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15 March 2008 @ 09:33 pm
Make the Bodies Drop [SVU; Elliot/Olivia]  
TITLE: Make the Bodies Drop
FANDOM: Law & Order: SVU
PAIRING: Elliot/Olivia
SPOILERS: Season seven-ish, pre-trilogy
RATING: R for adult themes


"How are you holding up?" Munch greeted Elliot as he sidled up to the bar.

Elliot rolled his eyes. "Will ya knock it off? This is fine. We're fine. I'm fine."

His eyebrows quirked as he brought his scotch glass to his lips, quipping, "Say 'fine' a few more times."

"It's just a job. She's just dancing."

"Minus a few crucial pieces of clothing."

"Hey, she's not topless. Imagine how it would be if she was topless."

"Honestly, I try very hard not to. You understand."

Elliot sighed and signaled for another drink.

"So," Munch continued, "You've basically just admitted that you are, in fact, having a difficult time with this."

"No I didn't."

"Not in so many words, but do you think I don't know you guys?"

"We're f--" Elliot stopped himself from uttering the word 'fine' after seeing the look on Munch's face. "We're doing great."

"Yeah. Right. Next you're gonna say seeing her in a slutty cop outfit isn't killing you."

He glared at Munch. "It's not. It's f-- y'know what, Munch? Shut up."

Munch smirked and took another sip of his scotch. Then, conversationally, he wondered, "Think those are real cuffs strapped to her back?"

Elliot practically slammed back the whiskey he was handed, needing alcohol's tell-tale sting to (hopefully) erase this conversation. Or at least end it. He was trying desperately not to focus on the cop outfit she was sporting, because Munch was right -- it was slowly killing him. Especially when she would turn around and he'd see the handcuffs on the belt, resting against the small of her back -- her usual place for them.

It just made him think of all the times early-on in their partnership, in the interrogation room -- him standing against the wall with folded arms, her in jeans with those goddamn cuffs against her lower back while she leaned over the table and questioned a perp. Too many nights he spent fantasizing about that sight, about that most perfect view. And now she was in front of him with those cuffs strapped to the same place, wearing a skirt short enough to see everything, and a button-down cop shirt tight enough and open just far enough to leave nothing to the imagination. Paired with that cop hat that looked oh-so-sexy on her, Elliot didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell against her natural allure.

He and Munch looked up at the same time as loud cheering signaled the end of one of the dances, and Bon Jovi's You Give Love A Bad Name burst through the speakers.

Shot through the heart and you're to blame, darlin' you give love a bad name

The heavy rock sound reverberated through the club's sound system as Krystal took center stage and Olivia moved over to one of the poles off to the side. She swung herself around for most of the intro, and met Elliot's eyes with a smile when she landed.

An angel's smile is what you sell, you promised me heaven then put me through hell
Chains of love got a hold on me, when passion's a prison you can't break free

Olivia, after getting a few more bills stuffed in the waistband of her skirt, jumped down from the stage and smiled at her patrons as she brushed past, ignoring requests for lap dances as she headed straight for Elliot.

Oh you're a loaded gun, yeah
Oh there's nowhere to run, no one can save me - the damage is done

Elliot straightened up accordingly and attempted a smile, pulse already quickening and getting quicker with each step closer she took.

Munch saw the way she smiled at him and smirked into his glass. "Good luck buddy."

Elliot didn't even have time to glare before she reached him; remembering his cover, he reached for her with a smile and slid his hands against her hips, leaning against the bar. "Hey you."

Olivia grinned and slid her hands up his chest, "Hey baby! How'd I do?" She straightened his tie for him briefly before meeting his eyes. Those damn brown eyes of hers killed him moreso than the way she was dressed.

"You were the best-lookin' one up there, as always," he smiled right back and stroked his thumbs over her hip bones.

He felt her step a little closer. "Yeah? Just for sayin' that, I think you earned yourself a private dance later."

"Really?" His brows flicked upward. "I'll be lookin' forward to it."

"You should be." Gently, she tugged him closer by the tie, so their lips were scant centimeters from each other. Meeting his eyes seriously, she whispered, "I've got some new details for you."

