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10 March 2008 @ 09:51 pm
Hot Tub [CSI; Grissom/Catherine]  
TITLE: Hot Tub
PAIRING: Grissom/Catherine


"Wow! So this is what a Christmas bonus buys, huh?" Sara asked, her wide eyes doing a sweep of Catherine's backyard. A brand new oak-finished deck had recently been constructed, surrounding both a large, four-foot deep swimming pool on one end, and a hot tub on the other end.

"Nice digs," Greg chimed in, popping up behind Sara. He eyed the lanky brunette beside him, giving her the up-and-down glance. "Care to join me for a little skinny dipping?"

As Sara rolled her eyes and opened her mouth to retort, Catherine stepped out onto the back porch beside them carrying a tray full of veggies, Grissom trailing behind her. "Nobody is getting naked in my swimming pool," she warned slowly, emphasizing each word like a mother scolding her belligerent children.

Greg's boyishly handsome features immediately dropped into a scowl, and he shuffled forlornly off toward the hors d'oeuvres on the deck. "You're the meanest mom ever," he grumbled.

"Grissom, did you know this was where Catherine's Christmas bonus was going?"

The bronze-skinned, blue-eyed supervisor quirked an eyebrow at his younger CSI. "No. Had I known her bonus would not go toward purchasing my present, it never would've been issued."

A swift elbow in the ribs followed his statement, and he feigned pain, shooting a hurt puppy-dog look at his favorite strawberry-blonde, who just glared facetiously at him in return. "No hot tub for you," she told him in a low voice, eyeing him through her lashes.

He smirked. "That was my plan."

"You're not going in the hot tub, Grissom?" Nick's Texan drawl filled the breezy, summer air as he too stepped outside, carrying a bag of potato chips and a six-pack of beer... Warrick following behind him with another case of beer.

"No, he will be going in the hot tub, and in the pool," Catherine assured him.

"Says who?" Grissom challenged, quirking an eyebrow and pursing his lips slightly at her.

As she glanced up to reply, her eyes settled on the fullness of his bottom lip, and for a moment she lost all sense of time and place. It was just her and that lip residing on Earth, and dammit, she wanted to taste that lip...

She felt her own lips part as her eyes continued to zero in on one of his most cherished assets, and in the back of her mind she desperately prayed she hadn't yet begun to drool.


The slight chuckle laced in her name finally drew her attention back to his eyes, and she suddenly felt as if she'd spiked a high fever. She was certain her cheeks had turned flame red. Still woozy from her Gil-lip-fantasy, she slowly raised her eyebrows, her voice only able to manage a dazed, "Hmmmm?"

Suddenly parched, she reached for her kiwi-strawberry wine cooler on the glass patio table as his smooth, seductive tenor voice buzzed through her head. "Don't you have something for me?"

And the wine cooler nearly exited her nose as she attempted to choke it down, sputtering out a surprised, "What?!"

His eyebrows had now raised to their highest points on his head... Warrick and Nick's expression mirroring his. "Uhh... a comeback?" The back of his hand reached her forehead, feeling for a temperature. "Are you alright?"

"Maybe she's got heatstroke," Warrick suggested, though the slightly smug expression on his face seemed to suggest something else entirely.

"Or Grissom-stroke," Greg suddenly piped up, a Cheshire grin reaching ear-to-ear.

Sara rolled her eyes at the lab tech's bluntness, and grabbed a brightly-colored beach ball off one of the nearby lounge chairs, raising it over her head. "Here, Greg..." And she tossed it across the yard. "Go get it!"

An excited, bright-eyed expression followed the arc of the beach ball, and the young lab tech let out a screech and tore off across the yard, Sara following after him with a wide grin on her face, chanting, "Go on Greggy! Go get the ball! Get it, Greg!"

While Nick and Warrick bust out laughing at Greg's canine antics, Grissom's gaze remained centered on Catherine. "What's up with you?"

"Nothing!" She dismissed his concern with a downward flick of her wrist, and brushed past him. "I'm fine, just--"

"Cath, if you're worried about Greg peeing in the pool, we made him go before we left the lab," Nick assured her with a good-natured smile.

