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18 December 2009 @ 11:20 am
Senses Stolen [How to Steal a Million; Simon/Nicole]  
TITLE: Senses Stolen
PART 2: Nicole
FANDOM: How to Steal a Million
PAIRING: Simon/Nicole
SPOILERS: The film in its entirety, obviously.
SUMMARY: Around him, Nicole hasn't a clue where all her sense has gone.


It seems her first impression of him wasn't wrong after all -- he is a burglar of sorts. In just a matter of days he managed to make off with every single one of her senses, driving her insane in the process. It began with her eyesight and moved steadily to each of the other four in turn until he'd taken her over; until it became impossible for her to continue denying the fact that she'd somehow fallen silly in love with him.


i. ~Sight~
For a burglar, he certainly doesn't look the part. If anything's a dead giveaway (aside from the tuxedo -- and really, who wears a tuxedo for a burglary?), it's the eyes. Those bluer-than-blue eyes surely can't be those of a criminal. In all the film noir she's seen, the criminals always have dark eyes. Perhaps steel grey at their lightest. Never anything close to being as blue as the ones in front of her now.

He's tall, about a head taller than her, she can't help but notice as she comes further down the stairs and makes her way to the phone. He's trim... quite good-looking... but the smug smirk on his face gives away his arrogance and she suddenly finds him irritating.

Good-looking, yes... but Lord is he irritating.


ii. ~Smell~
The scent of him frustrates her moreso than how damnedably attractive he is. Given his arrogance, she had hoped he would stink -- perhaps of cigar smoke or something. But no, instead he smells fresh, clean like aftershave, with a hint of cigarette smoke that makes a craving hit lightning-fast.

When he leans too close to her near the gate at the Ritz, she has to get away. His smell is just as irritating as him, mostly because it doesn't smell bad. And when he kisses her, she decides that he actually smells... kind of nice. In a way that almost makes her not want to pull away.



iii. ~Sound~
The sound of his voice drives her insane. She's not entirely sure to what end it does so; all she knows is that it does. It's grating and soothing and sexy and ridiculous and a thousand other adjectives that she can't properly sort out while she's listening to him speak. Couple that with the fact that his bright blue eyes are constantly drilling into her and the fact that she often-times has trouble taking her eyes off his lips for some odd reason, and... yes. His voice drives her insane.

When he makes innuendo-filled remarks, in particular. She's called him to the Ritz clandestinely to propose that they go into business together and steal her father's statue. He takes it the entirely wrong way and instead invites her up to his room to share a bottle of scotch. And Nicole has to fight incredibly hard with every fiber of her being to insist that this is merely a business meeting.

For some reason, that suggestion makes her want to create a whole new meaning for the term 'business.' Yes, she is definitely going insane.


iv. ~Touch~
When Simon touches her, it's sometimes too much to bear. It's infuriating, really, the way he thinks he can just place his hand on her arm or hand in that smug, almost proprietary manner he has around her. She supposes she should be thankful that his hand hasn't ventured anywhere inappropriate, though unfortunately the chaste points of physical contact do nothing to quell the sinful images that come to her.

When he had grasped her legs to get her into the taxi, she'd watched his hands and imagined them sliding up her legs. When he had moved to close her mouth when she'd been yelling at him in the restaurant, she'd imagined him grabbing her face aggressively for a kiss. And now that they're crammed in this closet together and she's huddled against him waiting for the alarm to cease its wailing, he wraps his arm around her and cuddles her close and she can't help but imagine doing this very same thing elsewhere, just... lying down, perhaps.

This heist was a terrible idea. She's clearly gone stir-crazy without enough oxygen in this cramped space.


v. ~Taste~
He pilfers the last of her senses when he leans in and kisses her. Just out of the blue. She'd been trying to figure out why he would continue to help her if he suspected that her father's statue was worthless, and...

Oh. That's why.

When he pulls away she feels some intoxicating combination of silly and happy and stupid and she can't help but ask for another explanation. So he captures her lips again, more firmly this time, and she sinks against him. He tastes like nicotine and scotch and faintly of mint, and she can swear she can even taste the smugness on his tongue.

This is something she thinks she can get used to, and suddenly going insane doesn't seem like such a terrifying thought. If this is what it's like to be senseless, then she's prepared for a lifetime of it.


Since they met, Simon has been steadily inching his way under her skin, consuming her every thought until he'd taken control of all five of her senses... not to mention her heart. Around him, Nicole hasn't a clue where all her sense has gone.

Not that she minds.


versus the world: ;b :the lingering of two souls.sinistercircus on December 20th, 2009 05:37 am (UTC)
A beautiful companion piece offering wonderful opposites and similarities with the other piece. I love the fight in each, but the ultimate acceptance and then final embrace. The reluctance is brilliant, and I love that each sense fights the initial attraction and then finally gives in - and gives in completely.

Beautiful language, as always!

Beautiful set. ♥
a.regalish on December 20th, 2009 07:42 am (UTC)
Thanks muchly again, love! It was so much fun getting into the heads of these two (especially Nicole and all her denial, ha!), and using the five senses as that slow gradual climb toward them falling in love.

So happy you liked this final part!! WE SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE AGAIN.