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07 April 2008 @ 11:34 pm
Make the Bodies Drop [SVU; Elliot/Olivia]  
TITLE: Make the Bodies Drop
FANDOM: Law & Order: SVU
PAIRING: Elliot/Olivia
SPOILERS: Season seven-ish, pre-trilogy
RATING: R for adult themes


Birds were chirping, the sun shining, trees swaying with the light spring breeze... all against a cloudless sky. If not for the circumstances, Elliot would have said it was a beautiful day. But there was a somber air looming over them today as they sat in the middle of the cemetary, in hard plastic folding chairs while they stared at the sun glinting off Marissa's polished cream-colored casket.

Carl, unable to afford much more than a casket and small burial service, had said Marissa would have wanted them to keep this small and discreet. And so that was what they did. A non-denominational minister, dressed in white robes, was the finishing touch. Elliot looked over at Olivia -- well, Liz while they were here -- in her wig and cream-colored dress. Everyone at the funeral wore shades of white and cream at Carl's request -- Marissa hated the color black, because it reminded her too much of death. The irony was not lost on anyone.

Olivia for the most part was keeping it together. So far only Elliot could detect the light sheen of tears in her eyes. Her face, as always, betrayed nothing as the minister began the service.

"We are here today not to mourn the death of Marissa Cohen... but to celebrate her life. A life that was taken far too early. In her life, Marissa was a smart girl, a bubbly girl... an ambitious girl."

In every direction around them people sniffled -- various dancers, Carl, even Carl's parents had turned up for the service. Elliot swallowed the lump in his throat, clearing it softly as he looked down at his lap. He'd always hated funerals -- for no specific reason other than the fact that they were depressing. He never liked the idea of staring at the body of your loved one, knowing it's about to be lowered into the ground and you'll never see them again. It was always too jarring, too final.

As the minister continued the service, Elliot took another look over at his partner. Anyone that didn't know her would think she was keeping it together rather well. She didn't sniffle, no tears fell from her eyes, and her mouth didn't contort in a sad frown. Her expression remained stoic, steadfast... unbreakable. But with eight years of history between them, Elliot knew all too well that Olivia was barely keeping it together. Her eyes were still filled with tears despite none of them crossing the threshold of her eyelids. And though her expression remained stoic, her chin trembled with the force of bottling up the sobs she desperately needed to let out. Sobs for Marissa, for her mother... for any victim that had ever affected her on a personal level and had been killed.

Olivia never let herself cry. At least, not in front of anyone. Elliot was loathe to admit he had no idea what Olivia did when she was alone. Perhaps that was all she did without anyone around. Though part of him knew that wasn't true. He figured even when she was completely alone, Olivia Benson was still a modicum of repression and control.

The minister's voice faded back in. "I now invite you all to share stories about Marissa... favorite memories or anecdotes."

April was the first to go up, with her arm in a sling, talking about the first day she met Marissa and the impression the young girl made on her in the first few minutes. Krystal was next, sharing a story about a day at the beach she and Marissa had shared last summer. A few people Elliot didn't recognize -- Marissa's old schoolmates perhaps -- told stories of what Marissa was like as a pre-teen and young teenager. One such story, told by a brunette named Summer, depicted Marissa's first few driving lessons with her father, with Summer in the back cheering her on and laughing at her when she almost ran into a stop sign.

Carl was the last to go up; he had the most to say. He talked about the kind of person Marissa was when the two of them were together; and the kind of person she wanted to be. How excited she was about continuing her education and the plans she had for the two of them creating a family together.

At the end of the burial service, rather than playing the traditional music often associated with funerals such as Amazing Grace or various sad instrumentals, instead Carl chose to play what was supposed to be their wedding song -- I Wanna Be the Rain. Despite it being unmistakably a pop ballad, it was rather lovely; and the lyrics were rather poignant given the day and situation. The singers sang about wanting to be the rain that fell on the person they loved, and the sun that warmed them.

During the song, Marissa's friends and loved ones took various flowers from the floral arrangements and placed them on Marissa's casket. Olivia stood to do the same and Elliot instinctively followed. Her chin had started to quiver much more when the song started, and he had a feeling she was close to her breaking point. So he followed her, took the same kind of flower she took -- a white peony -- and set it on the casket beside Olivia's. As the song continued, he looked over at her and silently reached for her hand, held it firmly in his own as he watched her reaction.