She rolled her eyes, finally allowing a chuckle to escape her full lips. "Thanks, guys. Yep, that's what I was worried about." She traded one last intense stare with Grissom, their blues battling the other, before she broke gaze and moved away. "So! Pool time? Or hot tub time, whichever..."

Warrick and Nick excitedly voiced their agreement, Nick rubbing his hands together. "So, Gris," he drawled, "Does this mean you'll be showing a bit more skin than usual?"

"Oh, don't get your hopes up, Nick," Catherine sighed. She tossed her supervisor a glance over her shoulder, smirking slightly. "I wouldn't be surprised if he brought a long-sleeved, black unitard with him to wear in the pool."

He glared facetiously at his blonde companion, narrowing his eyes at her. "I brought trunks... and thanks for the vote of confidence, Cath."

She grinned wickedly at him, purring, "I aim to tease," before turning toward Nick and Warrick once more.

Grissom seized this opportunity to allow his eyes to roam her body, memorizing each curve as if memorizing routes on a map... trying to engrain each one into his memory for later retrieval. His tongue unconsciously snaked out, tripping over his lips as he whispered a crippled, "I know."

His concentration was broken, however, as Greg ran up to the patio, slamming into the glass door like a bird unaware of the presence of a window. "Guys!" he shouted excitedly through the door.

"What, Greg?" Catherine barked, angrily eyeing the marks he left on her patio door.

Beaming ear-to-ear, he proudly held up the item he'd been so excited about... "I got the ball!"


"Greg!" Nick shouted, raising his hands and turning his head to the side to shield himself from the spray of water coming his way. "Knock it off!"

The lab tech's head bobbed on the surface, grinning at him. "Come on, it's fun!"

Catherine, from her spot in her lounge chair on the deck, shook her head slowly, watching the guys' antics from behind her sunglasses. Sara caught this motion in her peripheral vision, and turned her head to smirk at the strawberry-blonde. "Greg's cannonballs?" she questioned knowingly.

She continued to shake her head, murmuring calmly, "If he does it one more time I'm gonna whip him with a car antenna."

Sara grinned her bright, gap-toothed grin. "Glad you're enjoying yourself at your own pool party, Cat."

"Where the hell is Grissom?" Red-blonde arcs of color swung about her head as she swiveled her neck in one direction, then the other, searching for that familiar, calming aura.

As if in answer, the patio door slid open and a bare-chested Grissom emerged onto the deck, inciting twin slack-jawed expressions from both Catherine and Sara. Long, black swim trunks slung low on his hips, the bright flame design along the sides enhancing the bronze tone of his skin. The muscles in his arms were defined, but not overly-so... his biceps flexing involuntarily as he bent his arms, moving to set his tee-shirt on a nearby chair.

Sara's whisper floated on the air as she and Catherine continued to gawk at their devastatingly sexy supervisor. "Holy shh--"

"Alright, alright, you got me to put on a bathing suit," he griped, peering down at Catherine through his dark sunglasses. He quirked an eyebrow. "Happy now?"

Catherine mirrored his eyebrow-quirk as she grasped the bow of her sunglasses between her thumb and forefinger, slipping them down the bridge of her nose slightly, her eyes unabashedly wandering his form. "Quite. Yes," she replied, while Sara just nodded slowly beside her.

When Catherine pinned her with a look, however, the nodding abruptly ceased, and Sara pressed her palms into the cushions of the chair, pushing herself to a standing position. "Anybody need anything? Chips? Beer? Some other type of hard liquor?"

Catherine smiled politely... tightly... while Grissom shook his head. "No thank you, Sara."

The pair briefly watched her walk away before their eyes, like magnets, were inexplicably drawn back to each other, fusing in a battle so intense even the younger CSIs could feel the palpable electricity.


"Geez..." Warrick drawled softly in his deep baritone. "They need to nail each other, and soon."

"Well, if he doesn't nail Catherine soon, can I take a shot?" Greg asked, glancing from Warrick to Nick, and back again.

