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03 September 2007 @ 10:56 pm
The Five Holidays To Show You Care [The OC; Ryan/Kirsten]  
TITLE: The Five Holidays To Show You Care
PART 1/5: Halloween
PAIRING: Ryan/Kirsten
SPOILERS: Season three and four


01. Ryan leafed through the mail as he made his way up the driveway toward the Cohen manor, marveling how none of them seemed to stop to get the mail anymore. His arms were practically overflowing. He carried the mail into the kitchen and set it down on the island, grabbing a bottle of Fiji water from the fridge and cracking it open before he went back to his task.

"Well good afternoon," came a jovial baritone from the entryway, and soon Sandy was making his way into the kitchen. "Mail call?"

"Yeah," Ryan chuckled. "How long has it been since you guys have gotten the mail? Like a year?"

Sandy shrugged, and turned his attention to the front door as he heard it crack open. When Ryan saw the broad smile spread across Sandy's face, he knew instantly who had just come through the door. "There's my angel!" Sandy called.

Sure enough, when Ryan turned around he saw Kirsten coming toward them, decked out in a full angel costume. His brows flicked upward and he muttered to himself, "Fitting."

"Huh?" Sandy asked, eyes still on Kirsten.

Ryan shook his head, clearing his throat. "Nothing."

It really was a fitting costume for Kirsten, his own personal angel, the one person that saved him from a living hell. Most assumed Sandy was the one that was his true rescuer -- he was the one that brought him home from juvy. Sandy was the king of the Cohen kingdom. Or so people were led to believe.

In truth, Sandy was the jester, jokingly donning a king's crown. Kirsten wielded all the power behind the throne, the reigning queen. She was the one that made the decision to let Ryan stay. She was the one that made the final rescue from juvy. She was the one he owed everything to. So in Ryan's mind, the angel costume was perfectly fitting.

"Well look at you!" Sandy kissed his wife's cheek and Ryan ducked his head, feigning interest in the mail though he was listening avidly, selfishly hoping that they'd get into a spat. Not that he thrived on a constantly-in-conflict household, but... his alone-time with Kirsten always increased five-fold whenever she and Sandy were fighting. "How angelic of you. And your partner-in-crime dressed up too, I take it?"

Ryan glimpsed up to see Kirsten nodding. "Mm-hmm. Julie dressed up as..." She smirked. "A horny devil."

Sandy barked a laugh and Ryan chuckled under his breath. Also fitting, he thought. When he looked up at Kirsten again, it was to see her smiling brilliantly at him. Perhaps Ryan was a little biased, or seeing things through his infatuation-goggles, but... Kirsten only smiled a thousand watts when it was directed at him.

She squeezed his arm -- his bicep, to be exact. She'd been doing a lot of that lately. "Hey, Sweetie!"

He smiled back, unable to help himself. Kirsten was the only one that could drag out a true smile. "Hi. Nice costume."

She giggled, and Ryan was only vaguely aware that Sandy was watching them interact, as he so often did, latent jealousy lacing his eyes. "Thank you! I'm so ready to get out of this, though."

Ryan glanced quickly down at the mail again and began to shuffle through it as images flitted through his head of just how he could help her with that predicament. She was wearing a long white gown, empire-waisted, and the skirt was some sort of pleated, accordian-type texture. Ryan didn't know how else to describe it, and he knew Summer and Marissa would kick his ass if he ever tried to describe it like that. Gold piping criss-crossed the front of the dress, along the V-neck and around the empire waist, and the sleeves were long and flared out. And atop her gold-plated headband sat a sparkly gold halo. Wings completed the ensemble, faux-feather and perfectly suited for her size. As usual, she was flawless.

"I'm sorry to cut this short," Sandy apologized, drawing Ryan from his thoughts, "But I've gotta get to work."

"Now, Sandy?" Exasperation laced her tone, and Ryan wanted to pump his fist in the air excitedly. Here came the spat...

"I'm sorry, Kirsten, but Matt and I are talking about possibly designing a new hospital. We've gotta go over the basics."

"Alright, fine." Kirsten relented, but she didn't sound happy. Ryan wondered if Sandy was as clued in to her inflections as he was.

Apparently not. He kissed her cheek and patted her shoulder, ran a finger across her wings as he apologized again and promised he wouldn't be home late. That was when Seth chose to make an entrance, dressed like a hobo, holding his arms out. "Ryan! What's up, man, I thought you were coming with us to this party that Newport Union kid is having."

