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30 July 2010 @ 11:19 pm
Impulse [BtVS; Giles/Jenny]  
TITLE: Impulse
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: Giles/Jenny
SPOILERS: None; AU story
SUMMARY: Giles, inadvertently locked in while working late, encounters the school's new computer science teacher.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: If you came looking for plot, you might wanna look elsewhere. ;)


Giles took a sip of his now-cold tea, grimacing at the aftertaste before nudging the cup aside. With a sigh, he propped his head up with his fist to his temple, blinking rapidly as he tried to focus on the fastly-blurring words in front of him.

Buffy had barely arrived in Sunnydale and already she was giving him a run for his money. He wasn't sure why he had been hoping for a relatively low-key slayer. Those didn't really exist, after all. All the trouble she'd been getting into recently had been keeping him up at night, concerned over her well-being as both the Slayer and as a child. He couldn't even fathom the worry that came along with being a parent. Before her arrival, he had spent his evenings quite awake doing research on the Hellmouth and various aspects of the occult. Now, with all of this training and running amok trying to keep the young blonde in line, Giles was lucky if he could focus on his research for a half hour.

Setting the book aside, he huffed and stood to stretch his tired muscles, contemplating heading to the locker rooms for a quick shower. Perhaps it would be just the thing to rejuvenate him. Ultimately deciding to call it a night, he gathered his things and prepared to go home. When he reached the doors and found the impenetrable locks firmly in place, he sighed through grit teeth. "Wonderful," he muttered.

His head snapped up when he heard a noise not far in the distance. He stood perfectly still, holding his breath and allowing his senses to hone in on the source of the noise. There it was again, an awful slamming sound. Heading quickly back to the library, he grabbed his crossbow from the weapons cage and then ventured back out into the hall.

He followed the noise down the halls, toward the science wing of the school. Another slamming sound, this one near one of the other doors, and Giles pressed himself back against the wall. Then there was a series of clicks on tile -- someone walking -- and he listened as the footsteps neared, while carefully loading a bolt into the crossbow. His eyes fell to the floor, watching the elongated shadow there shorten; whoever was approaching was getting closer. He heard soft breaths and silently prepared himself. Then, when the figure rounded the corner, he struck, jumping out with a rather grandiose "A-HA!" and aiming the crossbow right between the intruder's eyes.

A pair of warm brown eyes stared back at him, widening for a split-second before relaxing. The petite brunette in front of him tilted her head. "Great," she huffed, "A janitor with a hero complex."

Giles frowned in confusion, "What?" and lowered his crossbow, though only slightly. Something about the way this woman seemed nonplussed by his display had his hackles up. "And what d'you mean, 'janitor?'" He tugged on his suit with his free hand, and jerked his chin haughtily. "How many janitors do you know of that wear suits to the office?"

"Alright fine, so maybe you're the janitor's manager. Still, what's with the medieval get-up?" She wrinkled her nose at the crossbow before shrugging facially and nodding in approval. "Nice weapon, by the way."

She reached out and ran her fingers along the bolt, still loaded into the crossbow, before Giles yanked it away from her, settling it at his side. He flicked his eyes over her, assessing the threat level she presented. She certainly wasn't afraid of him, nor was she afraid of the crossbow. Pair that with her choice of attire -- black sweater, black leather jacket, short skirt and tall boots -- and he wasn't entirely certain that she wasn't a creature from the Hellmouth. "Are you a vampire?"

She narrowed her eyes at him and folded her arms across her chest. "Are you?"

"What? Of course not!" he spat back indignantly, slightly annoyed by her now.

She just shrugged nonchalantly. "Then I'm probably not, either."

Giles studied her a moment longer, then tried again. "Are you a witch?"

She raised her eyebrows now. "Are you for real?"

"Stop answering all my questions with questions!"

"Well hey, mister, you're the one who jumped me with a big-ass crossbow. If anyone should be asking questions, I'm pretty sure it's me."

"Fine, here, I'll unload it."

Her brows flicked upward again, and she sunk into one hip, arms still folded. "Yeah, because that clears things up." Watching him put the bolt away, she sighed. "So what are you doing here, England?"

"England?" He made a face at her.

"Yeah." She shrugged. "I just guessed, by your accent, that that's your home-land." After a beat, she added, "My second guess was the Renaissance Faire."

He glared. "I'm from London, thank you very much."

"You're welcome very much. So seriously, what are you doing here? Do you work here, or something?"

"Yes. I'm the librarian." He wasn't entirely certain why he was so easily offering up information about himself. "Are you a student?"

At that, she grinned. "Oooh. Keep that up, I might think you're flirting with me." Off his frighteningly-blank look, she went on. "I'm the new computer science teacher." And she stuck out her hand. "Jenny Calendar."

"R-Rupert Giles." He took her hand, shaking it gently. There was something about this woman still setting him on edge and twisting his stomach into knots.