Nick clapped a hand to the back of the lab rat's neck, shaking him lightly in a brotherly gesture. "Sure, Greg. Knock yourself out."


Catherine finally, albeit reluctantly, broke their visual embrace by tilting her head slightly, smiling up at him. "Y'know Gil, I was just teasing before. If you absolutely don't want to go in the pool, you don't have to."

He smiled. "Thanks. And while I'll pass on the pool... the hot tub actually sounds like a pretty good idea." He wiggled his eyebrows at her, extending his hand. "Join me?"

She giggled, taking one last sip of her wine cooler, and reached out to take the offered hand. "I'd be honored," she purred, and smiled into his eyes as she slowly rose to her feet.

He smiled right back, allowing himself a moment to gaze once more at her form, practically visible in its entirety thanks to the skimpy red bikini she was sporting. He placed a hand feather-lightly to the small of her back, resisting the urge to slide his arm completely around her waist and dip his hand beneath the ties on her hips... and led her toward her newly-purchased hot tub.


Greg shook his head, watching the events transpire on the other side of the deck. "Lucky bastard," he muttered, though the potential severity of his statement was negated by the wide grin on his face.

"Aww..." Nick feigned sympathy, making mock pouty-lips at his surrogate younger brother.

"Yeah," Warrick chuckled. "And the dream is dead."


"Ouch!" Catherine yelped, jerking her toe back from the surface of the steaming water, clutching the silver railing.

Already in the hot tub, Grissom rolled his eyes at the beauty's childish behavior. "Cath, come on, don't be such a baby."

"It's hot!" she whined, shooting him a dirty look.

"Honey, I believe that's why it's called a hot tub," he teased, his royal blue eyes twinkling mischievously in the sunlight. He shrugged. "Why'd you buy it if you don't like hot water?"

"Shut up, Gil. You're being such an ass."

"What can I say? You bring it out in me."

After watching her struggle with the decision to get in for several more moments, he finally rolled his eyes and stood, torrents of water dripping from his swim trunks as he did so. It only took two strides for him to be at her side, and in a matter of seconds he'd reached out, swept her off her feet and into his arms, and carried her into the tub with him, lowering her into the water cautiously.

She squealed as first her bottom came into contact with the steaming water, and she wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, kicking her feet. "Gil, it's hot, it's hot, it's hot!"

He winced, attempting to move his head away from the spray of water her feet were kicking up. "Cath, you're splashing! Knock it off!"

"But it's hot..." she continued to whine.

He pulled back slightly and stared straight into her eyes. "Don't make me drop you," he warned, his voice mixed with severity and a hint of a playful undertone.

She narrowed her eyes at him, her gaze never faltering. "You wouldn't," she challenged.

It was at that moment the two senior CSIs realized the close proximity of their lips... both sets of eyes darting from the other's eyes, to their lips, and back again.


"Ooh-ooh-ooh, here it comes!" Greg exclaimed, pointing to Grissom and Catherine excitedly.

Warrick and Nick never turned their heads... both continued staring at the lab tech with furrowed brows and narrowed eyes. "'Ooh-ooh-ooh'?" Warrick repeated slowly, grimacing.

"Yeah really," Nick chuckled, eyeing Greg warily. "Calm down, Pheebs."

"They're gonna kiss!" he hissed, still frantically pointing toward the hot tub.

Nick motioned toward Sara with a quick, upward jerk of his chin, smirking as he watched her jealously eyeing Grissom and Catherine. "Not if Sara has anything to do with it."



Sara's unimpressed, jealousy-laced monotone startled her out of her moment with Grissom, and she craned her neck, glancing back over her shoulder at the unamused brunette while still clinging to his neck. "Yes?" she drawled slowly, raising an eyebrow.

She held out a large margarita glass to the strawberry-blonde, forcing a polite smile. "I, uh, took the liberty of fixing you a margarita. You too, Grissom." And she held out a similar glass to her often-fantasized-about supervisor.

Both eyed the young woman with one raised eyebrow, eyes darting to the margarita glasses, then to her fake smile, then back to each other's eyes. Catherine glanced back at Sara, chuckling slightly... awkwardly. "Uh, we didn't want anything."

