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25 April 2008 @ 11:58 pm
Make the Bodies Drop [SVU; Elliot/Olivia]  
TITLE: Make the Bodies Drop
FANDOM: Law & Order: SVU
PAIRING: Elliot/Olivia
SPOILERS: Season seven-ish, pre-trilogy


Olivia couldn't remember the last time her hands were shaking like this -- not out of fear or anger, but out of anticipation. She fumbled with her keys, accidentally dropped them on the floor and cursed herself -- "Fuck," while bending to scoop them up. Behind her, Elliot chuckled easily, no tension evident in his stance or expression.

For the second time in the past two days he teased her, "Easy, Liv," and laid his hand on the small of her back, steadying her and grounding her as she finally unlocked the door. Once inside, she didn't bother to turn on the lights; the moon was bright enough and they both knew they weren't going to relax and have a glass of wine together or anything.

She tossed her jacket on a chair by the door and Elliot followed suit. They stood in front of each other, feet apart, and just stared for a moment. Then suddenly and simultaneously, they took a few steps toward each other and crashed together. Their lips fused in a fiery kiss, Elliot's hands on her hips while hers cupped his face. The kiss deepened, intensified -- Elliot attacked her lips aggressively, the momentum knocking her head back a little each time their lips would come back together.

She felt his hand sliding around to the back of her neck and up, under her long hair until he found what he was looking for -- the pins holding her wig in place. She broke from his lips and met his eyes, the intensity in them threatening to melt every bone in her body. The apartment was so quiet -- save for their labored breathing -- that she could hear each pin hitting the hardwood floor. Finally, Elliot pulled the wig off and tossed it aside, his eyes dark as they met hers again.

Olivia had an urge to tease him -- what, he didn't want to role play? But the look in his eyes was clear. He had no interest in being with Liz for the night -- he wanted Olivia. The mere thought, combined with the look in his eyes, weakened her knees and she had to kiss him again. They stumbled a little further into the apartment, Olivia's hands tugging at his shirt, pulling it up until it was bunched under his arms. The kiss broke only briefly, long enough for Elliot to yank his shirt over his head and toss it behind him before they fell together again.

She inhaled sharply through her nose, her heart thudding a fast rhythm. This kiss lasted so long that oxygen became an imperative and they (reluctantly) broke apart again, chests heaving. Instinctively, Olivia laid her hand on his bare chest -- over his heart -- and felt it beating the same rhythm against her palm. His came up to lay gently over her heart as well, and their foreheads connected while they waited to regain their breath.

Olivia closed her eyes as Elliot's hands slipped around her waist and pulled her in closer, foreheads never breaking. The entire room was spinning and she felt inebriated despite the fact that she hadn't had nearly enough alcohol to make her feel that way.

"Liv..." Elliot's whisper caused her to break their embrace. His hands still held her by the waist as she searched his eyes. His mouth moved soundlessly, trying to form words and failing. The look in his eyes was again clear, and she laid her finger over his lips to stop him from saying anything. It would be too much if he said it. Instead she kissed him again and backed him further into the apartment.

She backed him up until the backs of his knees hit the arm of the couch and he fell backwards over it, dragging her with him as they stayed fused together at the lips. They chuckled against each other as they fell, Elliot landing on his back with Olivia sprawled on top of him. They were on an incline, both pairs of legs still sticking out over the arm of the couch. They laughed at the odd position before Olivia's expression faded into a soft smile. She tucked her hair behind her ear and leaned down, kissing him again while he scooted up toward the other end of the couch.

When he was back far enough, Olivia brought her legs up until she was straddling him, the kiss getting deeper and deeper. She felt Elliot smirking against her lips as he asked her, "We're really gonna do this here?" and she smirked back, nodding against him.

She broke from his lips and pushed herself up until she was sitting on his bare stomach. Then she crossed her arms over herself and whipped her shirt off, tossing it over her head. Elliot chuckled, "Jeez, Liv," and let his hands roam her shoulders, back and stomach.

Olivia took his wandering hands as permission to let her own do a little exploring, so she started at his shoulders. Both hands slid down his chest to the taut washboard abdomen she'd only before seen fleetingly. When they landed on the waistband of his jeans, she felt him suck in his breath. She met his eyes briefly as she popped the button open and reached for his zipper. The sound of it lowering slowly was music to her ears, and Elliot was practically panting with anticipation. Once the jeans lay open, resting loosely against his waist, Olivia smirked and flicked one of the loops. "Take 'em off."