"Nice to meet you." She smiled at him warmly, and Giles felt disconcertingly nervous all of a sudden.

He pulled his hand away, ignoring the odd look he got in response. "Um, pleasure."

"So you're working late too, I take it?" She eyed the crossbow again. "Or maybe doing some target practice?"

"I-I um, was just researching, yes. Ran a little late."

"Uh-huh. And, if you don't mind my asking, where exactly does the crossbow fit into all this?"

"It, um, it doesn't. Y'know, I really should be going." He spun on his heel to head for the library, and supposed he should have been surprised when she followed. Oddly, he wasn't -- she just seemed the type.

"Whoa, hey!" He listened to her hurried footsteps trying to catch up with his long strides. "Short little legs here, hold up."

He spun to face her and forced himself not to throw a glance at the aforementioned legs. "Yes?"

She made a face, somewhere between confusion and a grin. "Did I say something wrong?"

"No, nothing. I just really should be going. It's getting very late."

"Yeah it is, but I dunno if you've noticed -- we're kinda locked in."

And then he remembered his failed attempt at leaving before he'd heard her making noise. "Ah. Right."

"Sooo..." she shrugged. "Wanna chat?"

He blinked. "Not particularly."

She tried again. "Hang out silently?"

"No thank you."

"Find something to fight about loudly?"

He frowned. "What?"

She shrugged. "Was the only other thing I could think of."

"How about going our separate ways and waiting patiently until we can leave?"

Wrinkling her nose, she shook her head. "Nah, that's no fun. Come on!" She skipped lightly for a moment, looping her hand into the crook of his elbow. "Let's go find something to do in the library. Maybe you can teach me how to shoot that nifty crossbow."

As he went along with her, Giles discreetly rolled his eyes toward the ceiling, almost wishing he were dealing with a Hellmouth demon right now. Somehow, he knew that would be much easier.


"Wow. These are all yours?"

He watched as Jenny glanced with wide eyes at the array of weapons behind the cage. "Yes. I-I'm a... bit of a collector, I suppose you could say," he fibbed.

"Wow. I gotta be honest with ya here, England... these big, dangerous weapons? Total chick magnets."

Giles couldn't help but chuckle. "Yes, well... I have to disagree with you there. Otherwise you would've had to fight your way through throngs of female admirers to get to the cage. Most women don't pay much attention to such things." Quietly, to himself, he added, "Or to me."

"Yeah, well, here's the inside scoop about me:" and she glanced over at him with a mischievous grin, "I'm not like most women."

"So I see."

His eyes flicked over her again as she stepped into the still-open cage, straightening up when he watched her reach for one of his swords. She turned it over in her hand, studying it, before she glanced up with a smirk. "Wanna fight?"

"B-beg pardon?"

A musical giggle reached his ears then. "Y'know, a good old-fashioned duel?" One eyebrow quirked as she told him, "I bet I could have you on your back faster than you could blink."

And Giles quickly spluttered on the cold tea he'd been sipping. Recovering quickly, he joined her in the weapons cage and gently extracted the sword from her hands, hanging it up once more. "Um, p-perhaps another time."

"Kill-joy," she smirked, and followed him to the table near the mezzanine, hopping up on the surface beside where he'd sat down. "So what should we do to pass the time?"

Giles' eyes searched the air in front of him as if searching for the most appropriate answer, while his mind conjured rather inappropriate scenarios for some odd reason. "Um... I-I don't know."

"Well, you didn't wanna talk and you obviously don't want to hang out silently or sword-fight, so that doesn't leave us a whole lotta options here, England." After a rather lengthy pause in which he felt her eyes on him, she spoke again, voice soft though the words themselves seemed loud as ever: "Wanna make out?"

His head snapped to look at her, and he was certain his eyes had gone buggy. "What?!"

She shrugged. "Just came to me."

"Surely you can't be serious."

"Why not? You're cute, I'm cute-"

"We've barely exchanged names, n-not even a half hour ago, and--" When he heard her giggle, he glanced up again.

Her nose crinkled as she laughed, dark eyes practically sparkling in the low light of the library, and Giles felt his stomach tighten again, for reasons not-so-unknown but just as troubling. Jenny reached down and covered his hand with hers. "Relax, Rupert, I was just teasing you."

"Oh." He felt his shoulders relax slightly at that, and he looked down to watch her fingers slide from his, slowly.

"Wasn't kidding about you being cute, though," she casually amended, and hopped off the table, sauntering over to the stairs.

His eyes followed her as she headed up to the mezzanine, disappearing behind the stacks, and without thought, his feet gave chase. "Um, w-where are you going?" This woman was doing strange things to him, to his disposition and his stomach, and part of him liked it. She was a mysterious, alluring yet slightly-infuriating creature, and for some reason he was anxious to know more about her. So he willingly followed her into the stacks, watching as she ran her fingertips along the rows of books, smiling at some of the titles and furrowing her brow at others. "Quite the collection you've got here," she murmured. "Lots of stuff on the occult."