Olivia pressed her lips together and closed her eyes, tears spilling forth from her eyelids. She inhaled deeply, shakily, bound and determined to keep it together. She squeezed his hand gently in gratitude and nodded, letting him know that she'd be fine.

After the service, Elliot led his partner back to the car with his hand around her, resting on her waist. "Y'alright?" he murmured, tugging her into his side slightly and fighting not to kiss her temple.

Olivia nodded, keeping her head bent as she gave a strained smile. "Yeah."

The breeze whipped her faux long hair all around her and Elliot wished she didn't have to dress up like this. While they were on the case -- as fun as the flirting was -- he missed the real Olivia... his Olivia.

Carl caught up with them before they reached the car. "Guys! Thanks again for coming out today, it really means a lot to me."

Olivia plastered on a smile and touched Carl's arm. "Of course, Carl. We wanted to be here. For you, and for Marissa."

Carl nodded, ducking his head and fighting off tears at the mention of Marissa. "She would've loved this."

Elliot furrowed his brow, which Carl caught.

"Not the fact that it's her funeral, but... the weather. The atmosphere. The flowers. The fact that nobody's dressed all in black."

Elliot nodded. "We're so sorry for your loss."

"And like I said, it's the world's loss. I just hope your buddies can find the guy that did this to her."

Olivia nodded and tucked herself into Elliot's side, wrapping her arm around him and pressing her hand against his back. "They will. They're the best."

Elliot echoed the sentiments, and Carl seemed satisfied with this. "Instead of a luncheon we're doing dinner and drinks at the club tonight, since I've still got it shut down. Casual dress is cool. We'll play some of Marissa's favorite music, dance and have drinks, and... do what she would want us to do: celebrate her life instead of moping about her death."

Olivia nodded. "Jack and I will be there."

"Thanks, Liz."

The partners watched the grieving pseudo-widower head to his car before they released their hold on each other's waists. And Elliot, not Jack, reached over and took Olivia's -- not Liz's -- hand, keeping hold of it until he'd opened the car door for her and she got in.


The club was full that night -- not of patrons looking to score a lapdance from a pretty girl, but of Marissa's friends wanting to celebrate her life. Tony was on duty tending bar and Fin showed up as the resident bouncer to pay his respects. Briefly, he pulled Elliot and Olivia aside to talk to them.

"The lab results came back on some of our evidence -- DNA on the rope was male."

Elliot nodded. "'Kay, so now we gotta get DNA samples from Carl, the bar staff and the other bouncers to rule them out as suspects."

Raising an eyebrow, Olivia chimed in, "Or to find out which one of 'em's our killer."

"Well out of all of 'em, I think Carl will be the easiest to get. Who's working this for us?"

"Cragen. And Munch, since nobody seems to notice him when he's around." Fin just barely chuckled. "Big surprise."

"Well tell them to talk to Carl first. Then maybe Carl can convince the other male employees to give it up."

"Yeah. Unfortunately everything's on hold until this funeral business is over. Tomorrow we can start in with requesting DNA samples. For now... I'm outta here." Fin raised his eyebrows. "You two enjoy your night."

Elliot smirked and shook his hand, patting his arm as he brushed past. "Thanks, man. You too."

The partners watched him go before they turned to look at each other. He knew what was on Olivia's mind -- he knew she wanted to ask him if he still thought Carl was innocent. Instead of getting into something they'd only end up arguing over, Elliot just smiled and touched her arm. "'Nother drink?"

Olivia nodded and smiled. "Sure. Thanks."

She watched her partner head off toward the bar as she stuck her hands in her jeans pockets, and watched him chat briefly with Tony as if they were old school chums. She found herself smiling as she watched him for no reason at all. Carl drew her attention away moments later.

"Hey, thanks for coming."

"Absolutely," she smiled. "How are you holdin' up?"

