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05 January 2010 @ 07:32 pm
His Light, His Love [BtVS; Giles/Jenny]  
TITLE: His Light, His Love
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: Giles/Jenny
SPOILERS: "Passion" (not a character death fic)
SUMMARY: The scent of roses surrounded him as he ascended the staircase, and he paused at the landing to get himself together.


The scene was perfectly set, laid out in front of his eyes. Roses, candles... champagne. Jenny was here already, waiting for him, 'upstairs' as her note had indicated. So he removed his glasses, grabbed the bottle of chilled champagne and two flutes, admiring the way she had lined the stairs with small candles. The scent of roses surrounded him as he ascended the staircase, and he paused at the landing to get himself together. Considering the way everything was laid out and given her feisty personality type, he guessed Jenny was probably waiting in his bedroom wearing something that would surely steal his breath.

When he turned toward his bedroom doorway, that was when he saw it. The worst sight he'd ever seen. Jenny... his light, his love... her corpse spread out on his bed as if on display. The smile that had previously been on his face disappeared. The champagne bottle and flutes crashed to the floor, shattering instantaneously as he rushed over to her still form. He shook her, gently, as if that could stir her back to life. "Jenny? Jenny!"

He shook his head, disbelieving this was happening, as he felt the bile rising in his throat. "No. No, it can't be. Jenny! No!"

Her image disappeared behind a rush of gray water, tears quickly spilling onto his cheeks. "Jenny..." The only woman he'd ever truly loved was dead, before he even had a chance to tell her how much he loved her.



Giles startled awake with a shout, shooting straight up in bed. His shaking arms braced him on the bed as he sat ramrod stiff, bare chest heaving and heart pounding. A light sheen of sweat coated him, and he shivered despite the warmth in the room.

It had been a dream. Only a dream. Well... nightmare was more like it, but it hadn't been real. He scrubbed his hands over his face, trying to soothe, trying to rid his mind of the images sure to haunt him for the next several days if not weeks, and that was when he felt it -- a stirring beside him.

"Rupert?" a sleep-clogged alto softly called to him, and he closed his eyes, savoring the swishing sound of the sheets and the dipping of the mattress next to him... the warmth pressing against his back. "Are you alright?"

Jenny. His light, his love... alive and well and with him in his bed, gloriously naked beneath the sheets. He couldn't stop his relieved whisper, "You're alive..."

Her chuckle was just barely audible, felt more than anything else when she pressed her lips to his shoulder, kissing gently before she murmured against his skin, "Of course I'm alive. I think I am, at least. I dunno," she smirked against him, "All of my muscles seem to be screaming at me right now."

When she snaked her arms around his midsection from behind, squeezing him in a tight hug, Giles closed his eyes and placed his hands over hers, stroking her fingers gently. For a moment, neither of them said anything. Words, often-times, were unnecessary between them.

Then, softly, Jenny asked, "Wanna talk about it?"

He drew in a breath slowly through his nose, and let it out just as slow. "No." He twisted at the waist to face her, and when their eyes met, she quirked an eyebrow, challenging him. So he insisted, "Really," and pulled on his pajama pants before getting out of bed.

"So you wake up screaming, questioning whether I'm alive or not, and you don't want to talk about it. Yeah, okay." It was neither a statement nor a question, and she nodded slowly, reaching for her discarded nightie and pulling it on. "Sounds like the healthy route to take, England."

The sarcasm wasn't easy to miss, and he shot her a look as he paced at the foot of the bed. "Jenny--"

"It's fine, Rupert, really." As if to prove it to him, she smiled just slightly and patted the mattress, inciting him to sit once more. "I'm not mad." She shrugged then, stretching out on her side and watching as he slowly took a seat. "I just think... it'd be really great if you would let me in every once in awhile." Before he could respond, she met his eyes and tilted her head. "I mean, other than letting me in to your pants. And your bed." She grinned mischievously. "Not that that's not barrels of fun, of course, but... you know what I mean."

He nodded, "I do," and leaned over, kissing her gently. "For now, let's sleep. I'll tell you all about it in the morning."

"You got it." She laid back against the pillows and waited until he stretched out beside her once more before she cuddled close, resting her head on his shoulder.

They laid there in silence for several moments, Giles staring up at the slow-spinning ceiling fan while he ran his fingers through her dark, silky hair. He closed his eyes when he felt her warm breath against his bare chest, reassuring his still-frazzled nerves that her body still held life. Tipping his head to the side, he kissed her forehead. "Jenny..."

"Hmm?" Her voice was thick with sleep and comfort, and she cuddled just a little bit closer.

After a moment, he asked her in a murmur, "Have I ever told you how much I love you?"

Smiling against him, Jenny replied, "Every day." When she looked up and caught his slightly puzzled expression, she smiled just a bit wider, eyes watching her thumb as it traipsed across his bottom lip. "Every time you kiss me, Rupert, I can hear it." After a pause, she laid her head on his chest once more, ear resting over his heart as she murmured, "I love you too."

Giles smiled, curling his fingers into the hair at her temples while dusting her forehead with kisses. His eyes watched their hands, joining over his abdomen and fingers threading together. He gave her hand a gentle squeeze. "Promise me you won't leave my side."

"Promise." Another moment of silence passed before she lifted her head off his chest, brows knit together in the most adorable expression of confusion. "What if I have to go to the bathroom?"

He rolled his eyes exaggeratedly, laughing when she giggled before she rolled onto her back, taking him with her. His lips found hers, his hands found her skin, and his world righted itself once again.


{x-posted to gilesjenny}
rhsecretloverhsecretlove on January 6th, 2010 12:39 pm (UTC)
loved this :) if only this was what really happened, I still have a hard time watching this episode because I loved Giles and Jenny so much. this fic made me smile, so thank you!
a.regalish on January 7th, 2010 01:25 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the comment.

And I know what you mean about watching 'Passion' - I can't even attempt it unless I have a box of tissues with me. Giles/Jenny is my OTP, and Jenny was my fave character. :(
FreeSpiritbuffyangellvr23 on January 7th, 2010 02:40 am (UTC)
nice work. I second the onscreen wish.
a.regalish on January 8th, 2010 04:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks very much! I think we all wish Passion would've turned out a bit differently. If anyone deserved some happiness, it was these two.