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18 February 2009 @ 09:01 pm
Enchantment [BtVS; Giles/Jenny]  
TITLE: Enchantment
PART 1/2: Captivated
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: Giles/Jenny
SPOILERS: None; AU season two


Every move she makes captivates me. The way she tilts her head, the way her tongue teases the inside of her cheek when she gives me an open-mouthed grin, the way she laughs. Not to quote mediocre pop from the 1980s, but it seems that... every little thing she does is magic. She insists that she's not a witch, but there can be no other explanation for the short amount of time it took for me to fall under her spell completely. Surely it's witchcraft.

Even now, as I watch her sitting beside me, concentrating on a book, I'm utterly captivated by her. The sight of her slender fingers turning a page, the scent of her perfume mixing with the mustiness of the first-edition Forrester book I'd given her as a present. I can't take my eyes off her. And I sense, as I see the corners of her full lips quirk in just the barest hint of a smile, that she knows what I'm thinking. That she's relishing the admiration.

A year ago, if someone were to tell me I'd eventually fall in love with this brash, sarcastic, technology-pushing computer science teacher, I am certain I would call that person a fool. She was the thorn in my side, giving me a headache every time she would go on a diatribe about the advancement of technology and some strange thing called "e-mail." She's a techno-pagan, a neo-hippie of sorts. She dangles a corkscrew from her navel, for God sakes.

But somewhere along the line, between our first conversation and the closing of the Hellmouth, I developed an odd sort of attraction to her. The annoying things she did and said started to become less annoying. And by the time summer break had ended and I spotted her walking across the glade at school, my heart skipped with the beginnings of an infatuation.

I began to notice the smaller details about her at that time: the curve of her supple lips, how she sounded when she was teasing me, the shine of her hair... that lovely beauty mark on her neck. After that, it wasn't long before those small details started to consume me. She would plague my thoughts during moments alone in the library, when I was supposed to be reading up on the latest demon. At random moments throughout the day, I would wonder what she was doing. And then it was inevitable... the time had come for me to ask her on a date.

Now here we sit, precisely one year later, on the porch swing of the home we've purchased together. Everything around us still smells new -- the wood, the paint, everything. The house was a bit expensive, but we can easily make it work between the two of us. We felt we both deserved a bit of a "splurge," as she called it, after everything we'd gone through in the last year. Plenty of good times, which were unfortunately outnumbered by the bad times. Her brush with death at the hands of Angelus was what truly made me realize that, despite anything in my past and hers that may have gotten between us at one time or another, I could no longer live without her.

My eyes are back on her as one of her hands leaves her book... reaches for a piece of that lovely dark hair of hers and loops it around her ear, and even this is captivating to me. I can't help but wonder if there'll come a time when I'm not utterly enthralled with her. She turns to smile at me before setting her book in her lap and I decide... no -- I'll always be enthralled with her.

When she reaches a hand up to my face, drawing me forward for a kiss, a diamond shines in the morning sunlight. The very diamond I'd placed on her finger this morning, when I asked her to be my wife. And she accepted.

So she'll be captivating me for the rest of our lives. I can hardly wait.

TBC IN PART 2/2: Charmed

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Uther Pendragon's Loyal Wench: giles buffy - lovedfirthgal on February 20th, 2009 06:13 pm (UTC)
This was lovely! I have immense trouble letting myself ship Giles with anyone but Buffy, so the fact that I enjoyed this and could see this happening had Jenny lived means that it's extra awesome. I do believe that he could have had a family with her and the life he had envisioned and wouldn't have ended up so dependent on Buffy had Jenny not died, and you really captured that here.
a.: giles/jenny; always by your sideregalish on February 23rd, 2009 06:15 pm (UTC)
I have immense trouble letting myself ship Giles with anyone but Buffy, so the fact that I enjoyed this and could see this happening had Jenny lived means that it's extra awesome. Awwww, well thank you! That sincerely means a lot that you would step outside of your OTP and give my Giles/Jenny stuff a peek. (And I still have a soft spot for Giles/Buffy too, don't worry! Hehe)

And I truly believed he could have had a family with her as well. It's easy to see why he becomes so dependent on his Slayer. Jenny truly would've become his whole life. You could absolutely see it in his eyes any time he looked at her - even when he was upset with her, his face would still light up upon seeing her. So beautiful and sad.

I'm really hoping to have the second part of this (a Jenny POV on Giles) up soon, but I can't say for sure since I've been getting about five or six new fic ideas a day, hahaha.
нσω ∂σ уσυ нσℓ∂ α мσση вєαм ιη уσυʀ нαη∂?: {BtVS} GJ - Drown in mefiddlings on February 24th, 2009 08:45 pm (UTC)
Oh, oh. I am so glad you told me about this, because somehow I had missed it before. And this was...such a treasure. Short, but filled with everything and so lovely. Wonderful. ♥