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12 July 2010 @ 06:35 pm
Living in the Moment [BtVS; Giles/Jenny]  
TITLE: Living in the Moment
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: Giles/Jenny
SPOILERS: Season one, post-IRYJ, pre-Prophecy Girl
SUMMARY: It would be so much easier if he had someone to share his birthday with. Someone he liked. Someone who liked him for him.


Giles huffed, slamming shut the drawer that formerly held his stash of tea. Now, however, it was disconcertingly empty, and he was in need of tea to calm his ire. Buffy was getting more belligerent as the weeks wore on, throwing herself into all kinds of nonsense while he tried with all of his might to keep from throwing an elegant hissy fit. He was close to deeming her completely impossible to train, and requesting a transfer from the Council. The transfer wouldn't be granted, he knew as much already, but somehow he felt that asking would at least make him feel better.

Not only that, but his thirties were coming to a rather abrupt end. As if February stuck in California weren't bleak enough, he was having to cope with turning forty all by himself. No girlfriend, no wife to buoy his spirits and assure him he wasn't looking any older than he did on his thirtieth birthday, no. It was just him and his books and his weapons -- neither of which were great companions. While his books provided him a means of escape on his most stressful days, and target practice with his weapons provided him a means of releasing some of his pent-up frustration, neither of them were truly fulfilling. It would be so much easier if he had someone to share his birthday with. Someone he liked. Someone who liked him for him.

"Hey, England."

His gaze snapped up at the soft alto to invade the silence of the library, the doors swishing in her wake. "Miss Calendar," he exhaled. His heart was doing the strangest palpitating thing and his stomach was already bunching into knots.

He couldn't deny that he already felt something for the brash computer science teacher. She'd intrigued him with her knowledge of the occult and her pure acceptance of his. Not only that, but she'd shaken him with that flirt from just two weeks prior, about where she dangled some peculiar metal corkscrew. He still found himself imagining the various places one could dangle such an object, each image causing a full-bodied flush. Whether his feelings for her were merely attraction or lust, or perhaps something more, had yet to be seen.

"Wh-what can I do for you?" Averting his gaze, he admitted, "I-I-I'm not the best company right now, I'm afraid. So, if you came to socialize--"

"Believe me, Rupert, if I wanted to socialize? I'd just go gossip with the English teachers on third floor," she smirked. "I'm here because I have something for you."

"Oh?" That, much like the metal corkscrew, piqued his interest, and he straightened accordingly.

"Yeah. Here." With that, she held out a box of imported tea, accentuated with a bright red bow. He looked up to meet her smile and her warm brown eyes. "A little birdie told me you've got a birthday this month." Off his furrowed brow, she tilted her head and added, "Alright, the monthly faculty memorandum. You were on the list of February birthdays."

"Ah. Yes. Well." He held up the box of tea with a closed-lip smile. "Thank you, very much."

"So, when's the big day?" she asked, bobbing on her toes rather girlishly.

"Ehm, today, actually."

Her eyes widened at that. "Really? Oh, wow. Well," she stepped forward, wrapping him in a quick, gentle hug in which she was pulling away before he could regain enough coherence to reciprocate. "Happy Birthday, Rupert."

"Thank you." He averted his eyes again, feeling his cheeks flush with warmth as he sensed, without seeing, her smile.

"We should celebrate!"

He chuckled. "No, um... this is one birthday I don't wish to celebrate."

Glancing up, he met her furrowed-brow expression of confusion. "Why not? Is it a big one?"

Giles nodded, his mouth carrying on without his consent, "My fortieth."

She cringed. "Oooh. Ouch."

His brows quirked in accordance as he hummed shortly, "Indeed."

"I am not looking forward to my fortieth," she sighed. "My thirtieth was hard enough. I got so drunk, I barely remember it."

He chuckled softly. "I believe I did the same on my thirtieth."

"Luckily, I've still got seven good years before I'm over the hill."

"You're thirty-three, then?" he surmised, nodding when she did. "Well, then enjoy the remaining seven years."

Her grin was downright knee-buckling as she flirted, "I'm planning on it." Then, she curled her hand around his arm. "And in fact, I'd like to start tonight."

Giles tried not to visibly react when his heart flew up into his throat. It was almost infuriating the way she could do that to him so easily. It seemed as if that one little flirt two weeks prior was all it took to wrap him completely around her finger. "T-Tonight?"

"Yep. You and I are going to go out. We're going to ring in your fortieth birthday the same way we each did our thirtieth."

He raised his eyebrows expectantly, and she grinned.

"Let's go get drunk."


Against his better judgment, Giles found himself at the Bronze with Jenny Calendar, the two of them seated at the bar sipping at tumblers of scotch while the loud music from the dance club pulsated through him. She attempted to make small talk with him, asking him questions about England and where he went to school, but Giles could barely give coherent responses -- thoughts were racing through his mind at a thousand miles an hour about the peculiar little techno-pagan who accompanied him.