"I know, but... I figured you might want something after you'd already gotten settled in the hot tub."

Grissom allowed a half-smile to seep through his normally stoic features... utterly clueless when it came to Sara's blatant lusting over him. "Thank you, Sara, that was very thoughtful of you."

The wide, gap-toothed grin that followed incited Catherine to roll her eyes, and she reluctantly disentangled herself from Grissom's arms, gasping loudly as she became submerged waist-deep into the scalding water. She then leaned forward, smiling tightly at Grissom's 'groupie,' and reached for the margarita glasses, completely missing the stares of admiration her back end received.


Warrick, Nick, and Greg all tilted their heads accordingly as Catherine bent forward, wide grins spreading across Nick and Greg's faces in unison, while Warrick just nodded slowly in appreciation. "Man..." he whispered.

Upon gaining the other mens' attention, he gestured subtly toward the curvy strawberry-blonde. "I mean, I know that's Catherine and everything, but damn... she is one magnificently-sculpted woman."

Nick and Greg voiced their agreement with slow, simultaneous exhalations. "Yeah..."

Nick chuckled. "Too bad we're all out of her league."

Greg quirked an eyebrow. "Is there a guy that could even be close to being in her league?"


Catherine beamed at her partner, her blue-green eyes twinkling into his as she handed him his margarita glass, slowly settling in to the hot tub beside him. She held up her margarita glass in a pseudo-toast, and Grissom soon followed suit. She grinned her dazzling, thousand-watt grin at him before murmuring... "Here's to breaking in the hot tub."

Grissom said nothing, though his eyebrows shooting toward the top of his head seemed to respond for him... and he wordlessly clinked his glass to hers.


"Hey, guys," Sara greeted, throwing her three colleagues a wave before perching at the edge of the pool in her black, slightly high-collared one-piece swimsuit, dipping her legs into the cool water.

Nick smirked. "Done fawning over Grissom?"

Her mouth dropped open slightly in an indignant expression, but she soon melted into a smirk as well... unable to resist Nick's charm. "Excuse me, I do not 'fawn.'"

"Really?" Greg scoffed. He pointed toward the lounge chair she'd been reclining in earlier. "Isn't that your puddle of drool over there?"

"N-no..." she stammered. She shrugged. "M-maybe it's Catherine's."

Warrick grinned knowingly, throwing a nod toward Grissom and Catherine, who were already looking quite cozy in the hot tub. "Catherine doesn't drool. She seduces."


"These margaritas are excellent," Catherine murmured. "We should dip into the budget to send Sara to bartending school. She really could have a knack for this kind of thing."

Grissom just rolled his eyes and took another sip of his own margarita, smirking at Catherine over the rim of his glass. "Whatever you say, my dear." After reaching behind him to set his glass on the ledge, he turned back to his companion, raising an eyebrow coyly. "Shall we try the bubble jets?"

She giggled girlishly, already feeling a tad tipsy from a mixture of her drink, the heat, and being near her most treasured fantasy... Gil Grissom, himself. "Why, certainly," she purred, and within seconds, the bubble jets had sprung to life. "Mmm," she moaned immediately, her head lolling back against the side of the hot tub. "This is nice."

"Yeah..." Grissom murmured, watching her closely, gulping at the sight of the creamy flesh on her neck. He bit down gently on his lip, fighting the urge to lean over and start kissing and licking the exposed skin. He cleared his throat, trying to rid himself of his carnal desires. "It's, uh... kinda like a massage, huh?"

"Mmhmm..." she hummed, smirking a moment later as she began to squirm. "And I think one of the bubble jets likes me." She giggled. "Hmm... this could actually prove to be quiet useful."

He rolled his eyes at her behavior, though secretly aroused by it. "Okay Cath, rule number one... no orgasms in the hot tub."

"Hey!" Nick exclaimed, wandering over with a beer in his hand, Sara following directly behind him... her eyes trailing somewhere slightly below the waistline of his trunks. "You two are having entirely too much fun. May we join you?"

