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25 May 2009 @ 09:33 pm
Below the Surface [CSI/The X-Files; Grissom/Catherine, Mulder/Scully]  
TITLE: Below the Surface
CHAPTER 3: Less Is More
FANDOM(S): CSI, The X-Files
PAIRING(S): Mulder/Scully, Grissom/Catherine
SPOILERS: [CSI: Fourth season]; [X-Files: Seventh season]
RATING: R (for language, violence, etc.)
SUMMARY: "The less people that are aware of what's going on, the better."


"Gil..." Without so much as a courtesy knock, Sheriff Atwater strode into the graveshift supervisor's office.

Grissom dragged his eyes up from his case file only long enough to acknowledge the Sheriff's presence. "Sheriff Atwater... to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" he asked, his tone a mix of feigned sincerity and annoyance.

"I came to let you know that I've called in the FBI to assist you on your case. Two federal agents should be arriving here in Vegas any minute now."

This statement was what finally tore Grissom's eyes from the papers in front of him. "What? You called in the FBI?"

Rory Atwater sighed, well aware of Grissom's contempt for the FBI. Ever since his predecessor, Sheriff Brian Mobley, forced the graveshift supervisor to work a case with Agent Rick Culpepper, he'd developed an extreme dislike for any federal agents he came in contact with afterwards. "Gil, I know they're not your cup of tea," he murmured, taking a seat across the desk from Grissom, "But this won't be like what happened with Culpepper. Culpepper's left the FBI."

"Doesn't make the rest of them any better," Grissom muttered, scowling like a little boy who didn't get his way.

Atwater rolled his eyes. "Just trust my judgement this time, Gil. The FBI has a special branch dedicated to cases like these... cases that go beyond scientific explanation. And the agents they're sending are top-notch. Very professional, very intelligent. From what their Assistant Director said, they're the best the FBI's got."

"Alright," Grissom relented with a sigh. "Give me a few moments to notify my team."

Atwater nodded. "I'll bring the agents to the evidence room when they arrive."

With a nod, Grissom rose to his feet... followed by Atwater, and both men headed for the door before going their separate ways.


"Mulder, would you please just pick a rental car already?" Scully complained. "It's not that big of a deal." She glanced down at her watch. "We're supposed to meet Sheriff Atwater at the crime lab in a half hour, and we still have to go to the hotel and check in. Just pick one."

Mulder furrowed his brow, weighing his options as he eyed the cars on the lot. "I dunno, Scully," he sighed, "We need to choose the car that best suits our case. I mean... what if we get into a high-speed chase?" He met her eyes, smirking as she stared at him like he was clinically insane. "We'd probably need something sporty and fast, for that."

She rolled her eyes. "And just when, do you figure, we'll be getting into a high speed chase, Mulder?" She lightly thumped the case file in her left hand with the knuckles of her right. "Our case deals with bodies that have been found in the bottom of a lake, missing their internal organs."

He frowned thoughtfully. "Then maybe we should get one that can go underwater."

She threw her arms up in the air, rolling her eyes once more. "Yeah, better yet, how about we get the Bat-Mobile? Do you think they have that available, Mulder? Or is it in the shop?"

He stared silently into her eyes for a moment after she finished her mini-tirade, her ire always able to propel him into a state of arousal... and in that moment, he wasn't sure whether to kiss her, or to apologize for his behavior. He briefly considered both, before nodding... smirking at the aggravated redhead. "Point taken." He glanced down at the forms in his hand, tapping the pen against them as his eyes scanned the contents. "Now... do we want a sedan or a coupe?"

"Oh my God..." Scully murmured, and snatched the pen and paper out of his hand, hurriedly filling it out before thrusting it at the desk clerk... who was looking utterly amused at witnessing the exchange. After receiving a set of keys from the clerk, Scully set off for the lot, throwing another exasperated look at Mulder over her shoulder as she went.


"The Feds are swooping in AGAIN?" Warrick asked, incredulous. "We haven't even ruled this a serial yet." He gestured to the two senior CSIs, standing over the younguns who were all seated around the lit-up evidence table. "You guys haven't even told us what you learned in autopsy."

"We know," Catherine exhaled, glancing to each of them in turn, noting each of their expressions. Warrick looked affronted at news of the FBI joining them... Sara and Nick continually glanced from her to Grissom questioningly, while Greg eyed everybody in the room, looking utterly perplexed as to just what was going on. She cleared her throat. "We... wanted to wait until the federal agents showed up, because we're not so sure we should be telling you what we found in autopsy."

Nick glanced at each person in the room, gesturing to everyone circularly. "But we're all working the same case," he defended, turning his eyes up to his superiors. "How can we properly gather and analyze evidence if we're not informed?"