Ryan sighed. Marissa's new friend Johnny was throwing some sort of Halloween party, and Marissa had excitedly suggested that they go as something matching. The first suggestion had been Raggedy Ann and Andy, to which Ryan had given a vehement no. Then Dorothy and the Scarecrow had been her next suggestion, which was equally as unappealing. After the third or fourth suggestion, and third or fourth negative response from Ryan, Marissa had gotten ticked and told him in a huff that he could go as whatever he wanted.

"I'll be along later," Ryan told his friend. "I've got some stuff I need to finish up around here first."

"Alright, cool." Seth turned to his father. "Happy Halloween, Pops. What are you supposed to be?"

"I'm your father," Sandy deadpanned.

Seth screamed in mock horror, trembling fingers flying up to cover his face. When Sandy just rolled his eyes and patted his son's arm, brushing past him, Seth chuckled and called goodbye to him. Then, he waved goodbye to Kirsten and Ryan and headed for the door as well.

Kirsten smiled at Ryan and patted his shoulder again, leaning in to peck his cheek. "I'm going to go change," she told him, and sashayed off toward the master bedroom before he could even respond.

When she was out of sight, Ryan touched his cheek where her lips had landed. She'd been doing that a lot more now, too -- kissing him innocently. Since her return from Suriak, she'd been much more affectionate in general, always squeezing his arm, or touching his back as she brushed past him, hugging him constantly and kissing his cheek in a greeting. Which, Ryan suspected, was precisely why Sandy watched them like a hawk anytime they interacted.

Not that Sandy hadn't ever watched them like that. It seemed since the beginning, Sandy had been well aware of the obvious chemistry between Ryan and Kirsten, leading him to hover around them as if they'd jump on each other the second they were alone together.

Which wasn't necessarily true. Ryan respected Kirsten far too much to make any kind of an advance, whether things between her and Sandy were rocky or not. And Kirsten... he wasn't sure Kirsten was bold enough to ever make any kind of a 'first move.' Besides, no matter how things got with Sandy, she still seemed completely devoted to him.

He looked up when Kirsten returned, smiling back when she beamed at him. She was in striped flannel pajama pants now and a tanktop beneath a light cotton robe, untied. Ryan couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of fuzzy slippers on her feet, and she laughed back. "What? I'm planning on relaxing for the rest of the night." She held up what was in her hands -- DVDs -- and slapped them into his upturned palm as she brushed past. "Hang on to those, will you?" She bestowed another kiss upon his cheek, and her hand lingered on his shoulder as she went into the refrigerator.

Ryan smiled at her without her seeing, and then turned his eyes to the DVDs, raising his eyebrows. "The Exorcist? Nightmare on Elm Street? Halloween?" He looked up at her and made a face. "Scream, Kirsten? Come on."

"What?" she laughed. "It's Halloween! And I've got nowhere to go. It's only fitting I turn it into a scary-movie marathon."

"And you really think you'll be able to sit through these movies all by yourself?" He dropped his voice, going for an ominous tone. "All alone in this big house, all the lights turned down... windows everywhere?" He grabbed her side suddenly and laughed when she squealed and batted at him.

This had been happening more frequently since her return, too. Intense flirting sessions that would inevitably leave Ryan flustered and frustrated. Because amidst these flirting sessions, Kirsten would grab his hand, grab his arm, find any excuse to touch him or hug him, and it drove him nuts in the best of ways. She treated him like a young woman might treat a boyfriend... minus the kissing and physical intimacy. Ryan figured if this continued on much longer, the kissing and physical intimacy wouldn't be that far off.

Still, he couldn't stop himself. He was always naturally drawn to Kirsten. And when she gave him a flirtatious smile, it made his heart soar, and his adrenaline, taking away all his common sense. Flirting with her was now as natural as breathing. Luckily, he could keep it in check when Sandy and Seth were around -- as could she.

Also just as luckily, he didn't have to keep it in check without them around watching. Neither did she. Which was precisely why she was still batting at his arm, chastising him for trying to scare her, while his arm somehow wound up around her waist, almost holding her against him as he continued to inspect the DVD covers.

"So seriously. You really think you're gonna survive these all alone?"

"Well..." Kirsten tilted her head and gently extracted herself from his embrace, sliding her hand down his arm. She held on to his hand and swung them in the air lightly. "I could try. I mean, it would be nice to have some company, but you know if you've got plans..."