Grissom's first instinct was to scream a vehement 'no,' however when he saw the bright smile on Catherine's beautiful face, he acquiesced with a nod and a smile. After Nick and Sara had slid into the tub... Nick being careful to sit between Grissom and Sara after seeing the look Catherine bestowed upon the young woman... Greg and Warrick followed them in.

"Oh, wow..." Greg sighed, head lolling back much like Catherine's did only moments earlier. "It's like a thousand tiny hands, massaging me all over."

"Well..." Grissom eyed the lab rat warily. "Just tell those hands to stay out of your trunks, huh?"

Greg shrugged, smirking devilishly. "I could always take my trunks off..."

After five simultaneous negative exclamations, Greg relented, holding up his hands in resignation. "Rule number two..." Catherine piped up, holding up two fingers, "No removing swimwear in the hot tub."

Warrick cracked a grin. "What's rule number one, Cath?"

"It's..." She shared a look with Grissom, both of their faces beginning to turn a bright shade of pink. "It, uh..." She slowly turned back to Warrick, unable to hide her smirk as she brought her margarita glass up to her full lips, snipping quietly, "Mind your own business, Warrick."


"Hey, Sair! Wait up!" Nick called, jogging slightly to catch up with the tall brunette as she stepped back inside Catherine's air-conditioned house.


He shrugged. "I just... wanted to grab some food, too. Isn't that why you're coming in here?"

She smirked... a bit ruefully, he noted, and nodded slowly. "Yep. That's why."

He slowly grinned. "Yeah. Or Grissom's not paying quite enough attention to you and it's making you a little jealous."

"It's not that he isn't paying enough attention to me..." she snipped.

"Ahh, I see..." he drawled softly. "It's that he's paying too much attention to Catherine."

"W-well," she sputtered, "Don't you think it's getting just a little sickening?"

"No!" he chuckled, waving dismissively. "It's just how they are!"

"I have never seen either of them behave this way."

He grinned his wide, toothy grin at her, finding her brooding jealousy to be quite adorable. "You just haven't seen either of them with a little alcohol in them."

"A little alcohol? They're practically just two bottles of tequila walking around in human form."

"No they're not!" he laughed. "And let's not forget who supplied them with said-tequila."

Sara rolled her eyes. "Okay, so let's call that a lapse in judgement. I didn't think they'd get drunk, though."

"They're not," he insisted. "Neither of them are even close to being drunk. Catherine's not, at least. I've seen Catherine when she's drunk."

"What about Grissom?" she questioned, raising an eyebrow.

He shrugged. "I don't think any of us have seen Grissom get beyond 'tipsy'... he normally just stops himself. Right now I'd say he's a bit beyond tipsy, but not drunk."

After watching her furiously pile her plate with veggies and dip, her jaw unbelievably tense, he smiled, draping a supportive arm around her shoulders. "Sair, you've just gotta understand how they are with each other. They just get a little affectionate when they've had a bit to drink."

"I understand completely how they are with each other," she murmured, "I just don't like it."

"I know you don't like it," he whispered, placing a feather kiss to her hair. "But that's the way things are." When he gained her attention, her eyes searching his, he shrugged. "I know you and a lot of the female lab techs would love to sink your claws into Grissom," he made a claw gesture with his hand, inciting a giggle from her before continuing, "Just as a lot of us guys would love to have a shot at Catherine." He templed his hands together, lacing his fingers. "But her and Grissom are like this..."


"Unbelievably so. And, in this weird, undefined way that we haven't been able to explain yet... Catherine belongs to Grissom. And he belongs to her. And as much as that sucks, it's been that way since long before we knew them. And, I hate to tell you this Sair, but... it's probably gonna stay that way."

She sunk against him, sighing heavily through pursed lips, a puff of air ruffling the stray hair that had fallen in her face. "Yeah, I know," she muttered reluctantly.

He smiled supportively and cupped the side of her face gently, jerking his thumb over his shoulder. "So, wanna head back out there?"

"Ahh..." She chuckled slightly, glancing over her shoulder at the activities outside, watching Catherine wipe a few droplets of water off Grissom's face. She sighed, turning back to her Texan companion. "I think I've had enough aquatic fun for today."