Did she like him? In much the way the children would tease him about? Or was she merely flirtatious by nature? He had yet to figure that out. "Uh, w-what about you?" he finally asked, wanting to steer the conversation away from his rather complicated past.

She smiled, swirling her finger in her scotch. "What about me?"

"All the questions you asked me," he replied, surprised to find that his S's had slurred just slightly. "Same ones for you. Go."

She giggled, pulling her finger out of her scotch and watching the amber liquid drip off it. "Well, I'm from all over the place. My family was..." She tilted her head one way, then the other, searching for the word, "Nomadic, I guess you could say. I went to college on the east coast, and then did some traveling in Europe after I graduated."

"So then what, pray tell, brought you to California?"

"It's, um... complicated," she explained, a bit reticently, though she gave him a smile. "What about you?"

He smirked into his glass. "Also quite complicated."

Her brows flicked upward briefly, and she made a short hum before she commented, "What a pair."

Giles hummed shortly in agreement, though his eyes were drawn to the motion of her hands as she swirled her pointer finger in her scotch once more, then brought it to her lips, the digit disappearing into the fullness as she licked off the droplets of alcohol. He felt his mouth grow slack without his conscious consent and moved quickly to conceal the expression, though the devious twinkle in her dark eyes told him she couldn't be fooled.

With a grin just this side of shy, she tucked her hair behind her ear, and murmured a "So..." in the direction of her glass.

He quirked a brow, taking another sip of his scotch. "So?"

When she looked up at him, her eyes twitched into a narrow. "Y'drunk yet?"

Giles couldn't help but chuckle. "Not quite, no. Just pleasantly intoxicated. You?"

"Gettin' there. One way to tell if I'm drunk or not is giggling."

At that, he furrowed his brows. "Giggling?"

"Yeah. I tend to giggle way too much when I'm drunk. And I think pretty much anything is hilarious."

"Ah. Well, I shall be on the lookout for any, ehm," he smiled, "e-extraneous giggles."

She gave him a big grin and, perhaps it was the scotch slowly going to his head, but Giles found himself smiling goofily at her, which she luckily didn't seem to mind. Instead, she scooted her bar stool a little closer to his. "So England, tell me something..."

"You tell me something first. Why is it that you call me England?"

She smirked. "Other than the fact that you're from England?" Then, she shrugged. "Guess I don't have a reason other than I think it's cute. And, it's shorter than calling you 'Great Britain' or 'United Kingdom.'"

"Good point."

She giggled just slightly, and he watched as she drained the rest of her second scotch. "Alright, now tell me something."


"If you could do anything today, for your birthday, what would you do?"

Giles smirked ruefully. "Other than turn back the clock a good ten or eleven years?" Off her smile, he chuckled and continued. "I suppose, just... live in the moment."

She nodded, waving to the bartender for another scotch for both of them. Then, she turned back to him with a coy little smile. "How're you likin' the moment so far?"

Yes, the scotch was certainly going to his head, because Giles couldn't stop the way his gaze raked over her, etching her beauty into his memory for later retrieval as he tilted his head and told her softly, almost affectionately, "I like the moment very much."

She smiled prettily at him, nudging his third scotch toward him as he finished up his second, their fingers brushing against the glass. They met eyes and he couldn't help but notice the lovely way she flushed before she pulled away. Whether it was due to lowered inhibitions or perhaps a wave of confidence at noticing her flush, Giles found himself reaching for her hand. "M-Miss Calendar--"

"Do me a favor, England?" she squeezed his hand. "Call me Jenny. If you still wanna do the formality thing at school, that's fine. But tonight? I'm Jenny."

"Alright, then. Jenny."

A lazy smile curled her lips, and he wasn't sure whether she leaned toward him or swayed. "Sounds pretty with the accent. Say it again."

He chuckled, taking a sip from his glass before murmuring lowly again, "Jenny," and rather enjoying the feel of it rolling off his tongue.

She grinned, biting down on her lower lip briefly as she let out a soft hum of contentment. "Now, what were we talking about?"

"I've forgotten, it seems." The lip-bite had distracted him more than he could have anticipated, and for a moment he couldn't take his eyes off the fullness.

"Hmmm." She took a long drink from her glass. "I guess scotch'll do that to ya. Wanna dance?"

Giles shook his head at that, finally tearing his eyes away from her lips in order to return to his scotch. "Certainly not."

She tilted her head, giving him a look. "Oh, come on. How drunk do I have to get you?"

"To get me to dance? Quite drunk indeed." And he grinned into his glass, taking another sip.

"What about living in the moment?"

"I am living in the moment. I'm spending my birthday with a ridiculously beautiful woman who I know next to nothing about, and she's plying me with alcohol for Lord knows what reason."

Jenny giggled. "Just so I can take advantage of you," she quipped.

Giles hummed, taking another drink. "Well. If that's not living in the moment, I don't know what is."

She was quiet for a moment, then she looked up at him, head inclined as her eyes searched his. "Did you mean that?"

"What?" Maybe he was drunk. He couldn't for the life of him recall what he'd said not thirty seconds ago.

