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14 August 2008 @ 09:57 am
The Hit [The OC; Ryan/Kirsten]  
TITLE: The Hit
CHAPTER 1: The Target
PAIRING: Ryan/Kirsten
SPOILERS: None; AU fic, slight take on Mr. & Mrs. Smith
RATING: R (for language, violence, and adult situations)


Shortly after the Cohen Stepford wife sat down beside her husband, enquiring about the interview, Sandy stood up and excused himself, claiming his need to get back to work. That seemed to spur her into some sort of frenetic cleaning phase. Small talk was made as Kirsten went about tidying the pool house with Ryan's aid. She'd asked him where he was from, and when he'd told her he was from Chino, the judgment in her, "Oh," hadn't been exactly hard to miss. Stuck-up bitch, Ryan had thought.

The Lady Kirsten was from Newport, born and raised and had never left, except to go to Berkeley for college, which was where she met the man that was now wanting her dead. The entire time they talked and tidied, moving pool floats and lounge chair cushions into a back closet, Ryan studied his target.

She was lovely, that was undeniable, but so far Marty's words seemed to ring true -- that she probably wasn't worth more than a good fuck and decent conversation. A five-hundred-thousand dollar paycheck was more than her worth. Much more. Ryan glanced around the pool house in between studying Kirsten, looking for places he could easily hide his array of guns. There were a hell of a lot of them, and he couldn't exactly hide some of the bigger ones under a mattress without arousing suspicion.

"So, if it's alright with you, we'll make up a bed for you right here," Kirsten said, drawing him out of his thoughts.

His eyes followed where she was gesturing, to a big empty spot near the main pool house doors. Gee thanks, Princess, he wanted to spit out derisively. Instead, he nodded. "That will be just fine, thank you."

"Sure," she smiled. She gestured back toward the house as she headed for the door, smile still in place. "I'll go get some sheets, and have Sandy stop in with a mattress in a little bit."

Ryan nodded, silent as Kirsten left the pool house. Then, he twisted at the waist to grab his cell phone from his back pocket, placing a call. "Hey. It's me. I'm in place at the home of the target. I'm gonna need some assistance storing my weapons. I'm gonna need all of 'em, and I want them easily accessible." He nodded. "Yeah. Thanks." His eyes flicked up to the pool house door as Kirsten came back through it. "Bye."

She smiled slightly, raising her eyebrows, and Ryan smiled back, holding up his phone as he explained, "Wrong number," and slipped the phone back into his pocket.

She bought it, nodding. "Oh." Then, she handed over the taupe sheets she'd been toting. "Here you go."

"Thanks." Their hands touched briefly during the trade-off, and he met her eyes.

He only got a look at her green-blue eyes for two seconds tops before she cleared her throat and looked away. Within mere moments, she'd recovered, and that waspy smile was back in place. "So! I think I'll let you get settled, then. Sandy will be in shortly with your mattress. Do you have any belongings you'd like us to send for?"

"I've already sent for them, actually, but thanks."

"Okay. Well..." She trailed off, and her sentence was only finished by a wave -- a brief flutter of her fingers -- before she was out the door again.

Ryan sighed and glanced around the pool house once more, missing the fact that Kirsten turned to look at him once outside.

"Hey Sandy?" Kirsten called toward her husband's study as she entered the main house. "Could you please do me a favor and bring that extra mattress down from the guest room and put it in the pool house for Ryan?"

"Yep, I'm on it, honey."

"Thank you!" Kirsten smiled as he emerged from the study and headed for the stairs, her eyes following him as he went up.

Once he was out of sight, she grabbed for the phone and hit one of the first speed-dial buttons. When it picked up, she said, "Julie? It's me. Where are you?" She nodded at the voice of her best friend-slash-coworker on the other end of the line. "Okay, can you do me a favor and meet me at headquarters? It's urgent." Once more, she nodded. "Thanks."

With that, she put her sunglasses on, grabbed the keys to her Range Rover and headed out.


Ten minutes later and she was pulling up in front of an office building, the title NewMatch/NewParty Inc. splashed across the front in stylish lettering. She stepped out of the SUV and walked briskly, purposefully, toward the front doors, smiling at the door man.

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Cohen," he greeted her politely with a tip of his head.

"Afternoon, George." She kept going, at that same brisk pace, winding through corridors and going up a flight of stairs before she reached her office. Glancing over one shoulder, she pulled out her office keys.


Kirsten jumped and cried out softly as she spun around, spotting the green eyes of her best friend in front of her. She had half her mind to slug her for the fright she caused. "Jesus, Julie!"

"Sorry." She looked immediately remorseful. "What's going on?"

