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10 March 2008 @ 07:03 pm
9 Years and 34 Days [CSI; Grissom/Catherine]  
TITLE: 9 Years and 34 Days
PAIRING: Grissom/Catherine
SPOILERS: "Evaluation Day" (1x21)


Warrick chuckled and shook his head as they emerged from New York New York, his stomach finally calming its cartwheels after their rollercoaster ride. "Man, Gris, I gotta admit -- I never had you pegged for a rollercoaster enthusiast."

"I don't know that I'd call myself an 'enthusiast,' Warrick, but I enjoy them. Some people go out for drinks, some go home to take bubble baths..." He threw the tall CSI a rather boyish grin. "I ride rollercoasters to relax myself."

His chuckle sounded once more, his head shake making another appearance. "If you wanna call that relaxing..."

They walked down the Strip in silence for a moment, passing closed strip-malls and some rather annoying solicitors passing out cards advertising prostitutes. As they reached the Bellagio, Warrick lifted his head. "Hey, Gris..."

"Hmm?" Grissom's hands were shoved into his suit pants, eyes focused on some nearby trash, seemingly swirling in a vortex from the warm night breeze. He then lifted his eyes to meet Warrick's.

"You said that every nine years and thirty-four days, you like to share your little rollercoaster fetish."

"Not a fetish, Warrick," he was immediately reprimanded.

Warrick rolled his eyes. "Okay, okay, whatever. Your 'relaxation technique.'"

"Right." After another moment of silence, Grissom raised his eyebrows. "Did you have an actual question?"

"Yeah. If you like to share this rollercoaster thing every nine years and thirty-four days, who'd you take with you the last time?"

The wide grin Grissom sported didn't escape him, as the senior CSI seemingly relived it.


"Gil, I could've sworn I told you I didn't want to do this," the strawberry-blonde complained as Grissom assisted her in pulling the shoulder harness over her head.

"And Catherine, I could've sworn
I told you that since you made me sit through yet another viewing of 'Pretty Woman,' that you owed me. Big time."

She rolled her eyes. "I know, but I just figured that by 'owing you,' that meant you'd be dragging me to one of your bug races. Not onto a rollercoaster."

He smiled. "Oh, there's still time for bug races, my dear. Don't worry."


Silence reigned between the pair momentarily, Grissom focusing on the crowd waiting for their departure while Catherine listened to the sounds of the technicians making sure every harness was securely fastened. "So, Gil..."


"What is it about rollercoasters that gets you so hot?"

At this, his eyes widened. "Excuse me? It's a form of relaxation."

Her plump lips spread into a grin. "Oh yeah, real relaxing being hurled down a one-hundred-plus foot drop at sixty miles an hour. Admit it, Gil... it arouses you." She leaned close to him... as close as she could, rather, with the harness... and her breath tickled his ear. "Have you ever done it on a rollercoaster?"


She blinked innocently. "It's a legitimate question."

"Don't you have a date to be getting to?"

"Maybe. If I'm up to going after all this 'relaxation.'" She stared him down. "And quit trying to change the subject. Answer the question."


"Don't be such a baby, Gil."

"I'm not. That was my answer: no. No, I have not had intercourse on a rollercoaster."

She gave a brief roll of the eyes at his rather clinical terminology, then pressed on. "Well why not? Supposedly, it's pretty thrilling. A G-force and orgasm combined? Come on, you can't tell me you haven't at least
thought about it."

Her eyes watched his sweep briefly over her body, and she hid her smile as he replied, "Maybe I have, but that doesn't mean I'd act on it."


"Knock it off, Cath."

She raised her hands in resignation, eyebrows climbing toward her scalp. "Okay, okay... fine." She then smirked to herself, a bit smugly. "I kinda figured you wouldn't be daring enough for that, anyway."

"You don't think I can be daring?"

She bestowed a wan smile upon him, blinking slowly. "Gil, darling... have you glanced in the mirror lately?"

He absently fingered the buttons of his plaid, short-sleeved button-down shirt through the harness. "Why?"

"You're a bit too straight-laced for that kind of risk-taking."

"So you don't believe I would ever do something like that? I'd never take that kind of a chance?"

She gave a facial shrug, the upper half of her body too restricted to make the accompanying shoulder motions. "Maybe... if somebody got you really drunk, but other than that? No."

She watched him frown and turn away, and she couldn't help the chuckle that escaped her lips. Before another word could be uttered by either of them, the rollercoaster jerked to life and began its slow climb up the first hill. As it made its crawling ascent, Catherine glanced at the sights below her, growing smaller and smaller by the moment. So absorbed was she in enjoying the sights, she nearly startled out of her skin when his hand found her knee.

She glanced to him questioningly, but found his eyes focused on the sights on his side of the rollercoaster... almost as if he were paying no attention to his hands. She then focused her gaze on the long fingers on her knee, jumping slightly again when they began to tickle up the inside of her thigh, left bare in her denim shorts.

