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02 December 2009 @ 07:22 pm
Senses Stolen [How to Steal a Million; Simon/Nicole]  
TITLE: Senses Stolen
PART 1: Simon
FANDOM: How to Steal a Million
PAIRING: Simon/Nicole
SPOILERS: The film in its entirety, obviously.
SUMMARY: Around her, Simon is senseless, completely at her mercy.


It seems from the moment they met she's been systematically stealing every one of his senses, consuming him completely. And it all began with his eyesight, moving steadily to each of his other senses in turn until she'd taken him over; until she stole all of his senses and, ultimately, his heart.


i. ~Sight~
Simon is smitten the moment he first sees her. Well of course there's the slight disorientation initially -- he'd thought he was alone in the house, after all -- but the moment the lights go on somewhere above his head and he turns round to see her standing there on the purple stairs, waving a gun at him... his heart begins to do funny things. He vaguely recollects her saying something to him, possibly commanding him to put down the painting he'd snagged, but it's impossible for him to remember now. He only remembers being unable to take his eyes off her, every bit of her, from her gorgeous wide and warm brown eyes, to her long and deliciously bare legs.

When she comes down the stairs and gets closer, he notices other things about her; the lovely line of her pert nose, the elegant curve of her jaw and jut of her collarbone... her full lips. Had he known Charles Bonnet's daughter was such a beautiful woman, he would have asked for a different assignment. He's not usually one to mix business and pleasure, but well... looking at her...

Simon thinks he can make an exception.


ii. ~Smell~
She's not like the other women he's found himself attracted to in the past, or women he's courted. She's an aristocrat through and through, probably down to the bone. She looks the part, talks the part, acts the part, walks the part... even smells the part. When she dresses his wound, he catches a whiff of some pleasant scent, though it's only faint at best since she keeps her distance. He tries with all his might to place it as she puts on her boots (showcasing those legs again, which he forces himself to look away from), and reluctantly tosses him a pack of cigarettes.

As she drives him back to the Ritz, the speed with which she drives his Jaguar sends the scent of her perfume whipping all around him along with the midnight wind, and again he tries to place it; it's something expensive (of course), something surely French... not a cloying scent like he's used to; other women he's dated would occasionally smell too much of their perfume, so it was overwhelming and lost its appeal -- as if they'd bathed in the scent. With Nicole Bonnet, it's as if the perfume has bathed in her -- it's intoxicating rather than cloying; it incites him to invade her personal space, so when she leans against the gate at the Ritz, he can't help but lean close to her, his forearm braced just above her head until she runs quickly for her taxi.

And when he chases after her, impulsively decides to kiss her, Simon thinks her perfume may match the brand of that pink coat he held out for her back at the house. So he commits her scent to memory. Yes. Givenchy.


iii. ~Sound~
The mere sound of her voice does things to him he can't quite understand. Even for someone as intelligent and advanced as he is, with all of his multiple degrees and specialties, Simon is still unable to comprehend how the simple cadence of her smooth alto completely wrecks his train of thought. She's never happy to see him and lets it be known when he arranges a "chance" bump-into at the restaurant.

"Oh, no!" Oh yes. Even when she's snipping at him, ordering him to leave the table and telling him of her wish to point a gun at him once more ("Ooh, how I'd like to take another shot at you!"), he still finds himself utterly enchanted by the sound of her voice. He prolongs the meeting as best he can, despite being able to see in his periphery that her escort is starting to make his way back to the table. Part of him begins not to care if he's caught with her by the short-tempered Mr. Leland.

It would be worth it, just to hear her voice a moment longer.


iv. ~Touch~
He's never felt the need to reach out and touch a person as often as he feels the need with Nicole. He's not affectionate or touchy by nature, but it's something about her, about the very energy that surrounds her that draws Simon in... makes him long for the simplest physical contact. So over the course of all of their clandestine meetings, he takes every chance he can to touch her; nothing obscene or too forward -- he touches her wrist, her arm, her hand, and at times has to physically stop himself from trying to touch her face.