Ryan smiled and searched her eyes. She may as well have batted her eyelashes at him for how suggestive that remark was. She had trailed off at the end, vocal inflection going upward almost in question. He felt his phone buzzing in his pocket and knew it was either Summer or Marissa wanting to know when he was coming. So, he shook his head and told Kirsten, "No, I don't have any plans."

So he went to the poolhouse to change into sweats and a tee shirt, turning off his phone in the process and leaving it on his bed. When he returned, the lights were dimmed in the kitchen and turned completely off in the livingroom as the television showed the menu screen for Halloween, the eerie piano music playing over the surround-sound system. Kirsten turned over her shoulder and smiled at him from the microwave, where she was drumming her fingernails on the countertop and waiting for the popcorn to be finished. Ryan chuckled at her briefly and went to the couch, plopping down on one end.

His eyes followed Kirsten as she walked in front of him, already sneaking pieces of popcorn from the bowl. When she plopped down directly beside him, her shoulder connecting with his, Ryan supposed he should've been surprised. No, what surprised him was Kirsten setting the bowl of popcorn in his lap and giving him a coy smile as she reached over and snuck a few more pieces. Ryan smirked in return -- God he loved flirting with her so openly -- and draped his arm across the back of the couch.

A half hour into the movie, the popcorn bowl was set aside on the table next to his end of the couch, and Kirsten was leaning against him, her legs tucked up beside her. Ryan kept his eyes on the movie as Michael Myers claimed another victim, though inwardly he was wondering what would happen if his arm ended up around her shoulders. It didn't take much more wondering on his part though, when Kirsten flinched at a scary part and curled into him, reaching up and yanking his arm down around her. She clutched his hand and leaned her head against him, hiding her eyes.

Ryan smiled and craned his neck down to look at her, leaning his head on hers ever-so-briefly. "It's almost over."

"Good," she sighed. "God, I can't even imagine having to deal with something like that in real life."

"Being stalked by a psycho while you're babysitting?" he teased.

Kirsten remained snuggled against him, her head shaking against his chest. "Just being stalked like that in general. I can't even imagine."

"Well, I don't think you'll ever have to worry about that. You're in a gated community, first of all. I don't think it could get much more secure than that."

"You're probably right."

"Plus..." He released her hand to wrap his arm around her shoulders, squeezing her to him briefly and leaning his lips on her head as he vowed softly, "I love you too much to let anything happen to you." He felt Kirsten stiffen against him for just a moment before her head lifted off his chest. He tipped his chin down accordingly to meet her eyes.

She searched them back and forth. "Really?" She sounded astonished, as if he'd never said that to her before.

And then it dawned on Ryan -- the only time he'd ever said it to her was when they were desperately trying to get her some help for her alcohol addiction. Perhaps she didn't remember. So, he nodded. "Of course."

Kirsten searched him a moment longer before she slowly smiled, laying her head on his chest again and snuggling into him.

Ryan just barely heard her soft, "I love you, too," before they laid back on the couch together to finish the movies.

TBC IN PART 2/5: Christmas

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thekiller00thekiller00 on September 4th, 2007 04:52 am (UTC)
That was a great post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really like the beginning of this five things series !!!!!!!!!!!! They reminded me of a young couple watching scary movies together !!!!

I do have one question though. What happened to another Ryan and Kirsten fic of yours, I can't remember the name. But the last post I remember was Sandy showing up late or not at all to some party that was on a yatch, Ryan and Kirsten were dancing alone and about the kiss when Julie walked up to them and pulled Kirsten away, saying she had to talk to her.
a.: MM; and you smile;regalish on September 4th, 2007 05:00 am (UTC)
Re: That was a great post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it :D That is exactly the ambiance I was going for -- the young couple watching scary movies, hehe.

As for the other fic you mentioned, that was my last '5 Things' venture, "The Span of a Week" -- five events in the span of a week that lead Ryan & Kirsten to kiss?