Elliot nodded his acknowledgement and, on a whim, pecked her lips. "Me too."

Olivia grabbed his face before he could go too far and kissed him... deeply. Elliot tried not to smile against her lips -- he knew the game she was playing, and he wasn't about to let her win -- and he kissed her back, toying with the handcuffs against her lower back as he did so. The kiss broke when Olivia chuckled against him and broke away, her brown eyes sparkling devilishly. "I knew you'd get a kick out of those."

"Yeah, I'm thinkin' maybe we could employ those during that private dance." He waggled his eyebrows.

Olivia rolled her eyes and pecked his lips again, once. "Right. Later."

Before she could get away, Elliot heard Fin's voice in his ear and gripped his partner's waist a little tighter to stop her. "Heads-up, guys. We got a creeper headin' inside."

Elliot nodded his acknowledgement, though Fin couldn't see this, and shared a glance with Olivia, whom he was still holding against him by the small of her back. "Check his I.D.?"

"Yeah, Steve Bowers. Long dark hair, scar on his chin, looks like he hasn't shaved in a few days. He's coming your way."

Elliot scanned the crowd of men entering the club and nodded toward the man Fin had just described. Olivia followed his gaze, still resting against him, hardly complaining that his hand was still on her back. "What?"

"Fin says to watch that guy."

Olivia kept her eyes on him until he seated himself at one of the tables close to the stage, then she turned back to her partner. "Think I should go work my magic?"

Elliot nodded. "Please do. I'll catch up with you later."

And the partners, once more, forced their minds onto work.


"What can I get for ya, sweetie?" Olivia plastered on her most sugary smile and stuck a hip out, planting her hand on it while the other held up a drink tray.

Barely looking up at her, their suspect replied lowly, "Whiskey sour."

"You got it," she chirped back. "What's your name?"

Again, without looking up, he barked back, "Steve."

Olivia raised her eyebrows, which he didn't catch, and pressed her lips together, tossing a look toward Elliot, who was watching her closely. "Alright, Steve, I'll be right back with your whiskey sour."

After another glance in Elliot's direction, she set off for the bar, sidling up next to Munch and placing her order with Tony. "Tony, I need a whiskey sour please."

"That for 'Sunshine' over there?" Tony asked with a grin, nodding toward Steve.

Olivia couldn't help the chuckle. "Yeah, he's a real talker." She winked at Munch while the bartender busied himself with the drink order. "How you doin', honey?"

"Better now," he smirked, sipping at his drink. Into his glass, he asked softly, "Get anything yet?"

Olivia smiled ruefully and turned her back to the bar, looking out at the crowd... toward Steve, who was still looking stoically at the stage. "Not a damn thing," she replied softly. "Already it's like pulling teeth."

"If anyone can get something out of him, Liv, it's you. Keep at it," he told her, taking a sip of his drink. "Just be careful, huh?"

"Got it, John," she chuckled.

"Your partner took his earpiece and mic out, by the way."

"Is he supposed to?"

"I don't think so," he replied down into the glass. "I think he just got tired of me and Fin. We'll have Cragen chew him out for it later."

She rolled her eyes and smirked.

"Whiskey sour, dollface, there ya go," Tony told her, sliding the drink across the bar.

Olivia smiled her thanks and placed it on her tray. Then, with a toss of her hair she went back to her customer, setting the drink down with a smile. "There ya go, hon. That'll be six even."

He threw the money on the table and Olivia took it slowly while studying him. He was upset about something or someone, that much was evident; his jaw was tense, and one fist remained clenched on the table while the other held his glass of whiskey tight.

"Y'alright?" she asked instinctively.

"Fine," he ground out, and just kept watching the stage.

Olivia followed his gaze, to where Krystal and Marissa were dancing, and she looked back at Steve. "Come here a lot?"

He knocked back the rest of his whiskey and smacked his lips, the tension back in his jaw. "Nope."

She grinned. "You're quite the talker. Am I gonna have to get you drunk?"

This time, he looked up at her. Off the bat, he seemed to be glaring. Then, he dissolved into a smile; it was slightly disarming. "Sorry. Bad day."

"No kidding. Well just gimme the name of your favorite dancer, if ya got one, and I'll get her to come over."