"You may not be working this case anymore," Grissom told them matter-of-factly, shrugging his shoulders as if it were no big deal. When cries of protest and outrage began to sound from the younger CSI's, he raised a hand to calm them. "What we found tonight in the morgue was very strange... very disconcerting. We'd like to wait, until the agents have time to look over the case and our findings, before we go spilling what we've learned."

Sara shook her head. "I don't understand."

Grissom nodded, frowning sympathetically. "I know you don't. And I apologize, but I really can't give you anymore information pertaining to the case." He nodded toward his strawberry-blonde companion. "Catherine and I had a discussion with the Sheriff about this, and we decided that this is primarily our case. We enlisted your assistance with finding trace evidence, but other than that, this case was ours to solve. And, if the agents decide it wouldn't be wise to keep the four of you on, we won't. You'll be handed new assignments, and will just have to trust that Catherine and I are doing what's best."

"Atwater said the less people that know about this, the better," Catherine chimed in.

"But why?" Greg asked, his brow furrowed... confusion written heavily in his normally jovial features.

Grissom shook his head. "We can't say, Greg. I'm sorry."

The sextet turned at the sound of knuckles rapping softly on the evidence room doorframe, to see Sheriff Atwater stepping inside, followed by a man and a woman, who... everyone could only assume... were the FBI agents assisting them on their case. "Gil... Catherine..." he greeted each of them, nodding.

"Sheriff," Catherine replied, returning his nod. Then, after exchanging a look with Grissom, they stepped forward in unison while Atwater stepped aside, gesturing to the pair behind him.

"These are the federal agents I've told you about," he told them. He turned to them briefly. "Agents... this is Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows."

The pair nodded and smiled courteously, the redhead being the first to step forward and offer her hand to first Grissom, then Catherine. "I'm Agent Dana Scully," she murmured in a smooth alto tone. She nodded toward the man behind her. "This is my partner, Agent Fox Mulder."

As Mulder stepped forward to shake hands with Grissom and Catherine, Sara's jaw dropped slightly. "Fox, indeed," she whispered, then clamped her lips shut after receiving an elbow in the ribs and a glare from Nick. She mouthed an apology briefly, before going back to her previous task of gawking at the handsome Fed.

"Agent Mulder... Agent Scully..." Catherine murmured in greeting, smiling at them.

Grissom gestured to the rest of the team. "This is the rest of the graveyard shift," he told them, pointing to each of the kids in turn. "Warrick Brown, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle, and Greg Sanders."

After all greetings had been exchanged, Scully turned to Grissom and Catherine. "Uh, Dr. Grissom, would it be alright if the four of us went somewhere a bit more private to discuss details of the case?"

Grissom nodded, casting looks on the kids. "Yes, but before we do, I'd like to confer with you about whether or not we can keep our younger CSIs on the case."

Mulder glanced over his shoulder at the four junior team members, before turning back to Grissom and Catherine. "Is this a team effort?"

Catherine shook her head. "Grissom assigned just the two of us to this case, but when we discovered four bodies rather than one, we enlisted the help of our team."

Mulder eyed the foursome again warily before leaning close to Catherine, dropping his voice a few levels in volume. "How much do they know?"

"We've just had them examining the victims' clothes for trace evidence," Grissom replied.

Scully then turned to the other team members, who were looking a tad slighted by the exclusion. "Did you find anything probative?" she asked of them.

All four shook their heads. "We didn't find anything, period," Nick replied glumly.

"Even with my special goggles!" Greg piped up.

Scully cocked her head slightly as she studied the young man, noting the other two men smacking him in the shoulder. She smiled politely, humoring the spikey-haired youngun, and nodded her understanding. "Well... given the circumstances, I apologize to the four of you. As much as you want to help out, and as upset as I'm sure that you are, Agent Mulder and I would prefer that you don't continue working this case. The less people that are aware of what's going on, the better. I'm very sorry."

With that, Scully and Grissom exchanged a look, and along with Catherine and Mulder, they set off for his office, leaving a quartet of confused, frustrated expressions in their wake.


a.: CSI: CATH the Explorera_celeste on May 26th, 2009 04:42 am (UTC)
OH. I LOVE sexret foursomes!! Keep it up, and intriguing case... are you sure you're writing CSI ;)

Mulder/Scully banter, perfect. I love how they can gravitate towards serious conversations to absolutely non-sensical ones, kinda like Gil and Cath. Cute.
csiAngel: csi shippin G/Ccsiangel on May 26th, 2009 08:51 pm (UTC)
Aww, the poor younguns. Well done you for keeping everyone in character when writing several characters from different shows. I'm really liking reading this again. Yay!