"That I'm... 'ridiculously beautiful?'" She threw his British accent right back at him.

He smirked at her mimicry and downed the rest of his third scotch, the Bronze tilting pleasantly around him. "Too beautiful for your own good, that's what you are," he heard himself slurring. "It's practically infuriating."

"Why's it so infuriating? Wait, here, lemme catch up," she told him suddenly, and drained her glass, setting it down hard on the bar. She shook her head for a moment from the liquor's strength, before turning to him with a slight giggle. "Want another?"

"Better not, no." Things were dangerous enough already -- he had little control over what he was saying, and he was finding it increasingly hard not to just lean over and kiss her. Then, perhaps, take her home and shag her senseless against a wall. No, bed -- a woman of her caliber deserved to be shagged relentlessly in a nice, soft bed.

Giles shook his head quickly, resolving that he had to stop thinking about shagging, lest he make a fool of himself. "No more scotch for either of us," he decided.

She grinned lazily. "I am feeling kinda giggly."

"Then that's our cue. Shall we go?" He reached for his wallet, only to have her petite hand close around his wrist, the electricity in her touch startling him a bit. He met her eyes, entranced by the welcoming darkness in the browns.

"My treat. It's your birthday."

"This must be close to... to forty dollars."

"Then it's the perfect fortieth birthday present, wouldn't you say?" She grinned, and paid their tab, taking his hand again. "Come on."

"W-Where are we going? It's rather late." Still, he followed her willingly, eyes straying to the sway of her hips and her short skirt as she pulled him out of the club behind her.

"You'll see, England," she told him coyly, and he heard her grin without seeing it. "I'm not done with you yet."


"Ice cream? You're taking me to get ice cream?" he couldn't help but balk, and smirked when she grinned at him over her shoulder. Curiously, she was still holding his hand, and had been the entire time she'd been dragging him through the streets of Sunnydale with her.

"Well what did you expect? They don't have any birthday cake stands!" she teased, and then stepped up to order a vanilla cone for them both.

They sat at a picnic table together, he on the bench while she hopped up on the tabletop. Giles finished his small cone rather quickly and then had taken to watching her. He figured the scotch was still doing a number on him, for he found himself transfixed by the way she ate her ice cream, grabbing a bit off the top with her lips then licking them clean before tripping her tongue around the base of the cone, catching any stray drops melting in the heat.

His mouth had grown slack again but he was powerless to stop from paying such rapt attention to her. She noticed, as she always seemed to when he was making a fool of himself over her, though the little smirk playing about her lips told him she wasn't in the least perturbed by it. In fact, she winked.

"I'm good with my tongue."

Giles was completely caught off-guard by the comment and, frankly, didn't know how to respond. Her wording and tone of voice provided several naughty images for his mind's eye, leaving him the only option of reply in the form of a, "Good Lord."

Jenny giggled, a wicked little tinkle of a sound, as she finished up her ice cream cone and threw it in the garbage when she was through. "Ready?"

She took his hand again and Giles pondered the implication behind the gesture -- she didn't need to hold his hand, after all, though he wasn't about to say anything about it. "As ready as I'll ever be," he murmured.

Together they walked the quiet streets of Sunnydale, most of the shops closed up for the night. Jenny held his hand the entire way, grasping his arm with her free hand. Giles was still pleasantly intoxicated from the scotch, and only feeling more heady every time Jenny would lace their fingers together. He felt giddy, as if reliving a night out from his college years. He barely knew this woman and yet she made him feel things nobody else had the ability to make him feel. She made him feel impulsive and reckless, though not in a troubling or stressful manner. He felt... what was the word he was searching for?

"Feeling happy?" She smiled up at him, squeezing his arm as she continued to hold his hand.

And then Giles couldn't help the chuckle -- yes, this woman even somehow knew what he was thinking. "Yes," he nodded, eyes on the sidewalk in front of them. "That's precisely what I'm feeling."

"Well, good. You're normally so quiet and reserved at school. I kinda didn't know what to expect tonight."

He nodded. "Yes, well. Sometimes who we are during the day isn't necessarily the same person we are at night."

He looked over, finding her studying him with narrowed eyes. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were just trying to tell me that you're Batman."

Giles couldn't help the chuckle. "Don't know that I'd make a very good Batman. Alfred, without question."

"I dunno, I see you as more of a James Bond type. Nice tailored tuxedo with all those cool gadgets?" She made a short sound that sounded suspiciously like an, "Mmm," before she grinned. "I'd definitely audition to be your Bond babe."

"You're hired," he joked back, and couldn't help the silly grin he gave her when she stopped in front of him.

She giggled back, eyes flickering from his eyes to his lips and back again, and Giles wanted nothing more than to kiss her. But after a few seconds had passed, the moment was over, and Jenny reached for his hand again, "Come on!" tugging him with her toward the park.

He followed her onto a playground, wondering what she was up to when she suddenly dropped his hand and climbed on the merry-go-round, giving it a good spin before leaning against one of the bars. "Join me, England!" she beckoned with a giggle.