He nodded toward the stage. "I like the blonde."

Olivia followed his gaze, to where Marissa was heading offstage and around the corner to the dressing room. She smiled at Steve. "I'll pass that along."

He nodded and went back to watching the stage. Olivia studied him another moment before taking his empty glass, "Want another?" and dropped it off at the bar when he answered in the negative. She set her tray down and smiled at Tony, informing him, "Takin' a break," before exchanging a brief look with Munch and heading backstage.

The dressing room was her first stop, and she walked in to find Marissa retouching her makeup. Her reflection in the mirror winked. "Hey you, how's it goin' on the floor?"

"It's interesting." Olivia pulled up a chair next to her and squirted on some more perfume. She took off her "cop" accessories -- belt, cuffs, hat -- and tossed them onto the dressing table.

"Did you see that creepy long-haired guy out there?" Marissa laughed. "God, Krys and I were doin' some of our best moves and he didn't even crack a smile. He just looked pissed the whole time."

"Yeah, I got the pleasure of serving him. Says he's had a bad day." She grinned and rubbed some lotion into her arms. "He definitely took notice of you, though. I told him I'd get him a lapdance to cheer him up and he requested you specifically."

Marissa rolled her eyes and good-naturedly exclaimed, "What the hell'd I ever do to you, huh?" She giggled. "Oh by the way, your guy hasn't taken his eyes off you all night."

"What?" Olivia's heart skipped without her conscious consent.

"Yeah, he's been watching you and grinning at you, and--"

"And just why are you staring at my fiance so much?" she grinned.

Marissa smiled sheepishly. "He's probably one of the hottest guys I've seen in a long time, okay? You can't sue a girl for appreciating a little eye candy."

Olivia rolled her eyes, but was still secretly thrilled over the idea of Elliot being unable to take his eyes off her. She suddenly wanted to see him. She turned to Marissa. "You headin' back out there?"

"Now that I know I've gotta give a lapdance to that guy? Are you kidding? I'm faking sick." Marissa chuckled. "Yes, I'll be out there in a minute. You on break?"


"Alright, well have fun."

"I will." She got up from her dressing table and headed for the door. "Later!"

She just glanced over her shoulder to see Marissa tossing a wave in her direction before the door shut behind her. Olivia headed down the hall and was almost startled out of her skin when a new song suddenly blasted through the sound system. It was that disjointed-guitar one with the screaming lyrics; the one she'd heard Elliot complaining about.

Peeking around the corner, she immediately caught eyes with Elliot from all the way across the club; she smiled inwardly as she saw him straighten in his seat, visibly perking up. She quirked an eyebrow and curled her finger at him -- it was time to discuss the case -- before she disappeared around the corner again.

It didn't take long before she sensed him behind her. His voice confirmed it. "Heya, hot stuff."

Olivia grinned and without looking, she grabbed his tie and playfully pulled him into one of the private rooms, shutting the door behind them. The room was dark, filled with red light, and she used the momentum of pulling him to send him over toward the couch, where he landed hard, and laughed.

"What the hell, Liv?"

"Liz, remember?" She raised her eyebrows and gestured above her, to the small camera positioned in the corner.

Elliot just waved dismissively. "Carl said those things don't record audio, just video." He made a face. "That reminds me, I gotta remember to grab my earpiece and shit outta the van before we go back to the station. Cragen'll be pissed."

Olivia took a few steps closer, remembering they had to put up the facade of a private dance. "Why'd you take 'em out?"

Even in the dim, red light, she caught the exaggerated way he rolled his eyes. "Y'think I wanted to hear Oscar and Felix arguin' about who's messiest with their food on all-night stakeouts? Jesus."

She laughed and pressed his shoulders against the back of the couch, stepping between his legs. "I guess I'd probably take them out in that case too."

"Yeah you're just lucky you got to go without 'em tonight." He eyed her up and down. "What're you doing?"

"The cameras are rolling," she reminded him.

As realization settled over him, he grinned and settled back against the couch, draping his arms out across the back of it. "Well then do with me what you will, gorgeous."