"Ah... y'know." He made a face and waved dismissively, his mouth contorting in a sad frown for only a fleeting second before he pulled it together. "Been better, obviously, but... I'm doin' okay." Ruefully, he smiled and rolled his eyes, shoving his hands in the pockets of his jeans. "Besides, I've got plenty of mother hens runnin' around me all day makin' sure I've eaten, makin' sure I'm not drinking my feelings... stuff like that."

Olivia couldn't help but chuckle a little. "Who's doing that?"

"Ah, my mom was until the service -- her and my dad had to drive back home. They live in D.C. Since the service ended, April and Kryssie and some of the other girls have been constantly handing me stuff to eat, water, beer. So don't ask me if I need anything," he chuckled, "because I think I'm covered until next week."

She smiled. "Noted."

"Here ya go, honey," Elliot broke in smoothly, handing her martini off to her with a smile and a wink.

"Thanks sweetie," she returned just as easily, though it still felt somewhat odd to direct a term of endearment toward her partner.

Carl nodded at Olivia. "Was just tellin' Liz here that the girls have been swarmin' around me all day, making sure I've got stuff to eat and drink at all times."

"Ah, yeah. Funerals. The grieving family always gets treated that way for a good month or two. People will be givin' you lasagnas and casseroles and stuff to reheat for weeks."

"I never understood all that. I mean, this is a humongous blow, but... I'd never just forget to eat something when I'm hungry because I'm so grief-stricken, y'know?"

"Yeah. It's just one of those weird funeral customs, I guess."

Carl nodded, and glanced between the two of them. "Y'know, you two are really great together."

Elliot smiled over at his partner. "Eh, I suppose we look alright together."

Carl laughed. "Not just that, though. You guys just... work. Somethin' about ya just works, makes sense. Kinda reminds me of me and Marissa. On the outside it would look like the weirdest, worst match ever what with the age difference and everything, but... we just fit together. Y'know?"

Elliot nodded and unconsciously settled his hand on Olivia's lower back. "I know."

The next song playing over the sound system drew their attention all at once -- the same song that had played during the service, Carl and Marissa's would-be wedding song. Carl smiled at them. "You guys should dance. Since me and Marissa can't anymore, you guys should do it for us."

Elliot smiled as the slow, soft beats of the ballad began to play, and extended his hand to his partner. "Whaddya say, honey?"

Olivia just barely smirked, and took the proffered hand. "Sure."

Elliot led her out onto the makeshift dance floor, where the tables and chairs normally resided, and pulled her gently into his arms when they reached the center.

It's not enough to be the one who holds you, it's not enough to be the one you're close to

He smiled at her as they remained just inches away and pressed one hand to the small of her back, keeping her close, while the other held their clasped hands against his chest -- just over his heart. "So how are you really doin' with all of this?"

I want to be so much more - the love that you're living for, the air you breathe

"Oh," Olivia sighed and patted his shoulder with the arm that was draped loosely around him, "I'm okay." When she met her partner's eyes, she saw the skepticism there and smiled. "Really."

Elliot smiled just slightly back, seemingly satisfied with the answer. "Okay."

I wanna be everything that touches you, everything

As the first chorus hit, Elliot pulled her a little bit closer so they touched cheek-to-cheek. He smiled to himself at the contact and dipped his head, savoring the closeness, savoring the knowledge that he knew at least a fraction of what was going on inside her head right now. He answered her without anything being said. "I wish we could've saved her too, Liv."

Olivia closed her eyes and nodded, sliding her free hand around Elliot's shoulder until it was cupping the back of his neck. "I know."

I wanna be the rain that falls on you, washes away the pain
I wanna be the sun that shines on you, warms your world each day

Olivia, too, ducked her head just slightly and enjoyed the closeness, enjoyed knowing that with Elliot, she didn't need to say what was on her mind because he knew. Sometimes before she did.

"And Liv..." he murmured, "You know that I'm not gonna stop until we find out who did this."

"I know." She rubbed the back of his neck.

I wanna be the sky that holds the stars for you, so you never lose your way
I wanna be the wind that kisses your face, I wanna be the rain

Their bodies brushed, gossamer touches whisper-soft that comforted and relaxed, teased and tantalized all at once. It was dangerous being so close to Elliot, but tonight she didn't care. Tonight she needed to be near him, needed to draw from his strength while she felt her own weakening by the minute.