With a sexy grin, Elliot lifted his hips, lifting her into the air in the process as he pushed his jeans as far down his legs as they would go and kicking them the rest of the way off. Together, the partners landed on the couch again and Elliot smiled up at Olivia, sliding his hands up her thighs while hers once more started to roam across his stomach. As his hands slid up her thighs, they started on the outside and gradually moved in, meeting at her center. One by one, his fingers hooked into the waistband of her jeans while his thumb rubbed the seam against that tiny bundle of nerves at her center.

Olivia gasped and bucked against him, and his fingers curled more tightly into her waistband. She laid her hands over his, urging them toward the button and zipper, and Elliot took the hint. Once they were undone, she reluctantly climbed off him and shed her jeans -- and panties -- quickly. Then she returned to his side while he still laid on his back on the couch, boxers tenting impressively. She arched an eyebrow at the sight and smirked at him, but he wasn't paying attention. His eyes were busy cataloguing her every curve, hands following close behind.

Olivia sighed softly as his hands stroked her stomach, fingertips tripping around her navel before they slid to her hip, tracing the slope of it until he reached her thigh. He met her eyes as she continued to stand to the side of him, slipping his hand between her legs. Gently he traced her seam and dipped into her, wetness coating his fingertips while she gasped and moved against his hand, mouth agape in ecstasy.

When she breathed his name huskily, "Elliot..." he couldn't take it anymore. He reached for her waist and pulled her back to him, urging her to come back onto the couch. As she did he quickly shoved his boxers down just far enough.

Olivia swung her leg over him as she wrapped her fingers around his arousal, stroking the length of him slowly. Elliot's mouth dropped open on a groan and his head tipped back into the couch cushions. "Olivia... Liv..." He was already panting, and soon he shook his head, taking her hands away.

When she looked at him questioningly, he sat up and kissed her, murmuring, "Too much," before he sealed their lips together again. As their lips and tongues got reacquainted, Elliot gently flicked the straps of her bra just off her shoulders before he reached behind her.

Knowing what he wanted, Olivia reached back and unhooked her bra, tossing the offending garment aside. Before she even let go of it, Elliot's lips were on her, laving her chest, teasing and nipping. She gasped and arched into him, one hand curling around the back of his neck to encourage him. When she could take no more, Olivia pulled him up and crashed her lips upon his. They kissed languidly, heatedly as Olivia straddled him again, nudging his head back into the cushions as she leaned over him and guided him inside her with one hand.

Their lips broke and they both groaned out a soft, "Oh," as she slowly sank onto him.

She dipped her stomach and then arched her back, hands pressing into his chest as she pushed herself up, letting her body adjust, stretch to accommodate him. Almost torturously slow she began to move, Elliot's hands bracing her hips -- guiding her. She closed her eyes and parted her lips, exhaling in short bursts with every downward thrust. She opened her eyes to find Elliot's cemented on where their bodies were joined, his own mouth open as a long soft groan escaped his lips.

When she started to increase the tempo, she watched Elliot close his eyes and let his head fall back against the cushions, an incoherent babble spilling from his lips. "Ohhhhgodjesusliv."

"El..." She leaned down to him, her lips needing his, and they kissed sloppily. Elliot's fingers dug into her hips and urged her to go faster, his hips slamming up against hers.

Every downward thrust hit just the right spot and Olivia's cries got a little louder each time. Her nails scratched across his chest, marked him as her breathing became more labored. Soon she had reached that proverbial edge; her moans became almost whimpered pleas, and Elliot decided to help her along by sliding his hand between them, rubbing that tiny bundle of nerves a few more times before Olivia crashed over that edge... and dragged him with her.

She felt the warmth spilling inside her, felt her thighs convulsing around his hips with the force of her orgasm, and Elliot's body spasmed a few more times as he cried out her name again. Then she collapsed on top of him with a sated sigh and was immediately wrapped in his embrace. Their bodies were dusted with sweat and Olivia suddenly shivered. Wordlessly, Elliot grabbed the throw blanket she kept across the back of the couch and covered them both with it before he wrapped his arms around her again.