Giles froze, mind running over various excuses he could supply for why he had such texts in his possession. "Y-yes, um... you see, I--"

"I have a few of these, myself. This demonology glossary is really thorough, I like it. How about you?"

He froze again. "Y-you... know about the occult?" And suddenly his hackles went up again. "Who are you?"

Her eyebrows lifted for a moment, and she replied slowly, almost questioningly, "Ummm... Jenny Calendar, computer science teacher?" Then, she tilted her head and gave him a sympathetic look. "Aww bummer, do you have short-term memory loss?"

"What? No!"

"Oh!" She exhaled a smile. "Good. Although I gotta say, I was excited for a second that I might have gotten to reuse that makeout joke on you."

He rolled his eyes. "I do not have short-term memory loss. It's just that, well... knowledge of the occult isn't necessarily within a computer teacher's purview."

Arching one perfectly-sculpted brow, she replied effortlessly, "Not exactly in a librarian's, either. So what gives?"

"I asked you first."

She grinned. "Wow. I might have to sit down -- all of that maturity you just exuded was pretty sexy. I think I'm weak in the knees."

He sighed. "Will you please just answer my question?"

"Sure." She shrugged. "I'm a techno-pagan." Off his look, she smiled. "There are more of us out there than you'd think. Now..." Folding her arms, she fixed him with a penetrating stare. "Your turn. 'Fess up."

Giles tweaked out a small smile. "I-I'm afraid my response is... a bit more involved than we have time for, this evening."

But she wasn't about to let him off that easy, it seemed. "Not sure if you know this, but the overnight janitors don't show until somewhere around midnight, so... we've got some time."

He studied her, face partially-shadowed from the tall shelves. "I'm... not sure I can trust you," he told her honestly.

She just narrowed her eyes at him again, contemplating him. "You don't work for the FBI's X-Files unit, do you?"

"The what?"

She sighed. "Nevermind."


An hour later, they were back at the table near the mezzanine, Jenny perched on the tabletop with a book in her lap while Giles sat beside her, sipping his once-again-warm tea and trying to ignore the way her thigh would occasionally brush his upper arm when she'd shift.

"Still not gonna tell me?" she questioned, lips pursed and eyes never moving from the page in front of her.


"I'll pry it outta you before the night is through," she warned.

Giles just smirked into his cup, quipping back, "I admire your confidence," and ignoring her facetious glare.

Another few moments of silence ticked by; Giles paged through a text on the vampiric crusades while Jenny continued to skim the demonology glossary in her lap, one leg swinging and boot knocking into his shin every now and then. He jolted upright in his seat every time, ignoring her almost-smug smirk.

"How about now?"


"Y'know, you're making this whole thing seem more damning by not telling me," she sighed, tilting her head at him.

"It's a matter of protection."

"Protecting me, or protecting you?" she queried, lifting a brow.

"Protecting everyone in the city, really, so let's just drop it."

"Alright..." she murmured, adding under breath, "Bruce Wayne."

He glared at her. Then, finding her eyes focused back on the book, he allowed his own eyes a moment to wander, while he contemplated her. There was some sort of dangerous power to this woman, one that he couldn't put his finger on. Her knowledge of the occult had him thrown somewhat.

She exhaled softly through her nose as she shifted position again, uncrossing her legs before crossing the opposite way. Her boot slid against his knee in the process, the toe hooking just barely underneath, and he straightened in his seat slightly, glancing up to catch the upward lift of her lips. That damned woman was toying with him again.

"Sorry to say, England, but the skirt's not gonna fall off if you stare hard enough."

Quickly, he cleared his throat and turned his attention back to his book. "I couldn't possibly begin to guess what you're talking about."

He practically heard the smirk in her voice. "Sure, okay," before the library was shrouded in silence once again.

He listened to the soft thump of her boot hitting the leg of his chair as that one leg continued its incessant kicking, and after a moment, he sighed frustratedly through grit teeth. "Must you do that?!"

He glanced up, watching the slow smirk spreading across her full lips as she closed her book and set it aside. "You're pretty straight-laced, aren'tcha?"

"Excuse me?"

"Tightly-wound? Kind of a fuddy-duddy?" Her hands curled around the edge of the table as she leaned over slightly.

"Hardly," he huffed, eying her new position almost warily. She was almost uncomfortably close, and... how had he not noticed her slow invasion of his personal space? He was normally one to keep a good distance from others. Again, it got his hackles up. What on Earth was it about this woman that set him on edge -- made him feel as though he could jump out of his skin at any given moment?

"Not saying it's a bad thing, Rupert, just... maybe you should try to loosen up sometime."