He smiled, nodding, and pressed another kiss to her hair before kneading her shoulder and pulling away. "I'll take you home, okay?"

"Alright, sounds good. Let's go say goodbye."


Greg and Warrick exchanged yet another glance as they kept an eye on what was transpiring between Grissom and Catherine. Catherine giggled girlishly, tousling his hair. "Your hair looks so cute when it gets all wet! So curly!"

Grissom just grinned, meanwhile, and draped his arm across her shoulders, rubbing up and down on her arm. "You're quite amusing when you're tipsy."

"I think you both are," Warrick murmured, both his eyebrows raised as he glanced between the two of them.

"Hey you guys..." Sara waved as she stepped up to the side of the hot tub with Nick. "We're gonna go."

"Now?" Catherine whined. "But... we haven't played volleyball in the pool yet! And dinner's not for another hour."

Nick chuckled. "It's okay, Cath, really. Maybe we could do this some other time. I assume you'll be hanging onto the pool and hot tub for awhile."

"Yeah, thanks for having us over, Cat," Sara chimed in. "It's been, uh... interesting."

Warrick reached forward and patted Catherine's shoulder as he rose to his feet. "I should get going too, Cath, I'm sorry."

Greg glanced up at Warrick in alarm, as if saying, 'Don't leave me here with them!' and sprung to his feet as well. "Uh, uh, and I need a ride home! Warrick, bro, would you be able to drive me?"

The other three younger CSIs exchanged a look and triplet smirks, before Warrick slowly nodded and slapped Greg good-naturedly on the back. "No prob, Greggo."

Catherine glanced to each one of them with big, doe eyes... looking quite disappointed, while Grissom just eyed them all through his lashes, sipping at his margarita. "So everyone's leaving?" Catherine nearly whimpered.

Nick pointed toward their supervisor. "Grissom's not. Enjoy the hot tub with Grissom."

Sara chuckled. "I'm sure you don't need to tell her to--" After receiving an elbow in the ribs from Nick, she relented. "Alright you guys, goodnight!"

After the younger CSIs had bid their superiors farewell, they all set off toward the front of Catherine's house, where their Denali's awaited. Watching them step inside the house and slide the patio door shut, Catherine turned back to Grissom. "Did we scare them away?" she questioned, furrowing her brow.

He smiled, reaching a hand up to her face as he smoothed away the wrinkles in her brow with his thumb, inciting her to relax her expression. His eyes roamed her face as he murmured, "I don't think we scared them away. We aren't doing anything out of the ordinary."

"Oh yes we are," she argued, gulping down the last of her margarita. "You remember how we get when we drink together."

Now it was his turn to furrow his brow. "No, actually I don't really remember. How do we get when we drink together?"

"All... like this," she replied, and to demonstrate, she moved onto his lap, sinking back against him.

Instinctively, his hands found her hips under the warm water, kneading them gently before sliding around her waist, securing her against him. And, before he knew what was happening, his lips were against her ear, his nose being treated to the herbal scent of her hair. "Like what?" he whispered.

She shivered when his breath tickled her ear, a tiny groan escaping as she exhaled slowly. Her eyes slipped shut and she gulped slowly, willing her arousal to subside. "Like this..." she whispered back shakily. "Overly-affectionate."

When she turned slightly in his lap to glimpse his reaction, he wrinkled his forehead... and was soon treated to the feel of Catherine's thumbs on his forehead, smoothing away the wrinkles in the same manner he'd done for her. "I don't think we're being overly-affectionate," he replied, his bottom lip almost dropping into a pout. "I think we're showing a very normal amount of affection for people as close as we are."

She grinned. "But Gil, you and I *never* show affection. That's why right now this is overly-affectionate."

"I still think you're wrong," he argued, his hands squeezing her hips slowly inciting her to turn in his lap.

She now sat straddling him. "So you think this is a normal amount of affection?"

He nodded. "Yes, I do." And a silly smirk followed his comment, at which she rolled her eyes.

