is it weird that I read some parts more than once? Maybe even more than twice?
a.: J/L; we're accidentally in love;regalish on June 27th, 2007 04:25 pm (UTC)
*giggle* I will take that as a compliment, thanks so much! And that's not weird at all. I tend to do that with my fave fics. ;)
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You ftw! Jack/Liz ftw! There is ftw-ing going on all over.
a.: TF; everything you areregalish on June 30th, 2007 09:13 pm (UTC)
Hehehehe!! Oh, keymashing. I love it so much. *giggle*

SO GLAD you liked this. As fun as the last chapter was to write, this one was SO SCARY. Because OMGKISSES.

And okay, this is another of my weird shippy obsessions: cutesy coupley bathroom scenes with the guy shaving and the girl sitting on the counter, followed by intense kissing. I can't explain my love for it, so don't make me ;D

stephen@charleneforever.com: 30 rock: jack/liz (and look)michellek on July 2nd, 2007 11:23 pm (UTC)
That kissing was so guh-worthy. Just. Guh. I read that part three times in a row because it was so full of yes. (And I really liked the part where Liz was all, "More like that. Yeah, do it again." because it was both funny and sexy.)

Outside of the kissing, I loved these lines especially.

When Liz woke up, the previous night felt hazy and far-off, like some crazy dream you'd have after eating questionable seafood or something.

"Just how would I go about blowing on my own face, Lemon?"

(I could just hear Alec saying that in my head and it made me all giddy.)

what was his obsession with her stomach lately, anyway? She swore part of it was him checking to see if she'd gained weight

a.: J/L; we're accidentally in love;regalish on July 2nd, 2007 11:45 pm (UTC)
Heeee! Glad you liked the kissing. Glad to know I'm not the only one that re-reads kissing-type stuff, because seriously? You don't even want to know how many times I've re-read parts of yours just for the kissing/sexiness, hahaha. Oh, it is love. :D

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