"Really, and how do you propose I go about doing that." He really should not have asked, he quickly realized when he saw her expression.

"Well..." Her eyes made a slow path over him, and he shifted in his seat under her burning stare. "Maybe lose the tweed for starters. I mean, it seems like you've got a decent bod under the suits. Sweaters would probably work for you."

He just blinked, uncertain of how to take that. "Really. Changing my wardrobe is the way loosen up."

"Oh there are all kinds of ways, England." Her voice dipped to a dangerous low, an almost dusky tone that did some rather alarming things to both his heart and his pulse.

He swallowed. "Anything else?"

"Yeah. Making out with a practical stranger could do wonders."

At that, he rolled his eyes, "Very funny," and moved to get up.

The feel of her grabbing his tie stopped him cold.

Her eyes burned into his. "I'm serious."

The feel of his tie tightening against the back of his neck as she tugged on it made his heart jump, but outwardly he kept calm, trying to figure out what her game was this time. "You're not going to fool me so easily this time."

"Who said I was trying to fool you?"

He eyed her. "Alright, maybe not fooling. But you're certainly bluffing."

She merely cocked her head and gave him a little smile. "Am I." It was neither a question nor really a statement, and Giles felt as though he was stuck in place. "You're cute. I'm cute. You can't seem to take your eyes off my legs. And, I've kinda been attracted to you since you pointed that big dangerous weapon at me."

Aha, so she was a thrill-seeker. That must be what this was about. "So?"

"Sooo..." Her eyes watched her fingers as they continued to play with his tie, and Giles swallowed as discreetly as he could. For some reason, he was starting to think she wasn't bluffing. "We've still got quite a bit of time until the janitors show up to let us outta here, and to be honest, I'm getting kinda bored with reading."

Giles tried not to take offense to that as she tugged him closer.

"So whaddya say, England?" She fixed him with a look. "And don't say you're not attracted to me."

He wasn't about to, though he wasn't exactly about to confirm her suspicions either. She didn't need any more power over him than she already inexplicably had. "I say... you're still bluffing."

A nearly-wicked smirk curled her lips, and Giles couldn't take his eyes off them. "Then call it."

He searched her eyes back and forth, looking for some sort of hint as to what game she was playing; unable to read her, he started to lean in, ready to call her bluff. At the last second, he knew she'd pull away with some sort of obnoxious exclamation of victory.

So imagine his surprise when their lips touched and her eyes snapped shut.

Suddenly a whole new game was in play; Giles had no clue what the rules were or who was in the lead. As soon as their lips had touched, electricity struck him from head to toe, and he felt as though he had both won and lost something all at once. He was about to pull back until he heard her soft whimper, muffled against his lips, and he gave up the last threads of his control. She would have taken them at some point, anyway.

He felt her hands, warm against his face as she pulled him closer, and he tilted his head to capture the fullness of her bottom lip. She kissed him back aggressively, nipping his upper lip, and trembling hands lifted to her waist. Giles had no clue what had gotten into him -- he'd barely met this enigma two hours ago, and was suddenly locked to her by the lips. This wasn't like him. Though, as her tongue timidly sought his, he couldn't exactly bring himself to voice a complaint. He'd never found himself so quickly attracted to a woman before, and it wasn't often that other women showed an interest in him, either.

His hands stole up her back and he swallowed the moan that escaped her, pulling her closer to the edge of the table. When she grasped his bottom lip between her teeth, he groaned, opening his eyes when she pulled back grinning. "Still think I'm bluffing?"

He covered her mouth with his own before she could annoy him further.

Giles breathed heavily against her parted lips as she shoved impatiently at his suit jacket, twining her arms around his neck as soon as the tweed had hit the floor. "That another part of loosening me up?" he couldn't help but flirt, smirking at her.

She grinned, "Just shut up and kiss me again, England."

He did rather enjoy assertive women, he had to admit to himself. So he obeyed. While she tugged on the windsor knot of his tie, his hand felt to her knee, gently lifting it until it rested against his hip. Grinning against his lips, Jenny took the hint and hooked her leg around him, pulling him close. Hand still lingering on her knee, he let his fingers slide tentatively upward, along the outside of her thigh, encouraged further by her soft moans.

When he reached the hem of her short skirt, they both paused, lips breaking and foreheads meeting. He met her eyes from inches away, searching silently. This was dangerously close to going too far. And he was never one to take advantage of a woman, particularly one he'd just met. "J-Jenny, um..." He placed his hands on her shoulders, stroking gently as he leaned back and away from her. "Perhaps here would be a logical place to stop."

She nodded. "You're right. Here would be a logical place to stop." Shrugging, she ran a hand through her now slightly-tousled hair. "We could just straighten our clothes and agree to never talk about it again."


"Yeah, or, we could do the fun thing, and..." she grinned, "keep going."