"Okay then, what do you consider to be 'overly-affectionate'?" she questioned, pursing her lips as a mischievous sparkle shimmered in her eyes.

He arched an eyebrow slightly, his hands slipping from her hips, down her thighs, then back up again. He hooked his thumbs in the ties on her swimsuit. "Well... I think overly-affectionate would be like, if I kissed this spot right here on your neck..." And with that, he brought his mouth to her neck, caressing the soft skin with his lips.

Catherine gasped, her body involuntarily jerking against him for a moment as her eyes snapped shut. "Uhh, y-yeah... th-that could be considered too affectionate," she whispered shakily... and in an effort to keep her sanity, she pressed her palms to his biceps, pushing him to arm's length as she stared into his eyes.

The mischief that glinted back at her told her he was in no means finished with his little 'demonstration.' The devilish smirk that followed seemed to hammer in that fact all the more. "And... I think it would be considered overly-affectionate if you were to, I don't know, maybe... kiss the cleft in my chin?" He pointed to it for emphasis, his devastatingly sexy grin daring her to take action.

Her plump lips curled into a smirk that was a mirror-image of Gil's... and she became all-too-aware of the game he was playing. She leaned forward slightly and allowed her lips to explore that spot on his face she treasured... her tongue involuntarily darting out to taste that cleft shocking her... as well as Grissom.

He groaned deep in his throat, and his hands flew back up to her hips, squeezing them. She bucked against him once more, now able to feel his arousal swelling against his swim trunks... rubbing against her core. With a barely audible moan, she pulled away and met his eyes, her own heavy-lidded and filled with lust.

He gulped as he found himself drowning in her eyes, and he fought to form a coherent sentence. "And... as far as affection goes, I suppose it would really be over-the-top for me to grab you by the neck and kiss you like there's no tomorrow..." His eyes bored into her... "Right?"

Her lips parted slightly while she cocked her head, as if she was about to say something... then she closed her mouth and tried again, her voice coming out as nothing but a crippled whisper. "Maybe..."

And with that, he cupped the back of her neck in his hand and pulled her forcefully against him, her lips crashing down upon his in a frenzy of desire. Hands flew in their frantic outpouring of lust, reaching for any bare skin that could be found. Catherine ground her pelvis against his arousal, feeling weightless surrounded by the bubbling water. His hands, with a mind of their own, fumbled with the ties of her swimsuit at the back of her neck, undoing the knot with one quick yank before the top fell down to reveal her breasts.

His lips then began to explore the newly discovered terrain of her body, every flick of the tongue inciting a gasp and a bucking of the hips from Catherine. While his mouth lavished her breasts with affection, his hands slid to her back to undo the last tie on her bikini top. Once undone, he grabbed the H2O-saturated article of clothing and flung it across the deck... smirking as it landed against the high fence with a 'splat.'

"Gil..." she whispered, "I need you so bad."

"I need you too," he murmured, his lips attacking her neck while his fingers hurriedly pulled at the ties on her hips, freeing her of her swimsuit bottoms. He glided his tongue down the center of her body, squeezing her hips when his tongue reached her navel... just above the surface of the water. It was then he glanced up to meet her eyes, his own dancing with desire. "Sit down," he commanded, and moved out from under her as she obliged.

Her eyes searched his. "What are you doing?" she asked, but before he could answer, his head dipped below the surface of the water... and seconds later she cried out in ecstasy.

Her hips rose off the seat of their own accord, her mouth agape in pleasure as a wonderful sort of pressure coiled inside her. "Gil..." she moaned again, her head lolling back... and she opened her eyes when she heard him resurface.

He grinned at her, droplets of water falling from his salt-and-pepper curls onto his eyelashes, and he blinked them away. "Just needed to come up for air," he breathed, and disappeared again.

For what felt like hours on end, he pleasured her, popping up to the surface every minute or two to take a breath, before disappearing beneath the bubbles again. Moments later, he had Catherine crying out, grasping at the sides of the hot tub so tightly her knuckles turned white as she moved against his mouth. Her climax roared through her like an express train, and she shuddered against the strokes of his tongue, slowly being brought down from her high.