Olivia rolled her eyes and pressed one knee into the couch cushion on Elliot's right side. The other touched down against the miniscule bit of cushion peeking out from the 'V' of his legs. "Get your mind outta the gutter and discuss the case with me. We've got four minutes."

"Alright. Then start dancin'." He looked up at her as she sunk down onto him, almost seated in his lap, and started to roll her hips. He tried not to watch. "What'd you find tonight? Anything?"

"Well..." Olivia snapped her body back, bending at the waist as she braced herself with her knees locked against Elliot's hips. "Carl's not the reason Marissa had that attorney's card." She felt his hands on her waist and flipped herself back up with a smile, rolling her hips, shaking them side to side to the disjointed beat while she pinned his hands back against the couch. "No touching the dancers," she scolded, unable to keep the flirtation out of her tone.

Elliot grinned devilishly and held up his hands in supplication. He watched her stomach, hypnotized almost, as he forced his mind back to the case. "So someone else is beatin' on her. Find out who?"

"Not a clue, no. You get anything outta Carl?" She did a body roll against him and watched his hands twitch. She turned around and rolled her hips over him, arching her back. She felt one finger glide down her spine and she smirked. "Elliot..."

"Yeah, I got one thing out of him -- he hates cops."

"Well no shit," she sighed, turning herself around again and climbing onto his lap. "Most cops look at these places as pseudo-whorehouses, expecting that every stripper's automatically a prostitute on the side." A few more rolls of the hips and she stood up, flipping her hair and shaking her hips to the music.

"Yeah, he said cops don't really pay much attention when stuff happens at these places. He said they're living in the underworld."

"They are, sort of." She went back to him and slid onto his lap, arching her back and immediately grabbing his tie when she started to lose her balance. His hands clamped onto her hips and she met his eyes.

He grinned. "I know you said not to touch the dancers, but if my girl's wobbly on her feet you can bet I'm gonna catch her."

Olivia's heart fluttered unconsciously and she smiled. "Alright, fine. Just behave."

His nod was unconvincing, as was his tone. "Oh, absolutely."

She rolled her eyes and continued her dance while the pounding, disjointed song still filtered into the room -- the lead singer was screaming something about 'rally 'round the family' and Olivia swung her hips side to side with the beat, lowering herself a little bit each time.

"Anything else?" she asked, raising one eyebrow.

Elliot's eyes were focused on her hips, and his hands on her hips, as they swung side to side. "Uh..." She was getting lower with each swing and he was getting more aroused. How the hell was he supposed to even remember the case with her dancing like this, inches from touching him?


"Nothin.' You talk to that guy?"

Olivia swung her hips one more time before she was seated in his lap. At the feel of something curiously hard, she gasped and locked eyes with her partner. The song went on, the singer screaming about 'bulls on parade' while Elliot and Olivia stared at each other, frozen in place.

His hands were on her hips and hers were on his shoulders, faces inches away. They searched each other's eyes before Olivia let out a shuddering breath, attempting to brush past whatever was happening here. "Uh, y-yeah, he was... uh..." She moved her hips again and Elliot's mouth dropped open. "He was... evasive. Said he had a bad day."

What the hell was happening? What was Elliot trying to do to her, keeping his hands on her like that? Her heart hadn't stopped pounding since she started this dance, and there were still a good couple minutes left of the song.

"Oh." There was a blue fire in Elliot's eyes that was clearly visible even in the redness of the room. Olivia felt her control starting to slip away at the breathless sound of her partner's voice. "We should keep an eye on him."

It was getting harder to concentrate the more Olivia moved against him, and it was getting harder to control himself. Maybe it was the lighting... maybe it was the fact that his gorgeous partner was giving him a lapdance as part of a case... maybe it was because they were in a public place as this all went on. He had no idea. He'd never felt this way before; so sexually charged, like every nerve ending was wound tight and one more move would make him snap.

Olivia nodded in answer to his comment, "W-we should, yeah," and she slowly swiveled her hips. Her eyes opened wide and she gasped again when Elliot's hips surged up against hers, and she lost the battle with her control.