He just shook his head, smirking at her, and she kept waving him up.

"Come on! Where's your sense of adventure? I thought you were Mr. 'Live-in-the-Moment' tonight! So... live in the moment! Spin around on the merry-go-round, kiss a girl for no good reason, dance in the rain! What are you waiting for?"

With another giggle, she jumped off, the equipment still spinning behind her as she stumbled a bit, and Giles reached out to catch her. She laughed, a melodious sound, and toyed with the hair that had gotten in her eyes. Without thought, he reached up and moved the errant pieces out of the way for her. She hummed a short laugh, biting down on her lip as she steadied herself by gripping his arms, and then they met eyes.

From there, it was a natural reaction -- his hand was cupping her face, the other gently moving her hair out of the way -- it was only natural for his lips to descend on hers. And surprisingly, she tipped her chin up to meet him.

The first kiss was like a shock to the system. And it seemed to startle them both at the same time. Giles felt his skin physically jump, while Jenny gasped, their lips opening against one another. Then, it was pure, beautiful chaos. She made a small noise of pleasure at the back of her throat, tongue timidly greeting his, and Giles was lost. His hand snuck under her hair, cupping the back of her neck as he pulled her to him, his other hand sneaking round her waist to the small of her back.

Jenny inhaled sharply and rose up on tiptoe, her lips bruising against his. The kiss was scorching, and he found himself needing to hold Jenny up, pressing her tight against him when her knees started to buckle. Of course, being Giles, he blamed the scotch for her lack of coordination rather than any real prowess on his part.

The kiss seemed to carry on and on, sometimes intensifying to the point of aggression, and then sometimes softening to deep and romantic. He could still taste the scotch on her tongue as well as a hint of vanilla, and he found himself rather enjoying the combination. He'd never been explored so thoroughly, and wanted to explore so thoroughly, on what would by some be deemed a 'first date.' But then... it wasn't even that. She was merely treating him to drinks (and ice cream) on his birthday.

When the kiss finally broke, both were breathing harshly, and Giles let his forehead rest against hers. He so desperately wanted to pick up where they'd left off, but felt as though he needed a moment to get his bearings.

"Um... wow," she breathed.

Giles nodded against her, indulging in just a brief brush of his lips against hers, pulling away when he heard her soft hum, though his tingling body begged him to go on. "Indeed."

"Should I, uh... walk you home?" She asked suddenly, quietly, arching an eyebrow in almost a coy manner.

Giles was completely uncertain what to make of it, so he simply nodded. "Y-Yes. Alright."


The entire walk to his apartment, he couldn't tell if Jenny's comment had been a proposition or something completely innocuous, so he decided not to push his luck. He did, however, delight in stopping her at several points on the walk home, pinning her to various buildings or trees in order to steal more hungry kisses. She melted into him each time, her soft moans spurring him on. The more and more they did it, the harder it became for him to stop Ripper from taking over. Once that happened, there'd be no going back. And he didn't wish to frighten her.

"So this is the elusive domicile of the even-more-elusive school librarian?" she teased as they made their way up the walk to his door.

He smirked at her over his shoulder as he pulled out his keys, finding himself turned on all over again at the sight of her kiss-swollen lips. Lips that he very much wished to devour again, as soon as humanly possible. "Yes. You've found me out."

"And I bet it's just filled to the brim with books?"

"Well, you shall see." He paused then, the door unlocked but not pushed completely open, as he reconsidered his words. He didn't want to be presumptuous, after all. "Ehm, that is if-if you'd like to, um--"

Her giggle cut him off, warm smile setting his nerves at ease. "I'd love to get the official tour," she told him, and that was all he needed. He pushed the door the rest of the way open and gestured her to walk in first. She did so with a courteous head tilt and stepped inside, looking around as he turned on the light in the entryway.

"Wow." She seemed to nod her approval of the general appearance of his apartment, then turned to him with a smile. "Kinda thought there'd be more books."

He chuckled. "Yes, well. Most of the books I need day-to-day can be found in the library at school. Best to keep things as tidy as possible, here." He showed her around then, rather nervously, his stomach still twisting in knots with both the memory of all the frenzied kisses they'd exchanged along the way, as well as wondering just where exactly this night would lead. "Um, living room is here. The room where I, um... l-live. Kitchen is in there... spare bath down the hall, and the bedroom and master bath are-are upstairs."

He watched as she threw a glance up the stairs. "Oh, this is a loft? How nice! This place must've been a steal."

"Y-Yes, I was rather fortuitous, really."

She nodded, humming shortly in accordance as she looked up the stairs again, then back to him with a smile, biting down on her lower lip. Giles reigned in the last threads of his control, not wishing to take advantage of her, particularly after they'd spent a better portion of the night drinking, as he told her, "Thank you so much for the drinks this evening. A-And the ice cream. Really, it was a better birthday than I could have asked for."

Jenny blinked, her smile turning almost... disappointed, in a way? Perhaps a little sad? But she covered as she replied, "No problem, England! Happy fortieth."