When his smiling head bobbed on the surface once more, she grinned, panting as she fought to catch her breath. "Gil, that was just so..." She shook her head, as if shaking off a trance, glancing at him with slightly wide eyes. "Where in the hell did you learn to do that?"

His grin widened ear-to-ear. "What? That, in general, or the underwater aspect of it?"

"Underwater," she chuckled, pressing her palm to her wildly palpitating heart, feeling it slowly resume its normal beat.

A devilish grin answered her query, followed by a coy, "That's for me to know."

"Well..." she purred, easing him back onto the seat as she tugged on his trunks underwater, sliding them off and letting them float to the surface... "However it was done, I'll just have to reciprocate."

His hands on her shoulders stopped her from submerging, and she glanced up at him questioningly. He smiled back at her. "Cath, as much as I would love to receive the same treatment from you, I can't let you."

"Why not?" she pouted.

"Well... without practice, you're liable to pass out," he teased, and was rewarded with a smack on the shoulder in return.

"So now you're gonna get cocky..."

He raised an eyebrow, glanced down at his lap, then met her eyes once more... a smirk curling one corner of his lush lips. "I suppose you could say that."

"Y'know, you're a bit of an ass."

"This is also true."

She rolled her eyes, and was about to open her mouth to retort when he forcefully pulled her onto his lap, drowning out her voice with an erotic kiss. Mouths open, tongues danced... desire rekindled.

Pulling away slightly, he questioned her with his eyes, and with a slow smile and nod, she acquiesced... and he slowly lowered her onto his arousal. She immediately threw her head back and moaned at the exquisite sensation and began to move against him... the feeling of weightlessness due to the water adding an extra sense of euphoria to their lovemaking.

His fingers threaded through her dampened strawberry-blonde strands, his lips finding her cheek before he traced his tongue along her jawline and down her neck. She grasped his biceps, squeezing them lightly to encourage more from him... and his mouth latched on to the taut skin of her neck in response, sucking it to a bright pink color.

"Oh God, Gil, I'm close," she whimpered, tilting her neck into his affections.

"Me too," he whispered, his hips thrusting up into her of their own volition.

They cried out in unison as they achieved release together, bodies tensing and shuddering against the other. They then sank back against the seat, Catherine's head meeting Gil's shoulder as she remained atop him. He smiled, kissing the hollow of her shoulder, and slowly trailed his lips up to meet hers. She hummed her approval and returned the kiss with fervor, the pads of her fingers caressing his face.

"Well..." he breathed, chuckling slightly. "So much for rules one and two."

She laughed, her head tipped back as the joyous sound escaped her lips, and Gil grinned at the sound... leaning forward to taste the newly exposed skin that had tempted him earlier. She moaned briefly before threading her fingers through his damp curls. "We'll have to make up some new rules for the hot tub, I guess."

"Yeah... along with draining all the DNA out of it tomorrow," he quipped. He chuckled. "Wouldn't want the kids stumbling upon it with the ALS."

She shook her head, smirking at him. "Definitely not." Then, with a sigh, she reluctantly pulled herself off of him, almost whimpering at the loss of contact... and leaned over the side of the hot tub to reach for their towels.

A squeeze on her bottom caused her to squeal, and she whipped around, shooting Gil a look. He shrugged innocently. "It was right there. What did you expect me to do?"

She rolled her eyes and tossed his towel at him, effectively landing it over his face, laughing as she watched him squirm under it for a moment before rising to secure it around his waist.

He slowly stepped out and offered his hand to his deity, waiting until she'd secured her own towel around her body before helping her out of the hot tub and down the slippery stairs. "Shall we go upstairs?" she asked, quirking an eyebrow. "For an... encore performance?"

He groaned, his lips parting slightly as he watched her toss a smoldering look at him over her shoulder before sauntering inside, every sway of her hips taunting him mercilessly. "We really need to be overly-affectionate more often," he whispered, and rushed inside after her, chasing her all the way up the stairs to her bedroom.


3RD PLACE WINNER of the Still the One 2006 Awards -- Supervisor Rating, Humour