"Jenny, really, I-I'm... very attracted to you--"


"--there's no denying that, but... we scarcely know each other. And-and--"



He turned to see a mixture of understanding and frustration on her face. "Don't you ever just... let go of yourself? Act on impulse?"

"I used to," he answered earnestly. "N-never worked out particularly well for me."

"Well what if I could promise you this time would be different?"

He furrowed his brow, trying not to focus on her kiss-swollen lips for too long. "And how would you begin to guarantee that?"

"Well first of all, I'm not exactly a love-'em-and-leave-'em kinda girl."

He stared expectantly, feeling a part of himself lost to the warmth in her eyes. "Second of all?"

"Second of all..." She gently hopped off the table and closed the distance between them, sliding her hands up his chest before she met his eyes. "Maybe I can just tell that this," she gestured between them, "has potential." She searched his eyes. "Potential that I don't really feel like ignoring for the sake of logic."

For a long moment, he just stared into her eyes and tried to piece together what was happening here. In the span of a few hours they'd gone from sparring to being reluctant acquaintances, and then, inexplicably to kissing partners with the potential for something more. "You're a very unusual creature, do you know that?" he found himself murmuring, touching the curve of her hair, traces of affection in his tone.

Her wry tone induced a grin as she deadpanned, "Don't even pretend you don't like it."

He chuckled; then, before he knew it, they were kissing again. His hand cupped the back of her head as the other wound around to grip her jacket against the small of her back. Her hands lifted to his arms as she raised herself up on tiptoe, trying to accommodate his height.

A noise just outside the library broke them apart before the kisses could deepen, however, and they stood with their arms around each other, just listening.

"Did you hear that?" she whispered.

He nodded, and tried to peer out the small circular windows in the library doors. Sure enough, the janitors had arrived, earlier than scheduled, and were wheeling their plastic mop buckets about. He sighed softly through his nose, loosening his grip on her jacket as her hands slid down his arms. "I guess we're... free to go," he surmised, still keeping his eyes on the doors.

He felt Jenny nodding beside him as he wondered what was going through her head in that moment. Would she simply say goodnight and offer up the contrite notion that she'd 'see him around?' Would she set up a date? Perhaps suggest a coffeehouse rendez-vous or maybe dinner and drinks? Maybe she'd--

"Your office door has a lock, right?"

He snapped his head to look at her, forehead slowly wrinkling in confusion. "Yes."

And she nodded, "Good," before marching off in that direction, leaving him staring quizzically after her.

Unusual creature indeed, he thought, though he couldn't help but once again follow where that lovely siren led him.

He had no sooner stepped into his office when he felt two small yet surprisingly-strong hands grab fistfuls of his shirt and slam him against the door, slamming it shut in the process. He cried out in shock before his lips were covered; before her curves were pressed into the planes of his body. And all of that precious control he tried desperately to hang onto day-in and day-out, was once again lost. His fingers wound their way into her hair while hers pulled at his shirt, untucking it from his trousers.

He felt numb, somewhat, though not exactly in a bad way, and he just barely registered enough coherence through their fevered kisses to shove her jacket from her shoulders. It hit the floor as she backed up with him, and she would have tripped over it had he not thought to catch her around the waist. Her back hit the wall as their kisses deepened, as their tongues fought for dominance. He nearly came undone when she moaned his name against his lips, and he pressed himself against her, swallowing her gasp before reaching for the hem of her sweater.

Slipping his hand beneath, he slid his palm against her flat stomach, smiling almost smugly when he felt the muscles quivering under his touch. Perhaps she wasn't completely in control here. The mere thought made him giddy, and he kissed her harder in response. In one deft motion, he broke his lips from hers and pulled the sweater off over her head, tossing it behind him as he pulled her close again. Her hands fumbled with his tie, pulling at the loosened knot until it came undone. His shirt buttons were next, and he was impressed with the speed and dexterity of her fingers as she divested him of the button-up nuisance. His tee shirt was the last thing to go before she wrapped her arms around his neck, and he moaned at the feel of their naked stomachs touching.

"Pick your poison, England," she muttered against him.


Grinning, she released his lower lip from her teeth and queried, "Wall, desk, or chair?"

Kissing her again, he stumbled around the office with her and tried to locate the best spot without opening his eyes or removing his lips from hers. When the backs of his knees bumped something, he cried out and fell backwards, soon finding himself in his rolling desk chair. "Ehm..." he glanced around before looking up with a sheepish smile. "Chair, apparently."

She giggled, "Works for me," and leaned down for another kiss.

He moaned against her, for some reason feeling a jolt of electricity any time their lips touched -- as if it were the first time -- and he closed his hands around her hips, pulling her down onto his lap. After taking a moment to brace herself properly, Jenny rose up on her knees for another kiss. This time, he opened his eyes, watching as her long lashes fluttered, feather-kissing his cheeks. Gently, he pulled away. "Jenny..."