"Yes, thank you."

They stared at each other another moment longer before she stretched up on her toes, planting a soft kiss on his lips. Giles shivered as he kissed softly back, feeling her shudder in return. They pulled away taking thready breaths, and he wanted nothing more than to throw her against the door and ravish her. His hands clenched into fists at his sides, as he tried to tamp down on that Ripper recklessness beginning to bubble.

"Goodnight," she murmured. "I guess I'll... see you at school?"

He nodded mutely, and watched her turn to head out the door. Just as she began to pull it open, he acted on impulse and stepped forward, pushing the door closed again. He watched her head tilt down, lips curving into a smile. "Jenny."

She turned to him, hands behind her against the small of her back as she leaned against the door, raising a brow almost in challenge. "Yes, Rupert?"

He stared at her, his mouth opening and closing as he considered and reconsidered what he really wanted to say. If he asked her to stay the night, there was a chance he'd snap and Ripper would take over. And though he knew that she was flirtatious and assertive, he just wasn't positive she wouldn't be frightened off by that side of him. So, he continued to struggle.

And apparently, he struggled between his heart, body and brain for so long that Jenny grew exasperated, throwing her hands up as she shook her head. "Just say it!"


She shook her head once more. "Just say that you don't want me to go tonight. Say that you want me to stay here with you, that you wanna take me upstairs and go at it like a couple of horny teenagers. Just say the words, Rupert, and I'm all yours."

With that, Giles felt his last thread of control snap. He pinned her against the front door, his body slamming against hers as he devoured her lips. She groaned against him and he kissed her harder, slipping his knee between hers in order to press himself fully to her. Her sharp gasp spurred him on and his hands pinned hers to the hard polished wood of the door, fingers twining together. He pulled his lips from hers long enough to go to her neck, moaning when she sighed against him, "God, Rupert."

"Jenny, I," he kissed between her neck and shoulder, "I-I feel I should warn you. Sometimes, I have this habit of... of losing control. And... I don't want to scare you away."

"Trust me, I can handle it," she grinned, threading her fingers through his hair.

His hands slid up her outer thighs, feeling over the material of her skirt before skimming across her waist and then up her sides. "I'm not so certain that you can."

Gripping his head forcefully, she pulled him back to look her in the eye. One perfectly-shaped brow lifted, presenting her challenge. "Only one way to find out then, huh?"

He kissed her roughly again, pulling her body tight against him and reveling in her groan. He resolved then to just shut off his internal monologue and let Ripper take the helm for the night. Jenny had made it perfectly clear that she wasn't going anywhere. And, for some reason, he found himself willing to relinquish his control to her.

They made their way upstairs and he yanked her into his bedroom. She went along with a giggle and then they had crashed together in another kiss. He felt her hands against his abdomen, grabbing handfuls of his shirt and untucking it from his pants while he shoved her leather jacket from her shoulders. Before he knew it, she had loosened his tie and pulled it over his head, fingers going for his shirt buttons. He pressed light kisses against her cheekbone and jawline until she slipped his shirt down his arms and tossed it aside. Then, it was her turn. But before he could reach for her shirt, she grabbed it by the hem and whipped it off over her head.

"Sorry," she exhaled with a little grin. "Probably should've let you do that."

But Giles wasn't paying attention. His eyes had followed the little glint of silver he saw near her belly button, and that was where he found that metal corkscrew -- the very same one he'd recovered in the library and returned to her after they'd pulled Moloch from the internet. Without thought, he dropped to his knees in front of her, his hands splaying over the taut, concave slope of her stomach. His fingers toyed with the spiraled piece of metal and he leaned in to give it a kiss, swirling his tongue around her navel until he heard her gasp.

He peeked up at her, checking to make sure she was alright with what he was doing, and he found her eyes closed, mouth slightly agape. So he continued lapping at her belly button, his hands skimming across her waist and around to her back as she pushed at the waistband of her skirt, shoving it past her hips and letting it fall to the floor. His hands swept feather-light across the black lace waistband of her panties, smiling as he heard her swift intake of breath before he rose to his feet again, crushing her in another kiss.

Their tongues each fought for dominance as she unlatched his belt, slipping her hands down to caress him through his trousers. His hips bucked in response and he gripped her waist hard. Soon, she had his pants sitting unzipped and unbuttoned, gaping open at the waist. He sat down on the bed to remove his socks and shoes, slipping the pants off with them. Then, he reached for her, laying back on the bed as he pulled her with him until she was straddling his belly. She smiled at him, so prettily, tucking her hair behind her ear as she leaned down for another kiss.

Her hips undulated against his, just a thin layer of lace and cotton separating them now. She still had a chance to turn back if she so desired. "Jenny--"

"No regrets, right England?" she interrupted, seeming to be tuned in to his line of thinking.

He shook his head, sliding his hand up her side to cup her cheek. "N-Not for me, no."

Then she grinned teasingly. "So you'll still respect me in the morning?"