That yacht thing you're remembering was in the fourth part, so you've still got one to go! Hehehe. It's right here.
thekiller00thekiller00 on September 4th, 2007 05:01 am (UTC)
Re: That was a great post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks ! Once I saw the name, everything came back to me !
a.regalish on September 4th, 2007 05:10 am (UTC)
Re: That was a great post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heee! Glad I could help ;)
login_failedlogin_failed on September 4th, 2007 01:16 pm (UTC)
I was waiting to see what you would do with the ideas, and I'm impressed.
Sandy the jester had me rolling on the floor, as did the idea of Julie the horny devil. I also enjoyed the implied reference of Sandy's subtle jealousy.
I also liked how you expanded on the post-Suriak Kirsten, how she reaches out more on an emotional level. Though it seems that only Ryan accepts that, while Sandy/Seth maintain their childish, selfish me me me behavior. I also very much enjoy flirty-Kirsten. I can easily picture a mischevious grin on her face. The horror movies where a very nice touch, bringing the two of them together in an easy, fluffy manner. Excellent work!
So now I wait like a young child for Christmas!
a.: R/K; it's like you're a drug;regalish on September 5th, 2007 05:56 am (UTC)
Yay, I'm so glad you like what I've come up with! I was trying to figure out a way to combine both yours & thekiller00's suggestions. The five things fics are quite addictive :D

And I really did see post-Suriak Kirsten reaching out more emotionally on the show; however I mostly saw it with Ryan. Seth of course is Seth, and doesn't pay much attention to stuff that's not... Seth (or Summer), and Sandy was turning into a douchebag at that point. Ryan was all Kirsten had.

The Kirsten-wielding-all-the-power-behind-the-throne was touched on by another author as well, I think. I always found that notion so compelling. Sandy could easily have been perceived as the "hero" because he originally brought Ryan to Newport. In reality, Kirsten the Queen DID hold all the power. She was the one that insisted Sandy take Ryan back. She was the one that finally rescued him from his incarceration. And Ryan was the rescuer that saved her from a lifetime of iciness. Yet another reason to love them so much and why their story will forever be epic. They are truly a contemporary version of Lancelot & Guinevere.

Christmas is up next!! :D
pipetgirl2: Ryan-Kristenpipetgirl2 on September 6th, 2007 11:39 pm (UTC)
Sorry that it has taken me so long to comment but RL has been getting in the way.

This is so true..."She was the one that made the decision to let Ryan stay. She was the one that made the final rescue from juvy." I had always thought that this was the case and it was only touched upon in passing on the show. But Kristen was the one who made the final decision to let Ryan stay.

Now, off to read the next part, yay!

a.: R/K; you know you are so good for me;regalish on September 8th, 2007 01:56 am (UTC)
Hiya! No worries about the comments :D I'm just glad to hear you're enjoying it!

And I've always seen Kirsten that way -- as the queen, the real ruler of the throne. Ryan leaving/staying was all up to her in the beginning. Until she got attached to him, of course ;D
(Anonymous) on September 21st, 2007 06:54 pm (UTC)
awesome new fic!
julie?a horny devil..totally!
kirsten,of course would be a very good angel..i mean she already looks like one!
omg..have u ver seen the movie scream?it is awesome!i actually watched all the 3 last year in halloween and it was freakin scary!LOL!
ok..im about to read the next chap of this so..

a.: K; you're the answer to my prayerregalish on September 22nd, 2007 04:30 am (UTC)
Re: WOW!
Hehehe, why thank you! I think you might be one of the only ones to catch the "horny devil" thing, LOL. Oh, Julie.

And Kirsten does look very angelic. I had a very easy time thinking up her costume :D

Yep, I've seen Scream hundreds of times. To be honest, it was the first scary movie I'd ever seen -- saw it just after it came out on video, back when I was 12. Scared the hell out of me, LOL. The sequels were pretty good, but not as good as the first one :D
(Anonymous) on September 22nd, 2007 06:02 pm (UTC)
Re: WOW!
SCREAM is like freakin scary..it really make u scream..i also like it cuz im a big fan of courteney cox who plays gale weathers!

how old are ya?
Yu: And All the Fangirls Diedshikabane_mai on February 23rd, 2008 04:28 am (UTC)
Oh my gosh, that is so f*cking cute. I loved the fluff, and I loved when he said, "I love you too much to let something happen to you." :) Too bad he's only said that he loves her once on the show...
a.: huddy; destiny or chemicalsregalish on March 2nd, 2008 07:28 am (UTC)
Heeee, thanks so much! I'm a sucker for some Rysten fluff.

And I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. It kills me that they've only said the L word to each other once on the show. Although I DO take great fangirl joy in knowing that she's the only one where the "I love you" was effortless. He struggled with everyone else. :D :D :D