"Yeah?" She leaned in once more, and he stopped her with a finger against her lips, just millimeters away.

Their eyes locked, and he tried to convey his sincerity as he told her, "I don't exactly... do this often."

"Ya don't say," she quipped, reaching for his belt buckle. His hands on hers stopped her again.

"Jenny." He watched as she searched his eyes, and he stroked the underside of her wrists with his thumbs. "I'm serious."

After studying him a moment, she nodded. "I know." Kissing him softly, she murmured against him, "I don't do this often, either."

He kissed her back, gently, before breaking away. "So we're on the same page then."

She smirked. "If... by 'the same page,' you mean 'about to burst if I don't jump you soon,' then yeah. Totally on the same page."

He couldn't help but laugh, rolling his eyes. "You're impossibly infuriating."

"And you're annoyingly stuffy," she laughed. "Yet somehow, I think we could make this work."

He grinned up at her, surprised by the sudden rush of affection to his heart that he felt for this woman, this near-stranger. When she leaned over him, he tilted his head up to meet her, hand cradling the back of her neck as their lips collided. Understanding having been reached, their minds diverted back to where they had previously been headed, and their kisses intensified accordingly.

When Jenny dipped her pelvis, sliding against his arousal, Giles groaned and nipped at her neck. Her fingers went back to his belt buckle and this time he didn't stop her, instead sliding his hands up her thighs, until he reached a waistband of lace. Her breathing grew shallow against him as he became emboldened, and slid his fingers across her core. "Rupert..." she whispered, forehead tipping down to rest on his shoulder.

Encouraged by her reaction, he eased her panties aside and ran a finger against her, moaning when he felt her body jerk in response. He felt her hands trembling as she lowered his zipper, and he lifted his hips to accommodate her while she pushed at his pants and boxers. Their lips met hungrily and heatedly as he gripped her hip with one hand, the other sliding her panties out of the way while she sank onto him. His loud groan broke their lips apart, and he glanced up to see her eyes closed and mouth agape in pleasure. He pulled her closer, her warmth enveloping him in a haze, and he pressed his lips to her shoulder as she rocked against him.

Their bodies fell into a natural rhythm, slow and leisurely in the beginning as each savored the sensations, before the passion began to take them over. Soon, they were moving against each other like lust-crazed teenagers; his hands dug into her hips so hard he feared he would bruise her, while her fingernails sank so deeply into his shoulders he was certain there would be scars left behind.

The motion of her hips faltered as she neared the edge and Giles pulled her close, arms wrapped completely around her while he buried his nose in the cool silk of her hair. He moaned her name, feeling her thighs beginning to tremble around his, and finally he felt her shudder.

She cried out, head snapping back as her pace slowed, body spasming in ecstasy. He kissed her again as she came down from the high, lips slanting over hers while he thrust up into her, desperate to join her in her state of bliss. Jenny took the hint, but her legs were still shaking a bit too much to allow for a rhythm, so he grasped her hips and helped her to move. She called his name when he pulled her roughly down onto him, and wrapped her arms around his neck as he neared the edge.

Her cries became louder as she went with him, and he supposed part of him should care that the janitors might overhear. The cloud of lust and desire was too thick around his head to allow him to be self-conscious, and as she bit down gently on his neck, he groaned and tumbled over the edge, pulling her with him as her muscles pulsed around him once more.

When the waves of pleasure had subsided, Jenny collapsed against him, body limp as her head nestled between his neck and shoulder. "God," she breathed.

"Yes, I suppose that can loosen a fellow up," he panted, smiling brightly when she laughed.

She pressed her lips to his neck. "Y'got that right."

Giles settled his hand against the side of her neck, lifting her head up to look at him. Their eyes searched back and forth for a long moment, neither of them saying anything aloud, and Jenny finally leaned in for a kiss, sighing happily against his lips. "Y'know, I think this is the most fun I've ever had being locked in at work," she quipped when her head found his shoulder again, and he laughed.

"Me too." He kissed her hair. "Dare I say, I wouldn't mind being locked in like this--"


He pulled back, aghast. "Good God, no, I think that might kill me." Off her giggle, he told her, "I was thinking more along the lines of once or twice a week."

She raised her eyebrows. "That's it?" And then she tsked, shaking her head. "Oh boy, England. I think that's gonna be our first major disagreement."

He chuckled. "Perhaps we can compromise."

She hummed against his lips as she kissed him again. "How about five nights a week? Then you can have two to replenish your energy."

"That, I could agree to."

Jenny grinned devilishly before rising from his lap, reaching for her discarded sweater while he buttoned his pants and buckled his belt. He smiled when she handed him his tee shirt and button-down shirt, their lips finding each other. "Think the janitors heard us?" she asked, quirking one mischievous eyebrow.