Kirsten shook her head as she finished unlocking her office and pushed open the door, gesturing for her friend to go inside first. Once they were both in, Kirsten shut and locked the door. Then, heading over to her desk, she grabbed a small remote and hit one of the buttons, drawing the blinds.

This caused Julie's forehead to wrinkle in concern. "Kirsten, are you okay?"

"No." She quickly booted up her laptop, typed in a few things, and spun it to face Julie. She raised her eyebrows. "That new target?" She tapped the screen, where Ryan's face was showing. "Our new pool guy."

Julie's jaw dropped on a gasp. "No!"

"Yes indeed."

"But..." Julie made her way to the desk, grasping the laptop monitor and turning it a little more firmly toward herself. She gestured down to Ryan's face. "This guy's an assassin. What the hell is he doing cleaning pools?" She paused, frowning. "Unless..."

The two women met each other's eyes and were instantly thinking the same thing. That was confirmed as they finished in unison, "Sandy hired him."

Kirsten, furious, jumped up from her desk chair and placed one hand on her forehead, the other on her hip while she started to pace. "God I can't believe him! He hired someone to kill me? What the hell for?"

Julie shrugged. "Maybe he thinks you're cheating on him or something. Jimmy got pretty pissed when I cheated on him."

Kirsten sighed. "Jimmy never tried to have you killed."

Julie blew an obnoxious raspberry through her lips, looking like she was fighting off laughter. "Because it's Jimmy. He's a pussy, remember? Jimmy gets on a boat and sails away from his problems. He doesn't hire someone to kill them."

Kirsten continued to pace, one hand still on her hip and the fingers of the other now tapping at her lips.

"What do you propose we do?" Julie asked with a quirk of her eyebrows.

Kirsten spun around and stared hard at the computer screen, at Ryan's face staring back at her. Then, she walked quickly to one wall of her office, hit a few buttons and waited for the wall to split open. When it did, a wide assortment of guns and knives were displayed neatly on backlit shelves. Kirsten grabbed a small Sig Sauer and looked it over before her eyes flicked to Ryan's face on the screen one more time.

Then, she turned to Julie and finally answered, lowly, "Take the bastard out before he takes me."


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Yu: Love (Juliet @ cages)shikabane_mai on August 14th, 2008 09:39 pm (UTC)
I love how Ryan's first impression of her is so bad which is especially made obvious with his "Stepford wife" and "stuck up bitch" thoughts. I love how he doesn't immediately fall for her (which would be very unrealistic).

YAY. Kirsten's "Stepford wife" facade is only that: a facade. She's not stupid and she now knows Ryan is an assassin. :D Sandy is such an ass in this story. :( But hey, at least that eliminates the stupid SandyKirsten as a couple possibility.

Then, she turned to Julie and finally answered, lowly, "Take the bastard out before he takes me."
Wow. And when I thought this story couldn't get any more exciting & suspenseful. You've really twisted the assassin/victim romance story, which is awesome! I can't wait to see how this turns out and see if there's going to be a death match or something. I love this fic!
a.: rysten; true happinessregalish on August 25th, 2008 03:23 am (UTC)
Wow. And when I thought this story couldn't get any more exciting & suspenseful. You've really twisted the assassin/victim romance story, which is awesome! I can't wait to see how this turns out and see if there's going to be a death match or something. I love this fic!

Aww, thanks so much doll! I definitely didn't want to keep Kirsten as the dumb Stepford wife. So in true Mr. and Mrs. Smith fashion, she is an assassin too :D

I hope to have more of this soon!
empryal_paradoxempryal_paradox on August 14th, 2008 09:43 pm (UTC)
Hi! I actually read this along with shikabane_mai, but am commenting separately. xD

Anyway, like Shika said, GREAT FIC. OMFG. I LOVE FICS LIKE THESE. AUs are really great because you can go anywhere with them and there's so much room for development. This fic is so exciting, especially the ending. Like Shika said, is there going to be a deathmatch? Err, I just hope they don't get hurt too badly. I wonder who's the stronger/more intelligent/more experienced fighter of them? I'm guessing it's Ryan (since he's an assassin). I hope nothing bad happens to Kirsten--life threatening, I mean. Cuz her getting hurt just adds to the suspense/excitement of this fic. Can't wait to read more! :D
a.: rysten; is my otpregalish on August 25th, 2008 03:25 am (UTC)
Thanks very much! I'm glad you enjoyed this fic as well! AUs really are great because -- like you said -- you can just take them anywhere. And since Josh Schwartz didn't give us a massive amount of Ryan/Kirsten stuff to work with.

As far as a death-match and who's the most experienced fighter? We shall have to seeeeee :D
thekiller00thekiller00 on August 27th, 2008 02:46 am (UTC)
Hey ! Sorry its been a while since I reviewed or said hey. This is a pretty interesting fic, that I am curious to see how it progresses.