It's not enough for me to be around you, I wanna be everything that surrounds you

Olivia closed her eyes, losing herself in the song, in the lovely lyrics that, to Carl and Marissa, captured what they had. She found it paralleled what was brewing between her and Elliot -- something so powerful that just being close and being around each other for eighteen hours a day was no longer enough.

The sunlight upon your skin, each breath that you're breathing in, all that you need

"Y'know, I really think Carl's right. Marissa would've liked th--"

"Shh," Olivia heard herself quieting him, felt herself place a hand against his lips, and furrowed her brows while keeping her eyes closed. Slowly she pulled away to face the confusion on Elliot's face. She searched his eyes and ran her fingertips across his lower lip. Quietly, in an almost dusky murmur she told him, "I don't wanna talk about the case anymore tonight. Or about Carl and Marissa."

"Okay..." Elliot's brows furrowed a little deeper and Olivia fought not to reach up and smooth away the creases in his forehead. Gently, he asked her, "Then what do you want, Liv?"

I wanna be everything that touches you, everything

"For tonight, can we just... be?" she heard herself asking, and was surprised by the desperation in her tone. She needed this, this little bit of respite from the neverending caseload; from the pressure of trying to make a partnership last that she was certain would be no match for their feelings.

"Sure. But be who?" Elliot asked in return, searching her eyes back and forth. They were so relentlessly blue, sometimes she couldn't stand it. "Jack and Liz?"

"No. Just... us. I wanna be us, just like this, just for tonight."

"Okay." Though he still searched her eyes, Elliot agreed with her, and pressed her a little closer while he dropped the hand he'd been holding only to pull her other arm around his neck. Then he clasped his hands against the small of her back, locked her against him by lacing his fingers together, and he closed his eyes as the second chorus hit at the same time their foreheads did.

I wanna be the rain that falls on you, washes away the pain
I wanna be the sun that shines on you, warms your world each day
I wanna be the sky that holds the stars for you, so you never lose your way
I wanna be the wind that kisses your face, I wanna be the rain

And though the partners were well aware of their surroundings, neither cared. Tonight was about them, for them. Tonight was about seeing where that slow burn, that eight-year-long slow burn, was going to lead, consequences be damned.

As they moved against each other slowly, in a slow circle under-tempo from the music, the slow burn started to build upon itself. The air between them was charged with electricity that they were long since sick of denying, sick of ignoring.

And even in your sleep when you're dreamin' I wanna be the only thing you see

Olivia drew in a slow breath and let it out, her heart leaping when it bounced back at her off Elliot's lips. With their foreheads still together, she opened her eyes and stared straight into her partner's. They stopped swaying, and Elliot's hands slid to her hips.

I want to be there in everything

Then, seeing everything she needed in her partner's eyes, Olivia laid her hands on his face, cupping his jaw, and slowly leaned into him, only breaking eye contact when their lips parted and came together. Then her eyes fluttered closed.

She drew in a slow, deep breath through her nose as did Elliot. His grip on her waist tightened before his lips started to move against hers... firm and sure. As the kiss began to slowly deepen, their hands changed position. His drifted up her sides and over her shoulders until both his palms were against her face, while hers fell away to hang on to his wrists.

The chorus played over and over while Elliot and Olivia took their time enjoying their kiss. Olivia felt a familiar ache begin at her core... an ache she no longer wanted to ignore. Gently, she slid her hands to Elliot's waist and broke the kiss.

Both of them were breathless as they stared at each other, and Elliot's hands remained on her face. There was a question in his eyes, one that his voice couldn't seem to finish. "That decision you had to make..."

So after Olivia searched his eyes and nodded slowly, her heart thudding up in her throat, she finished it for him. "I think I just made it." Then, she took a short breath and laid the final card on the table. "Come home with me, Elliot."

Elliot was still shell-shocked, still holding her face in his hands as he continued to search her eyes for any last shred of permission he was needing. Whatever he saw in her eyes was apparently enough, for he nodded and kissed her again, deeply.

When he pulled away, he breathed, "Let's go," and placed his hand on the small of her back while they bid goodnight to Carl. Then, he guided her out the door.


Click HERE to download I Wanna Be the Rain by R.B.D.

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