"I don't see how they couldn't have."

"You're not embarrassed, are ya?" She grinned.

"No, no. Dare I say, you've succeeded in loosening me up."


"Though I'm not exactly about to invite them to watch," he countered.

"That's fine. I'm not that loose."

He chuckled, kissing her again. When they pulled back again, she was smiling affectionately up at him, though it looked suspiciously like she was holding in a laugh.


"Um..." She pressed her lips together, choking back a laugh and looking back up with mirth dancing in her eyes and her suppressed laughter in her tone. "Nice to meet you."

A surprised bark of laughter escaped him. "Y-yes. Nice to meet you, as well."

He pressed a kiss to her cheek, nuzzling it with his nose softly as he asked, "Will I see you in the morning?"

"You could see me as soon as we get outta here, England. It's up to you."

He studied her for a moment, searching her eyes, before he tilted his head and asked, "You know, now that you mention it, I suppose I could use a bit more help loosening up."

She giggled. "Okay then. Should I follow you to your place?"

"That sounds like a plan." Kissing her again, he broke away and finished straightening his shirt and tie before leaving the office and heading for the weapons cage. "Let me just lock everything up and then we'll go."

She leaned against the door frame near the counter. "Y'ever gonna tell me why you're such a demon expert with super-cool weapons?"

"All in due time, my dear," he quipped, settling his hand at the base of her spine while he guided her out the door.

"Can I still pretend it's because you're Batman?"

He glared as they headed out the door.


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Sometimes you have to believedreamscaperuins on July 31st, 2010 04:49 am (UTC)
Oh lord. How often do I have to tell you how much I love your Jenny/Giles work? (And probably every other thing you've ever written, when I get around to figuring what those are. LOL.)

Ah the intense steamy GOODNESS. I loved it, dear!! ♥ ♥ What else do you have hidden in that secret smutfic stash of yours?
a.: giles/jenny; you could be the oneregalish on August 1st, 2010 12:54 am (UTC)
Heee! Thank you so much, dearest! So happy you enjoyed this.

As for what else I've got hidden... you shall have to see! Got a whole slew of stuff in my G/J smutfic arsenal. :D

♥ ♥
repowoman24repowoman24 on July 31st, 2010 06:37 am (UTC)
You really have no idea how much better you just made me feel.. I was all pissed and what not because of my father (which, I am sure you read about on Twitter), but I come here and read this and somehow it relaxes me.. I dunno why.

But yes. Thank you as always, I LOVE your Giles/Jenny work as Manda said for herself.

I also want to know what you have hidden in that smutfic stash because.. This was some good stuff. XD
a.: jenny; witchy womanregalish on August 1st, 2010 12:57 am (UTC)
Thanks so much! So happy this brought you some joy. :)

As for what else I've got stashed away... :D I shall reveal it all in due time! (Or, when I need to distract you guys again so I can take another break from Twosome for a few days, LOL).
always_a_boom on July 31st, 2010 08:00 pm (UTC)

I actually love this idea so much - they meet, and then they have sex. And then they get married and live happily ever after. I love how you made their chemistry so completely clear; the idea of them jumping right on each other (aside from being a very good one) doesn't seem unlikely, it just makes sense, even for gorgeous stuffy straight-laced Giles. And my god was it ever HOT <3 I swear, these two have endless hotness possibilities.

I love how fearless Jenny is here, just following the guy with the crossbow back to the library :D And Giles' perception of her, all 'mysterious, alluring yet slightly-infuriating' is spot-on G/J. GAHH, I'm just gonna go back and re-read this, yeah? :P Lol, YOU ARE AMAZING <3
a.: giles/jenny; one sweet loveregalish on August 1st, 2010 01:01 am (UTC)
Haha! Thanks, my dear!! I just love creating non-plots for these two, just to lead them to sex. LOLOL.

I figured, with Giles' reckless Ripper past, it wouldn't be that far outta the realm of possibility. Plus, with frisky Jenny? Poor guy doesn't stand a chance resisting her feminine wiles.

There's another one I wrote similar to this, but never finished, which included the two of them getting inadvertently locked into the school when a blackout wipes out the electrical security system on the doors. This one was much more fun, so I'll have to see if I can change the locked-in idea to something else. There is not enough G/J smut in this world!!

