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10 March 2008 @ 07:30 pm
Bindings [CSI; Grissom/Catherine]  
TITLE: Bindings
PAIRING: Grissom/Catherine
SPOILERS: "What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?" (5x06)


"You found just her cell phone lying against the fountain?"

Sara nodded solemnly, relaying the recent events to Nick and Warrick in the breakroom. "Not only that, but we found prints on the railing which are most likely Catherine's, and Grissom found a few stray hairs around the water fountain which, he swears, belong to Catherine too."

Warrick nodded thoughtfully. "Grissom *would* know..."

"Well, what I've found out is that this guy, whoever kidnapped Catherine, was working *with* John Mathers. Mathers wasn't a copycat," Nick reported.

"I know. I heard you talking to Grissom."

"So you know what this means." Warrick glanced at the two brunettes, sitting side-by-side on the opposite side of the breakroom table.

Both nodded slowly. "Since Mathers was working *with* this guy..." Nick drawled.

"And Catherine put him away, effectively 'taking him' from the other killer..." Sara chimed in.

Warrick nodded. "He takes Catherine away from *us*."

The three sat in silence for a long moment, each contemplating the fate of the strawberry-blonde and what this would do to not only the lab, but to their supervisor. Sara stared glumly at the surface of the table, her arms folded atop it as she stared through it, unseeing... while Nick sat back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest and his legs stretched out beneath the table. Warrick sat leaning foward in his chair, one elbow up on the table, hand cradling his forehead and occasionally rubbing over his eyes and face.

After several minutes of contemplative silence, Sara sighed and rose to her feet, patting her Texan companion on the shoulder. "I'm gonna go see how he's doing," she murmured. "Will you guys see what else you can find out?"

The men agreed immediately and Sara nodded her response, throwing a half-hearted wave in their direction before heading off to find Grissom.


Grissom headed straight for his office, glowering down at the manila envelope he held in his hand marked 'urgent'. What could possibly be urgent at a time like this?

He strode through his office door and slammed it behind him, finally being jarred out of his thoughts when a loud gasp filled his ears. He glanced up to see Sara Sidle seated in the chair opposite his desk, clutching her heart. "Geez, Grissom! You scared the crap out of me!"

One eyebrow made a slow climb while his eyes narrowed slightly, contemplating the young brunette's reasons for taking up residence in his previously-empty office. "What do you need, Sara?"

Sara slowly rose to her feet, straightening the tan corduroy jacket she wore over an army-green colored tee-shirt, her hands then falling to her sides. "I just... wanted to see how you were doing with this whole..." She gestured lamely, "Thing."

Without meeting her eyes and instead heading to sit behind his desk, he replied curtly, "As good as can be expected."

Her eyes followed his path to his chair, moving downward with him as he sat and rolled inward toward the desk. She took a step toward him, her mouth opening and closing while she fumbled for words. "Y'know, Grissom... I know we haven't had the easiest relationship..." When he looked up at her she smiled just slightly. "Mostly because of me, but..." She then turned serious, "I hope you know you can talk to me if you need to, or if you want to. I know you try to distance yourself from your cases, but with this one..." She sighed. "Don't bottle it up. Please."

With this softly uttered plea, he stared at the young woman, his eyes searching hers for any sort of alterior motive. What he found there was genuine concern, and he nodded. "Thank you, Sara."

She nodded back, and smiled warmly, then gave a small wave and turned to head out the door as he began tearing open the manila envelope. She was two steps away from reaching the door when she heard his desk chair roll back... and she heard a loud, shocked gasp escape her supervisor. She immediately spun on her heel. "Grissom?"

He was on his feet, jaw slack and eyes wide as he stared down at a piece of paper resting atop the opened manila envelope. Sara furrowed her brow as she watched his fingers move toward the piece of paper, running downward over what appeared to be some sort of sketch... his expression never changing. She took a few steps into the room. "Grissom..."

He looked up at her with that same shell-shocked expression, obviously rendered speechless by whatever he'd seen... and she took the remaining steps to be at his side, glancing down at the sketch that had rattled him so. What she saw also managed to take her breath away. It was a drawing, resembling the others she'd earlier analyzed. What was depicted in this particular sketch was what rendered the two CSI's speechless.

Though it was somewhat of a caricature, the woman depicted was clearly Catherine, the expression on her face one of sheer terror. Tears pooled in her eyes, and a few were drawn spilling over onto her cheeks. Her mouth was gagged and her wrists bound, held up next to her face. Sara gulped as she noted that in this drawing, Catherine had been stripped down to her underwear and bra, and was huddled in a cramped space. "Oh God..." she whispered, fighting the bile slowly rising in her throat.

She could do nothing but stare at the sketch for what felt like hours on end... until she heard the shallow, rapid breathing emanating from the man next to her. When she dragged her eyes up his form and noted his chest heaving, her eyes widened. "Uh, Grissom?"

He stared at the picture, unseeing, not responding to Sara's call. His vision had tunneled, focusing only on the terrified expression on the face of his deity. And then, like an express train, it hit him. She could already be dead. It was that thought that sent him plummeting into darkness... and he didn't even feel it when he hit the floor.