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09 March 2008 @ 09:30 pm
Five Times Kelly Thinks Jim and Pam Would Be Totally Cute Together [The Office; Jim/Pam]  
TITLE: Five Times Kelly Thinks Jim and Pam Would Be Totally Cute Together (Like, Omigod)
PAIRING: Jim/Pam, Ryan/Kelly(-ish)
SPOILERS: Series through "Ben Franklin" (3x15)


01. So okay, I know that when I'm at work I'm supposed to focus on work (even though that's so boring), but sometimes I can't help watching everybody else and how they interact. And you know what I noticed today? Jim and Pam might be really totally cute together, like as a couple.

Today we were all in the break room having lunch: me, Phyllis, Jim, and Pam. Jim was having what he always has, a ham and cheese sandwich (doesn't he ever get tired of those?) and some Chex Mix. Pam was having some yogurt and a salad (I think because she thinks she's fat, but whatever she's so totally pretty).

While Phyllis and Pam were talking about something, I saw Jim picking through his Chex Mix and taking out the little bagel chips. Without looking away from Phyllis, Pam held out her hand and Jim started putting the bagel chips in it. It was so cute. Like, they were this old married couple. I mean Pam put her hand out without even seeing what Jim was actually doing. It was like she knew he was taking out the bagel chips for her.

It's kinda too bad Pam's engaged to Roy, because her and Jim would be really cute together.


02. So omigod, the Dundies are so the worst thing ever. It's like going to the doctor with your friend when she thinks she's pregnant. Like, you know you don't really need to be there because hi, you weren't the one that got drunk and acted kinda slutty with a guy you barely knew, but... you know it's like really important to your friend so you sit there in the waiting room, wasting your whole day only to find out that she's not pregnant and doesn't even have an STD and so it totally wasn't even worth it to go. I hate it when my friends do that.

But anyway, that's what the Dundies are like. They're such a waste of time. But I go every year because hi, it's still free alcohol. Plus that new temp guy is kinda cute. Michael was being a dork like usual, but what else is new there?

The new thing? Pam got totally, totally wasted. Like, 3 margaritas and a beer kind of wasted. She won a Dundie and her speech was so hilarious about her white shoes. I love that girl, she's so cute. Then, when she got done, she gave Michael a kiss on the cheek. Then she ran up to Jim, threw her arms around him, and get this: she KISSED him.

It was so awesome. And I totally don't blame her. Jim's so cute. But... she just, like... kissed him. Right on the lips! Like it was nothing out of the ordinary. And then she sat down and continued on like her kissing Jim is just something that happens every day. And Jim got all cute and flustered.

I know she's engaged to that Roy guy, but come on. Her and Jim might just be the cutest thing ever.


03. Omigod, Jim has a crush on Pam! I can't believe he never even told me! We're such good friends and he didn't even mention that he's head-over-heels for Pam. I can't even believe it. I should've guessed, though. Because he only gets up to go to reception like eighty trillion times a day. And I know it's not just for the M&Ms. I think I've even seen him go up to reception, get some M&Ms, and then throw them out when he gets back to his desk.

He's got a crush on her! That's sooooo cute. I hope he tells her. I mean, I know she's engaged, but come on. She's around Jim way more often than she's around her fiance. Her fiance's kind of a jerk sometimes anyway, from what I can tell. He's cute, but he's such a... guy. I kinda think Pam would be way cuter with someone like Jim.

Not that Jim's not a guy, because he totally is. He's a hot, hot guy. But Jim's like... sweet. And he seems like he'd be kinda sensitive. Like maybe he'd write you a cute poem or something that doesn't even make a whole lot of sense at all (I so don't get poetry) but you love it because he wrote it for you.

I wish a guy would write me a poem. Especially that cute temp guy, Ryan. He's so adorable. All that dark hair and those eyes, and he always looks so good in his suits....

What was I talking about?


04. This Casino Night thing is off the hook. Ryan looks gorgeous in his suit, and I picked out the cutest dress to wear. I did my hair all super cute too. Ryan totally can't take his eyes off me. I should probably find out where he is, though. He went to get us drinks awhile ago. I hope Michael's not hitting on him at the bar or anything, because seriously. Michael's got two dates tonight. He can keep his hands off of mine.

Jim and Pam are playing poker right now, with Kevin. I can see them across the room. Pam's dress is so pretty! And she did her hair all cute, too. Not as cute as mine, but it looks nice. And Jim looks adorable, but what else is new?

They're grinning at each other really big and it looks like Pam just totally kicked his ass at poker. She's taking all of his chips and giving him this super huge smile, and Jim's giving one right back to her. I don't care what Jim says. He totally still has a crush on her. And they're so, so cute together.

I just feel bad that she's still engaged to Roy, because what's gonna happen to Jim when she gets married? He's going to be just heartbroken.

Maybe he'll develop a crush on me, then. I think I'd be okay with that. But I'm still gonna date Ryan.


05. I know that Ryan thinks that stripper is hot, even though he won't say it. I mean, I think she's hot. And I'm a girl. There's no way Ryan doesn't think she's hot. It's kinda weird that she looks like Jan. Maybe that's why Michael was running around here earlier, freaking out. But what was that stuff about Tide detergent? He's such a weirdo sometimes.

So I mentioned to the guys that Pam was totally flirting with our Ben Franklin stripper guy (was he even a stripper? Because number one, that's so weird, and number two? He didn't even strip. What a rip-off), and Jim started teasing her. It was so fun to watch. Kinda like old times when Pam was engaged and they'd flirt like crazy with each other. Only this time, it was just a little bit... like, awkward or something. I couldn't take my eyes away from it.

Jim said something about picking the right guy, and Pam kinda looked away. Does she have a crush on him now? Because that'd be way too adorable. Is that like... role-playing? No, that's not it. Role-playing is what Ryan and I do sometimes, which is so super fun. Role-reversal. That's the word I was looking for. Now Pam's the one pining after Jim and Jim's the one in a relationship.

Except, I think he still kinda likes her. Because after he was teasing her about Ben Franklin, Pam made this comment about how she really needed a boyfriend, and Jim got this look on his face. I can't even describe it, but it was like the best look ever. Like kinda sad and a little bit surprised. Yeah, he definitely still likes her. I couldn't stop grinning.

They're just so cute together. When are they ever gonna figure it out? It's kinda like Meredith and McDreamy. Or Ross and Rachel. Or Dawson and Joey.

Or Justin and Britney.

I hope they figure it out soon. If not, maybe I can get Ryan to help me set them up with each other. Then that'd just be so awesome.

Now if only I could set up Justin and Britney, my life would be complete. Or if I could marry Ryan. That'd be pretty cool too.