...When's your next G/J fic, btw? ;)
always_a_boom on August 1st, 2010 01:10 am (UTC)
...When's your next G/J fic, btw? ;)

MWAHAHAHAAAA...I had a teensy little G/J plot bunny hop into my head just the other day, involving a possible G/J 'missing moment' from 'Halloween' involving a costume-bewitched Jenny, which is in fact almost finished :P I tried to make it smut, but I suck at smut, so it's...smut-suggestive? Near-smut? I dunno. It's kinda raunchy ;)

ALSO, just posted some G/J love over here:

a.: giles/jenny; until the end of timeregalish on August 1st, 2010 02:50 am (UTC)
MWAHAHAHAAAA...I had a teensy little G/J plot bunny hop into my head just the other day, involving a possible G/J 'missing moment' from 'Halloween' involving a costume-bewitched Jenny, which is in fact almost finished :P

OMG... I would effing LOVE that. I always wondered what her costume would be. SIDE NOTE: OMG HOW EXCITED AM I TO WRITE THE S6 HALLOWEEN EP? I've already had Jenny's costume picked FOREVER -- a black cat! (Think Monica's skin-tight cat suit on 'Friends' and there's how our Jenny's gonna be dressed, hehehe)

And LOL! Funny, but as soon as I asked what your next G/J thing was gonna be, you posted the link to that mix on Twitter and I just about flipped my lid. :D :D
myfidgetballmyfidgetball on August 1st, 2010 02:28 am (UTC)

[Side note: as I mentioned, I am trying to write this without grinning stupidly and giving myself away. My mom is attempting to "find out what I'm doing" because she sees me smiling and switching to my "what, I'm not doing anything... nothing to see here" look. Yes, I am a married adult woman, but this is my guilty pleasure... and mom doesn't need to know. So there.]

I kinda figured it would be EPIC when this, "AUTHOR'S NOTES: If you came looking for plot, you might wanna look elsewhere. ;)" was in your inro. LOL I.WAS.RIGHT.

Can I just say that you have the most amazing talent for taking two characters, writing them into your own fic, and making it seem like it belongs in an R-rated version of the show. Gah! You have such a perfect grasp of these two and how to write them. I LOVE your fearless!Jenny and well, ANY version of Giles is perfect and amazingly SEXY! Whew!!

[Another side note: How freaking EPIC would it be if they really did an R-rated version of the show... with the Seasons 1-3 cast... GAH! *dies*]

So yeah... I should also note the that thought of a random run-in between G/J and Jenny flirting her way to HOT sexytimes in Giles' office is possibly the most EPIC/AMAZING/SCORCHING HOT thought imaginable. :-) You are hands-down the Queen of all smut in Smuttville! You are my hero! Never stop writing, please! :-D

a.: giles/jenny; naughtyregalish on August 1st, 2010 03:10 am (UTC)
HEEEE! So happy you enjoyed this!!

(LOL my mom does the same thing when I read the feedback e-mails from you guys on my phone -- "What are you grinning about?" -- "Hmm? Oh, nothin.'")

I kinda figured it would be EPIC when this, "AUTHOR'S NOTES: If you came looking for plot, you might wanna look elsewhere. ;)" was in your inro. LOL I.WAS.RIGHT. Bahahaha! Yeah, anytime I would proofread this, I would go, "Christ, there is like NO plot. Whatever's there is ONLY to lead to the smut." LOLOL. But hey, we all need a little PWP sometimes. ESPECIALLY when it's these two smokin'-hot bitches.

(And OH MAN, I would KILL to see an R-rated version of the show. Provided it's all the Giles/Jenny stuff that's R-rated. Or... well, ok, maybe I'd like to see a Buffy/Angel R-rated scene too -- as annoying as they got, they had some damn scorching-hot kisses!)

Thank you ever so much! I shall treat the Smut Queen crown with care (and be sure to give you lots more of these fics in the future)! ;)
Anything Can Be: Giles - Smirkanything_can_be on August 1st, 2010 04:26 pm (UTC)
That was awesome! They are just so fun together. You captured them both so well. Thank you for sharing!
a.: giles/jenny; then she kissed meregalish on August 1st, 2010 09:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! So happy you enjoyed this.

And I agree, these two are oh-so-fun together. :D
csiAngelcsiangel on August 4th, 2010 09:12 am (UTC)
Impulse [BtVS; Giles/Jenny]
I love this: Their instant connection; the banter; the teasing; Jenny referring to Giles as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Lol! Excellent fic :)
a.: giles/jenny; walk with meregalish on August 5th, 2010 03:41 am (UTC)
Re: Impulse [BtVS; Giles/Jenny]
Thanks so much, Jac! Glad ya liked this; I loved their instant connection in the show, so I wanted to pay homage to that here. But, y'know, with some sexytimes thrown in, hehehe. :D
theoreme: smiletheoreme on August 13th, 2010 08:26 am (UTC)
Oh yes.
Sometimes you want to read about Giles in a story with plot, mystery, twits and turns. And sometimes you just want too see him loosening up.
Thank you for sharing this very satisfying fic with us!
a.: giles/jenny; it's a dateregalish on August 25th, 2010 01:59 am (UTC)
Thank you so much!! As sweet as these two could be at times, they were just downright sizzling together. I'm so happy you enjoyed this! :)