"Yes, of course. B-But Jenny... there's one more thing I feel I should warn you about--"

"Uh-oh, not another warning. You didn't think I could handle you if you lost your control, and so far I seem to be doing just fine." She tilted her head, grinning. "What else could you possibly need to warn me about?"

He searched her eyes, scared of the feelings that were hitting him in that moment. Lust and desire were still quite prevalent, of course, but... there was something else that he couldn't put his finger on. But he could suddenly see himself wanting to wake up beside her, share candlelit dinners and long moonlit walks, followed by long nights of passionate, tender love-making. He could see... something... happening here. "I-I may not be able to do this just once."

She quirked an eyebrow. "Ooooh, I like a guy with stamina."

"Th-that's not exactly what I meant--"

"I know." She laid her finger over his lips to silence him, leaning down for a kiss. "We'll do the serious talk in the morning. I'll still be here."

Giles let out the breath he'd been holding then, and pulled her down for a searing, breath-stealing kiss, rolling her onto her back. "No more thinking tonight," she whispered as he pulled away from her lips, and he nodded, trailing feverish kisses down her body. Giles did as she bade, then, and shut off the rest of his thoughts, going on touch and sensation alone. He kissed the valley between her breasts and the perfect mounds of flesh encased in black lace, his hands sliding around to her back.

"In the front," she told him on a breathy sigh and he nodded his understanding against her skin, gripping the front clasp with his teeth and pulling it open. She swore at the motion, obviously surprised, and he let his lips and tongue bathe her perfect chest with kisses, her body arching up into him. When she tried to reach for him, he growled and pinned her upper arms back against the bed, his mouth still teasing her chest. Jenny squirmed beneath him, her soft whimpered pleas music to his ears as he slowly moved his kisses down the center of her body, past her rib cage and into the inward slope of her flat stomach.

He left a trail of open-mouthed kisses to her belly, paying extra attention to her navel and the corkscrew piercing her otherwise-flawless skin, hands still pinning her arms to the bed. His kisses grew more frenzied as they traveled from her navel to the waistband of black lace, and he nuzzled the fabric softly with the tip of his nose before dipping his head, kissing her through the thin material. When she gasped, he smiled, flicking his tongue against her through the lace and reveling in the moan that escaped her lips.

Then, he released her arms just long enough to pull her panties down her slender legs and off, tossing them somewhere behind him and not even looking to see where they landed before he dipped his head again, his mouth pressing against her without material in the way. He teased her mercilessly with his lips and tongue while she writhed against him, moaning his name as well as other incoherent babble, her fingers slipping through his hair.

She begged him to stop, told him she wouldn't last much longer, but he kept going until he felt her entire body tense and then shudder, her cries loud in the otherwise silent apartment. He watched her as she came down from the high, placing gentle kisses against her inner thigh until her chest stopped heaving. She ran her fingers through her hair and let out one last moan, sighing, "God Rupert, where the hell did you learn to do that?"

"I'm well read," he teased, grinning when she chuckled.

She sat up to kiss him, hugging him tight for a moment before flipping him onto his back, her hands making quick work of his boxer shorts and tossing them aside. Just before she reached for him, he gripped her wrists and tugged her up for another kiss, pulling her body atop his. "Darling, if you even attempt that, I wouldn't last. So, let's postpone that, shall we?"

"Next time," she smiled, and Giles felt his heart flutter at the promise of a second tryst. Not only that, but she seemed wholly unperturbed at the sudden term of endearment that had escaped his lips, and he took that as a good sign.

He nodded, kissing her once more as he echoed, "Next time," and then flipped her onto her back.

Reaching over her, he pulled open the top drawer of his nightstand, frowning when he found it empty and growling a disappointed, "Bloody hell," before sighing and resting his forehead against her shoulder.

Her hands traced the muscles in his back, and he felt her smile as she kissed the shell of his ear. "I'm on the pill, birthday boy," she murmured, and his heart started racing all over again.

"Excellent. Then, shall we?" He waggled his eyebrows, smiling when she giggled.

"We shall."

He kissed her languidly, the kiss intensifying with each passing second until they were grasping at each other desperately, his hands raking roughly through her hair while her fingernails dug into his shoulders. "Jenny," he breathed against her lips.


He pulled back just far enough to meet her eyes. "Do you trust me?"

Her answer came without hesitation as she nodded, "Yes."

And he nodded back, "Good," then with one hand, he pinned both her wrists above her head, forcing her to grab one of the spindles in his headboard as he made his first slow thrust inside her. She groaned loudly, her neck lolling back against the pillows as her body arched up against his. He began to move his hips, keeping her wrists pinned in place as his rhythm steadily increased. Jenny moaned her approval, agreeing vocally with his every thrust as she moved her hips in tandem, matching his speed.

Her body continued to writhe and undulate beneath him, her back arching sharply when he would bury himself in her, loud gasps bursting past her lips when he would dip his head to tease her breasts. He finally relinquished his hold on her wrists and the first thing she did was grab him by the face, pulling him in for a searing kiss. There was a clash of tongues and teeth as they moved faster together, both desperate to reach the crest; all the tension that had built between them tonight -- hell, maybe since they met -- added a certain urgency to finish what was started.