They were nearly at the peak now; Catherine could see a good portion of the Strip from this vantage point. She couldn't keep her focus, however, since her attention and senses were now finely honed on that hand making its way further up the inside of her thigh... very nearly at the hem of her shorts, now. Catherine could no longer watch as his fingers soon disappeared beneath the material of her shorts, and as the rollercoaster tipped over the peak of that first hill... she cried out.

The G-force that assaulted her, coupled with the sensation of Gil's finger slipping inside her, was almost too much to bear. She let out a scream, one that luckily went unnoticed by the other passengers as they were all screaming themselves... and she tossed another glance at her companion.

His face betrayed nothing, though she noted an almost smug gleam in his eyes. What was he doing? She didn't have much more time to ponder that thought as they went over another hill, and Gil curled his fingers inside her. She screamed out once again, unabashedly. G-force... meet G-spot, she surmised as she attempted to control her breathing. Not to mention that G-man; she cut her eyes at him, noticing now the small quirk of his lips. He knew damn well what he was doing. So reverse psychology really worked. Catherine couldn't help but congratulate herself a little.

Her celebration was once again short lived as they rounded a corner, tipping to the side, and she shrieked as he uncurled his finger and inserted a second, pumping both digits inside her. Damn, did he
ever know what he was doing! She moaned, her head tipping back and eyes closing, thankful that the sound was lost amidst the commotion made by the other riders.

Up and over a short hill they went, and deeper his fingers ventured, curling and pumping and twisting -- driving her insane with desire. At the present moment, she could barely remember the fact that she was supposed to be going on a date in another hour... much less who she was actually going on the date
with. Gil's fingers were a magic eraser, wiping any memory of another guy in her life completely away.

A vertical loop was coming up, signaling the fact that they'd be nearing the end of their ride soon. As if realizing it, he increased the speed of his fingers, pumping them steadily in and out, mimicking the motion Catherine was wishing his hips were executing. While his fingers inside her was ecstasy, she needed him... all of him. "Gil..." she moaned.

"Almost there, Cath."

She wasn't quite sure whether he was referring to the ride, or enquiring about her impending orgasm. With what he was doing to her, it didn't matter anyway. As the rollercoaster car tipped upside down halfway through the loop, Gil gave one last curl of his fingers and she was gone. One final scream and she had her release, her eyes rolling back in her head at the sheer power of it.

They came through the rest of the loop and coasted back into the station, Gil's fingers inching discretely out of her shorts and back to his side before the ride came to a complete stop. The harnesses raised automatically with a slightly audible hiss, and Gil and Catherine were released from their confines. Catherine watched as he climbed out with ease, and went to push herself up... only to realize that she was beyond wobbly on her legs.

She glanced up to her partner for help and he gallantly extended a hand to assist her... but not without giving her a sly smirk first. She glared facetiously at him and grabbed the proffered hand, using it for leverage as she forced herself out of the car. Once she was back at eye level with him, she proceeded to level him with a look, and he raised his eyebrows in a gesture of innocence.

Catherine shook her head at him and they walked side-by-side in silence to the exit, heading around the casino to the faux Brooklyn Bridge. Finally, Catherine couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed a fistful of Gil's shirt in each hand and, ignoring his shocked look, she shoved him against the bridge and pressed her body to him fully, fusing their lips together.

It took Gil only a moment to catch up with what was going on before he was an active participant in the kiss, winding one arm around her waist while cupping the back of her head in his other hand. Catherine, still hungry for his touch, ground her pelvis against him, eliciting a moan from his lips.

When they pulled apart, both struggled for air, chests heaving while they stared at each other through half-lidded eyes. "Cath..." he breathed after what seemed like several minutes had passed, "I thought you had a date."

"I do," she answered breathlessly, still softly moving against him, thrilled at his eager response swelling against her leg. "But I'll be ending it as soon as possible. Will you be at home?"

Stunned and tongue-tied, he lamely stuttered, "Y-yes."

She sucked his lower lip into her mouth, stroking it with her tongue before releasing it with an audible 'smooch'. Catherine then gave him a wink. "I'll see you then."



Grissom startled at the baritone next to him, turning to find Warrick grinning at him, amusement in his eyes. "So what?"

"So who did you take with you last time, Gris? I asked you like five minutes ago, and you've been grinning like a fool ever since."

"Have I?" He absently reached up to his face, feeling for a flush. Relieved at finding none, his hand dropped back to his side.

"Yeah. So who'd you take with you?"

"Uh, Catherine."

Warrick's brows raised practically to his hairline, and he gave a slow nod. "Aaahhh...."

Grissom eyed him warily, enquiring slowly and suspiciously, "What?"

"Nothin', just... that's what the smile was about. Promise to tell me about it someday?"

His lips quirked. "Nice try."

"Oh, so it's one of THOSE kinds of stories."


Warrick couldn't wipe the shit-eating grin from his face. "Yeah, boss?"

"Shut up."

"You got it. But just one more question."

Grissom rolled his eyes, placing his hands back into his pockets while the crossed the boulevard to the Venetian. "Alright, go ahead and ask."

"Who are you taking with you in another nine years and thirty-four days?"