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10 March 2008 @ 07:32 pm
Bindings [CSI; Grissom/Catherine]  
TITLE: Bindings
PAIRING: Grissom/Catherine
SPOILERS: "What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?" (5x06)


"Grissom!" Sara had reached out to catch him, but it had been too late. She'd almost been transfixed by the way the color had drained from his face... by how quickly pallor had overtaken him. She was now crouched over him on the floor, grabbing for his wrist to check for a pulse.

Upon finding one, she closed her eyes and let out a breath of relief, her chin dropping to her chest briefly before she looked up and hollered out the door, "NICK!"

While waiting for the sound of her partner's footfalls in the hallway, Sara immediately removed her jacket and bunched it up, lifting Grissom's head to place the jacket underneath, acting as a cushion. She then heard Nick's voice at the door. "Sair? Where are you? You know you're not supposed to be playing hide-and-seek in Grissom's office."

She jumped to her feet, pointing out the door. "Go get Doc Robbins, NOW!"

He furrowed his brow, not understanding the reason for her panic. "What? Why?"

She thrust the drawing into his hands before gesturing behind the desk. "Grissom saw this and passed out."

"Holy shit..." Nick muttered under his breath, an expression mixed of fury and fear spreading, and as he set the drawing on the desk, he looked up at his brunette counterpart, nodding with determination. "Hang on." He touched her hand briefly before practically running for the door, once more leaving Sara alone with their supervisor.


"Grissom? Grissom..."

A soft voice was calling to him, coaxing him out of the dark, a hand hanging on to his own. He squeezed the hand, eyelids fluttering as he slowly came to. "Cath?"

Sara frowned sadly, shaking her head though she knew he couldn't yet see this. "No, Grissom, it's me. Sara."

"Sara..." His eyes then came completely open, immediately fixing on the sight of his office ceiling, memories of where he was and what had happened slowly flooding back to him. What had caused him to black out? And then he shot upwards into a sitting position, eyes wild. "Oh God! Catherine!"

Sara placed a hand on his shoulder, easing him back... encouraging him to lean against his desk. "Easy," she warned him. "You passed out."

It was then he noticed the presence of Doc Robbins, Nick Stokes, and Jim Brass, all leaning over him with worry creasing their foreheads. "Catherine! Somebody has to go find her! She could already be dead! The... the drawing..."

"Gil, you need to relax," Al Robbins instructed him, gently albeit sternly. "You took quite the swan dive, and there's a sizeable bump on the back of your head that proves it."

"Gil, Sheriff Atwater's on his way in to speak with you," Brass reported. "He was signing off on some reports when he heard about this new, erm... turn of events."

"Now?" he practically whined, and Sara couldn't help but smile. Despite the fall he took, and the emotional turmoil he was in, Grissom still hadn't lost his ability to grumble about the higher-ups.

"Gil..." It was at that precise moment that Rory Atwater strode into the graveshift supervisor's office, only looking slightly fazed to see the usually composed man sitting crumpled against his desk. "I got word of your, uh... condition."

Nick rolled his eyes. "He doesn't have a condition, he just fainted."

"Be that as it may..." Atwater shot the young CSI a look. "Under the circumstances in which this incident occurred, I have no choice but to take action."

Sara furrowed her brow, glancing surreptitiously at Grissom, who was busy rubbing at the spot on the back of his head, not paying attention to what the sheriff was saying. "What kind of action?" she asked.

Atwater sighed, returning his eyes to Grissom. "I have no choice but to remove you from this case, Gil."

That was the attention-grabber. His eyes shot upward to where the sheriff loomed over him. "What?"

"You cannot work this case anymore. Given your emotional involvement, and your um..." He cleared his throat, unsure how to phrase his next words, "your *history* with Miss Willows... it would be best if you stepped away."

While Grissom numbly shook his head, turning his eyes to stare unfocused at the wall, Sara rose to her feet. "You can't do that!" she protested. "Sure, he's emotionally involved, but if that's your grounds for removing him you might as well remove us all! This is hurting all of us, but out of the whole graveyard shift, Grissom's the strongest leader and the most skilled investigator." She had to physically fight not to glare at Sheriff Atwater as she ground out, "You take Grissom off this case and you might as well sign Catherine's death certificate."

Atwater merely shook his head, only looking slightly sympathetic. "I'm sorry. I have no choice." With that, he took one last glance at the office's occupants before striding out.

Nick frowned toward the door. "Now what the hell's gonna happen?"

"We get back to work," Grissom answered, in a strained grunt as Sara and Brass helped him to his feet.

Brass inclined his head admonishingly. "Gil, you heard him. You're off the case. You can't be here."

A slow grin made its way across Nick's features. "Yeah, Brass, but you know that won't stop him. Remember when Mobley suspended him from the Strip Strangler case?"

"What do you want us to do, Grissom?" Sara asked softly, a crease between her eyebrows as she studied her supervisor, watching as he momentarily worried his bottom lip with his teeth.

He pointed to Nick. "I want you to take the envelope to Mia, see if she can pull some DNA off the adhesive." He then pointed to Sara. "I want you to analyze the drawing and see if you can find any similarities between that and the drawing of Kaitlin Rackish."

She nodded once. "You got it."

"Grab Greg and Warrick and have them help where they can, too."

"And you?" Doc Robbins enquired with a raised brow.

"I... need some headache medication." He grimaced and rubbed the back of his head, while Robbins chuckled and nodded toward the door.

"I've got some down the hall. You should ice that bump while you're at it, too."

"I'll be fine, Al," Grissom replied, following the doctor to the door, "We all just need to get to work and bring Catherine back."