Their eyes remained locked as her hips continued to move to the beat, rocking against his as her breathing became more shallow. Elliot's hands gripped her waist a little tighter and the look in his eyes intensified before they drifted to her lips. He leaned closer -- she felt his breath hitting her lips and started to lean into him -- but the fluttering of her heart became too much and she swung back, bending backwards until she was staring at the wall upside down, closing her eyes in a desperate fight for some sanity.

Elliot's hands braced her and he bent with her, bodies pliant and fitting together as if they were performing a tango. Her skin jumped when she felt his breath against her stomach, and when she felt the tip of his tongue trace around her navel, she ground out, "Jesus, Elliot!" and flipped back up, hair flying.

One hand left her hip and snuck under her hair, supporting the back of her head while she came up, and Elliot pulled her close. His hips rocked against hers and she moved against him, gasping again and gripping his shoulders tightly. "El.."

He responded by squeezing her thigh, their lips drifting closer. Olivia rolled her hips and his hand slipped to her inner thigh, their eyes meeting again from just centimeters away. The song continued its disjointed rhythm and the bass pounded loudly, reverberating through both of their bodies as his fingers slipped further up her leg.

Olivia bit her lip and dragged her fingernails down his chest, to the buckle of his belt. When he drew in a shuddering breath, she rocked against him again and her hand bumped his now-obvious erection. Her name escaped his lips on a whispered growl, "Olivia," and she was done for as his hand slipped the rest of the way up her skirt.

Their eyes met one last time before their lips sealed together, and she lifted her hips off him long enough for him to move the skimpy G-string out of the way. When his finger slid against her for the first time, she gasped and moaned his name into the kiss, deepening it as she moved against him. Elliot moved his kisses to her neck, murmuring her name against her skin as he slipped a finger inside her, curling it and making her cry out as they rocked against each other.

He couldn't believe this was happening; he couldn't believe how quickly this had spiralled out of control. Not that he was about to stop and complain. Olivia was here with him, her body moving against his in a rhythm created by them and the pounding bass, allowing him to touch her in such an intimate way.

He brought his lips back to hers and there was no timid greeting of tongues that came with the first or second kiss -- instead there was a clash of tongue and teeth and they both fought for control as their lower halves continued to move in tandem. Olivia's head tipped back in ecstasy, breaking the kiss, and Elliot stole the opportunity to press his lips against her, tonguing her pulse point.

"Oh God, El," she moaned, breathless as his finger continued to move inside her.

She was certain this was a dream; had to be a dream. This was not truly happening -- she and Elliot were not really doing this in one of the private rooms where they were undercover on a case. His finger was not doing things to her that she never even dreamed of and she wasn't really touching him, rubbing him through his slacks.


He wasn't really moaning her name and they weren't bringing their lips back together. This was just a dream. And incredibly real, better-than-anything dream, and soon she'd wake up in the crib covered in sweat.

"Mmm," he dragged his lips up her neck and flicked her earlobe with his tongue. "God Liv, I want you so bad."

Her eyes slid shut and her hands squeezed his shoulders before they slid up his neck, "I want you too," and up to his jaw where she cupped him and pulled his lips back to hers.

His finger was still doing mind-blowing things to her, finding a place in her that she'd been sure would never be found, and her mouth dropped open. "Jesus, Elliot, right there yes," she babbled incoherently.

He moved faster, sensing she was close, and her eyes snapped open and locked on his. The passion in them was almost too much to bear -- she wanted to look away but couldn't. The disjointed guitar rhythm from the beginning of the song faded back in and Olivia was so damn close.

"Elliot, I'm--"

"I know," he murmured against her, and went back to kissing her neck.

Her hips moved rhythmically against his hand and she bit down on her lip, feeling the pressure coiling inside her, about to snap and explode. The lead singer was screaming 'bulls on parade' over and over again and the bass pounded more and more, vibrating within her, helping her to the edge. She was dangling there, about to go over, "Jesus, El..."

And then a man's scream dumped them back to reality. Elliot's hands left her and she jumped off of him though her body begged her to stay, to continue. They ran across the hall to see Carl crouched over Marissa, who was crumpled on the floor.

The song cut out and everything, even Olivia's mind, went deathly silent.


Click HERE to download Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name, and HERE to download Rage Against the Machine's Bulls on Parade (EXPLICIT LYRICS).

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