He kissed her hair, murmured her name, and they both let their eyes close.


When Olivia opened her eyes, she was surrounded by darkness save for the silver moonbeams cutting across her bedroom. She frowned thoughtfully, wondering just how and when she'd gotten to her bedroom. She was naked, snuggled beneath her sheets, and her muscles ached pleasantly. Her eyes slid closed as a smile danced across her lips and she thought of Elliot. Then her eyes popped open. Elliot.

She turned on her side and was immediately relieved to find him there beside her, facing her on his side. Her eyes traced his facial features -- his lips that pouted in sleep, his long eyelashes, and the forehead that, in sleep, was wrinkle-free. Sleep seemed to take years off of him, and Olivia found herself smiling again, reaching out to lay her hand against his cheek. Slowly, she tripped her fingertips lightly down his cheek -- tickling with a feather touch -- before they reached his lips. She pressed her fingers against them and in sleep he instinctively kissed her fingers. Her smile widened just a little and she traced his bottom lip with her thumb, whispering his name into the dark. "Elliot."

He didn't stir -- just frowned a little and let out a soft sigh. She scooted closer on her side until their bodies were mere inches away; until she could feel his body heat. She reached out and pressed her fingers to his chest, right over his heart and felt it beating steadily, slowly. Her teeth worried her bottom lip as she contemplated waking him. He looked so peaceful and didn't get to sleep much as it was with their long hours. But there was a part of her that wanted to see his eyes open again, hear his voice. She kissed his chin and murmured his name again. "Elliot."

This time he stirred a bit, frowning once more and batting at his chin as if a bug had landed there. Olivia couldn't help the soft laugh as she leaned in again, this time kissing his neck. He stirred again, but this time his hand reached out and found her hip. Still smiling, Olivia moved her kisses to his collarbone and then his chest, nudging him gently onto his back. This stirred him awake -- "Liv?" -- but Olivia only lifted her head long enough to quiet him.

"Shh." She then continued kissing down his chest, enjoying his soft moans and his fingers in her hair. As she moved down his chest, her mouth left trails of moisture down to his navel. She tripped her tongue around it and felt his skin jump. She kissed a little lower, following the light sprinkling of hair that led down to where the sheet covered. With her hand, she stroked him, while her tongue teased him.

He gasped and bucked beneath the attention, his fingers twining more tightly into her hair, "Liv..." and after another several minutes he started to warn her that he was close to the edge, so she kissed up his body until she reached his lips. Elliot kissed her hungrily and pulled her close, hugging her against him by the waist before he gently flipped her onto her back.

As soon as he moved his kisses to her neck, Olivia knew just where he was headed and had no qualms about it. He slid the tip of his tongue gently down the center of her body, spending ample time on her breasts and stomach before he moved on. She parted her legs instinctively and he settled between them, kissing her inner left thigh.

When his tongue darted out to taste her she gasped, her back arching of its own volition. Elliot took that as a sign of encouragement and continued to tease her. Within moments she was close, and she touched his face to warn him. "El, I'm cl-- I'm gonna--"

"I know," he murmured against her thigh, and slowly kissed back up her body, reaching her lips just as he slid into her. As he made his first slow thrust inside her he let out his breath and Olivia breathed it in with her answering gasp.

She wrapped one leg around his waist and he sank a little deeper, groaning her name. As he began to move she wrapped her arms around him, running her fingernails down his back. When she reached the small of his back, she held on tight while he increased the tempo. Her nails marked him and Elliot cried out in pain but rather than stop, he just moved faster and hitched her other leg up high on his waist.

Olivia gasped his name and lolled her head back deep into the pillows, feeling herself reaching the edge again. "El... ohgod, Elliot, I'm--"

"I know," was all that he said as he kissed along her neck, and within moments she had flown over the edge again.

As she rode out the waves of pleasure she called his name, and the sound of it brought Elliot past the peak as well. His pace faltered and his body tensed, her name dancing on his lips. Then he sank against her, sated and sweaty, lips searching for hers.

They breathed each other in, and enjoyed the closeness before succumbing to sleep, because they knew morning was only going to bring repercussions... and a return to their case.


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