Jenny wrapped her legs around his waist and he felt her inner thighs trembling around him. She warned him -- or rather, started to a few times and then became distracted with a gasp or a moan, and Giles nipped at her earlobe, murmuring, "I want to feel you let go again, Jenny." With one more gasp, she toppled over the edge, and Giles groaned at the feel of her pulsing around him, hugging him within as she rode out the waves of pleasure. He gave her a moment to calm before he resumed his fast, hard pace, wanting desperately to join her in her state of bliss.

She kissed him passionately, legs still wrapped securely around his waist as she moved against him. And when she dug her fingernails into the small of his back, that was all it took to push him over the edge, and he groaned as he spasmed with pleasure. Then, they collapsed against one another, his head buried in her neck. When their breathing had slowed, she ran her hands through the hair at the nape of his neck, pulling him back far enough that they could meet eyes.

Then, she smiled. "Happy birthday, Mr. Giles."

He smiled back, his green eyes reflecting the sudden rush of affection he felt for the brown-eyed beauty. "Thank you. I have a feeling this is going to be quite a memorable year."

She giggled. "I think so too." And she leaned up to kiss him. "I dunno about you, but I think that was some pretty fantastic 'living in the moment' we just did."

"Yes." He laid down beside her, kissing along her shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her. "Dare I say, I'd like to 'live in the moment' a few more times before the sun comes up."

Jenny grinned at him, and suddenly the idea of being forty wasn't so terrible after all.


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Sometimes you have to believedreamscaperuins on July 13th, 2010 03:22 am (UTC)
YES, I LOVE LOVE LOVE DOMINANT RUPERT. And man, was he dominant in this. His dominant side is probably the biggest turn on ever - second biggest being his submissive side. LOL.

You've got Giles and Jenny's characters down to a dime (But us Twosome Fangirls already knew that.) However, this was still really sexy. Smutfic. Nom.

I've been waiting for this for two days, and it was sooo worth the wait. I know you wrote it for Robia's birthday, but I like how you made it Rupert's birthday in the story. You should write one in tandem with it where its Jenny's birthday too! (Filled with lots of smut. Smut is good.)
a.: giles/jenny; it's a dateregalish on July 14th, 2010 12:16 am (UTC)
YES, I LOVE LOVE LOVE DOMINANT RUPERT. ME TOO. HE'S HOT AND SEXY. Hehehe. Hence, why I felt compelled to give him some "screen time" here. :D

So glad you enjoyed this, bb! (And that you waited so dang long for it, lol - I had too much to say! Sorry it took longer than anticipated!)

You should write one in tandem with it where its Jenny's birthday too! (Filled with lots of smut. Smut is good.) Oh, I have already thought of that. ;) Thinking up something for Jenny's b-day; we'll have to see what comes of it!

Thanks again, sweetie!
always_a_boom on July 13th, 2010 08:31 pm (UTC)
OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG <3 If there is anything this world needs, it is more G/J smutfic. And this is goooood smutfic :D

So cute how she bought him tea, and then took him out for a birthday drink! :D Loved how you nailed (ah lol, unintentional innuendoes ftw :P) the characters' personalities in this; Giles' hesitation at first, and then his Ripper side (rawrrr), and Jenny's teasing and carefree flirtiness :)

So many great lines, especially from Jenny: I loved 'I like a guy with stamina', explaining why she calls him England, and her getting all frustrated and telling him to act like a 'horny teenager'! :D Very Jenny, all playful banter but with definitely note of compassion under the surface.

Thank you so much for sharing this - with all your oneshots along with twosome, you're really spoiling us with the G/J love - never stop! :D

(Also, Robia is 40?! WOW. She looks AMAZING!)
a.: giles/jenny; one sweet loveregalish on July 14th, 2010 12:24 am (UTC)
Thank you very much, darling!! So happy you enjoyed this! When I started writing, I thought it was gonna be short - just the smut, basically - but somehow it just kept getting longer and longer, because I was having more fun writing the banter than anything else :D

Loved how you nailed (ah lol, unintentional innuendoes ftw :P) Ahahaha! Oh, you're sly. And so very cheeky. ;)

Jenny is always such a blast to write, so I'm happy you liked her here. There's also something about her in season one -- she was extra-strength snarky/flirty, and it was beautiful. :D