When she arranges the meeting at the Ritz and he finds her sitting there decked out in some breathtaking black lace number, Simon is again struck with the urge to touch her. And when his fingertips touch down against the lace that confines much of her arm, he has to pull his hand back. Something new has happened. He feels as if he's been burned. She's scorched him with that black lace she's wrapped in and she knows it. He can tell by the twinkle in her eyes that she knows it... that she's toying with him. Sinful images float through his mind, conjured by that black lace, and again he invites her out for the evening; she declines.

And though he is so close to touching her again, she keeps herself just out of his reach. But, hopefully, not forever out of his reach.


v. ~Taste~
The final remaining sense is gone when Simon gets to kiss her again; something he'd been longing to do since he first got a taste of her lips. She confesses that the work of art they're in the midst of stealing is a fake and he tells her he knows. But her naivete prevents her from comprehending why he'd still assist her, and he'd already told her he was not up for any long involved stories. All that's left for him to do now is just kiss her. It's soft, no more than five seconds; just enough to remind him of how potent his feelings for Nicole have become. And then she finally understands.

She plays coy, asks him to "explain" it to her again, and he's more than happy to oblige. His lips caress hers and he basks in her taste: nicotine and spearmint and lipstick and something so purely her that he suddenly can't get enough. He holds her against him, slants his mouth over hers and swallows her surprise with his passion. Her taste is his final undoing and he knows they have unfinished business to take care of, but in the moment, he doesn't want to let her go in order to finish it.

They still have plenty of time to steal the Venus, after all. No harm relinquishing the last of his five senses to her for awhile.


Since they met, Nicole has been systematically chipping away at him, consuming him until she'd stolen all five of his senses along with his heart. Around her, Simon is senseless, completely at her mercy.

And strangely, he doesn't mind a bit.


nitsanitsa_maro on December 3rd, 2009 08:50 pm (UTC)
Awwwwwwww that was so adorable :) The way you described Simon's feelings was just perfect bb ♥

I would love to read a similar one from Nicole's perspective :)
a.: simon/nicole; partners in crimeregalish on December 3rd, 2009 09:14 pm (UTC)
Aww, thanks bb! I do so love using the five senses -- opens so many doors :D

I am hard at work on a part two right now, from Nicole's perspective (which I'm hoping to toss plenty of her denial into as well, because that was oh-so-fun, her whole "I can't stand you (but secretly love you)" thing) ♥♥!
a.a_celeste on December 3rd, 2009 08:52 pm (UTC)
I love your breakdown of how Simon has taken to Nicole using the senses, because I cannot begin to tell you how much I look for that in anything I read. How does it evoke this-and-that feeling--senses. I love this. And I see this playing in my head. You know, they were pretty sensual, even very subtlety in the beginning. Good work. They're so cute together.
a.: simon/nicole; i dare you to moveregalish on December 3rd, 2009 09:12 pm (UTC)
Thanks, love! I was hoping you'd get into the 5 senses thing, because that's one of my favorite things as well :D

You know, they were pretty sensual, even very subtlety in the beginning. Y'know, I am so glad you said that, because I had been looking for a word to describe their interplay practically since I first saw the movie -- I kept leaning toward something like 'sexual' but it wasn't overtly sexual at all. Loaded with innuendo, sure. 'Sensual' seems to capture it perfectly. :)

I hope to have a part 2 (Nicole POV) ready to go soon!
versus the world: ;b :let love lead the way.sinistercircus on December 18th, 2009 05:29 am (UTC)
What I absolutely love (save for the paradoxical effect that I mentioned before) is your language.

And I've noticed this with a lot of your work, is your ability to conform your language with the subject's language.

This was a difficult task because we've been brought up with current North American lingo; most of our shows boast that, so we've found our comfort in it.

But How to Steal a Million had a British air to it, and a different language all together. And you managed to capture that in your third person narrative, which allows us to remain in the movie's canon - in its Universe. It's almost as if we are watching the movie, freeze-frame, insert your work, and then continue the movie.

You managed to capture the movie's voice but still make it your own.


Edited at 2009-12-18 05:30 am (UTC)
a.: giles/jenny; i've got youregalish on December 20th, 2009 07:38 am (UTC)
Thank you so so much! That is something I strive for with any fic; to be able to properly use the subject's "voice" or "language." And Americanisms obviously would not work for this piece.

So glad you liked this, love! ♥