Thank you so much for sharing this - with all your oneshots along with twosome, you're really spoiling us with the G/J love - never stop! :D Heck, you guys spoil me with your kindness, so this is just my small attempt at returning the favor. Plus, there can never be enough G/J love in the world, as you said. :D
csiAngelcsiangel on July 13th, 2010 08:56 pm (UTC)
Living in the Moment [BtVS; Giles/Jenny]
Hot; sweet; cute; funny & totally in character!! An excellent combination :)
a.: giles/jenny; walk with meregalish on July 14th, 2010 12:19 am (UTC)
Re: Living in the Moment [BtVS; Giles/Jenny]
Thank you so much, Jac! Glad you liked it. :D
myfidgetballmyfidgetball on July 14th, 2010 03:09 am (UTC)
Gah!! :-D I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you write smut! All hale the queen of smut! As usual you did a fantastic job and wrote Giles/Jenny perfectly! I agree 100% with DreamscapeRuins too... I actually get hot and bothered by reading aggresive Giles. Whew! He is damn sexy... I can only imagine how much freaking fun that has to be for you to play with these two sexy characters. :-)

And I could totally see Jenny jumping him like she did. She's smokin' hot too, especially when she's on the prowl for his attention! It just makes me more angry that Joss ended it so soon, but it aso makes me incredibly appreciative of all the fic I can find. :-)

Thanks again for another amazingly fun, ridiculously sexy, smut-filled one shot! :-) YOU.ARE.BRILLIANT.
a.: giles/jenny; for the last timeregalish on July 14th, 2010 10:55 pm (UTC)
Heeeee! Thank you so so much! And also, thank you for waiting. When I set out to do this, I didn't intend to write so darn much, hahaha. Got caught up writing the banter part. It's way too much fun. :D

And I totally know what you mean about aggressive Giles. Anytime he would flip into his badass Ripper mode on the show, it was worthy of panty-tossing. ESPECIALLY his sudden appearance at the end of "Two to Go." And yes, it's extremely fun to play with such sexy characters.

Thank you again for the review!! I'll probably focus on Twosome for awhile (just because I'm excited to start S6), but eventually I'll do another one of these. :D

Edited at 2010-07-14 10:56 pm (UTC)
myfidgetballmyfidgetball on July 14th, 2010 11:09 pm (UTC)
BWAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG.... the mental image you just gave me is worthy of a cold shower. I mean come on... Aggressive Giles -----> Ripper --------> Panty-tossing.

Pardon me while I go cool off! :-D
a.: giles; i've got a theoryregalish on July 14th, 2010 11:16 pm (UTC)
LOLOL it's SO true, though. When he busted down the door of the Magic Box and knocked Dark!Willow over, and then it revealed that it was him? I LITERALLY yelled, "FUCK!!!!" at my television set. Hahaha. And I probably would have thrown my panties, had I thought of it.

I was just too shocked by the suddenness, and the overwhelming friggin' sexiness of the whole thing.

I mean, GAH, just his voice alone: "I'd like to test that theory."

myfidgetballmyfidgetball on July 14th, 2010 11:26 pm (UTC)
LOL! Yes! It's sort of a funny story on how I ended up watching Buffy. My work friend who supplies me with what I call Nerd-Crack (tells me what to watch and/or read) told me to start watching Buffy. I complied and would come to her daily to talk about it. I LOVED it and couldn't get enough of it. Although I bitched her out about Jenny Calendar dying without warning... That hit me hard. :-(

Anyway, she would give me hints of when to watch, and when to not watch the shows at my desk at work. She only provided these warnings AFTER I chastised her for not warning me about Giles singing Behind Blue Eyes. I literally had to get up from my desk, walk away, and get some cold water.

Then during S6, I started to get a bit distant because I was missing Giles and watching the show got to be a bit of a chore. She kept telling me... "just keep watching, trust me." I trusted her, and about fell out of my chair when he busted the door down. OMG, it totally trumped chainsaw wielding Giles. Yummy! SEXINESS TO THE POWER OF TEN!

Could you imagine *that* walking in and throwing you to the ground. GAAAAHHHH!
a.: giles/anya; keep me saferegalish on July 14th, 2010 11:36 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah, Jenny's death hit me way hard. And I even knew it was coming! Still hadn't even been remotely prepared for that brand of soul-crushing wrongness. :(

GILES SINGING HITS ALL MY BUTTONS, THANKS. Hot guy? Check. British accent? Check (I'll also accept Irish, Australian and Scottish, tyvm). Guitar skill? Check. Fantastic singing voice? Check. I LOVED that Tara and Willow and Anya were swooning over him -- especially Anya, but that's just because it pleased my inner G/A fangirl :D

I know what you mean about S6. I can honestly say I barely remember the episodes in season six without Giles -- save for Hell's Bells, but that's just because I kept wishing like crazy for Giles to show up and "cheer Anya up" (read: with his penis -- whoops, did I just say that? o_O). And I hadn't known about his re-appearance at all. In fact, I remember thinking when the door first burst open, "Now who the hell could that possibly be?" AND THEN IT WAS GILES AND I ALMOST HAD A GILES'GASM. It SO trumped chainsaw-wieldy Giles. And singing Giles. And Ripper-Giles.

Could you imagine *that* walking in and throwing you to the ground. GAAAAHHHH! I KNOW! Guhhhhhh. If I were Dark!Willow, I totally would've just taken off my pants and been like, "Hai Giles, we go have the sex nao?"

Bahahaha. I'm sooooo inappropriate. OH WELL! *skips away merrily*